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Posted by princessxxx on September 19, 2009


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13 Responses to “OBAMA HITLER – THE ART OF HATE”

  1. princessxxx said

    just look at the colors, take it all in.

  2. Al said

    Interesting post. Certainly gives some more insights into Obama’s constant reference to world issues as oppose to a focus upon his elective office and the people of the country who elected him.

  3. Princessxxx said

    thanks for stopping by Al. i checked out your site http://ontheseventhday.wordpress.com/
    very interesting.
    we like to discuss different points of views here and have fun with it, so stop by anytime.

  4. Al said

    Thank You, Princessxxx. Glad I stumbled in earlier today, and will take you up on your kind offer to stop in again. Judging from the interesting content here it will be worth my time.

  5. Al said

    Hi Princessxxx,

    Just checking in to read some new content. Hope all is well. Back later this week. Have a good week ahead.

  6. mangamaniacgurl said

    The 16th image is very interesting, probably my favorite. My only regret is that the artist spelled ‘troubled’ wrong, therefore degrading it from an excellent summary of our country’s position to what appears to be a rather unintelligent/lazy artist’s political view. Thank you for posting!

  7. princessxxx said

    thanks, i like all of these images. i’m all for art. except for the lazy unintelligent ones.

  8. dan said

    how unfortunate. this is ignorant garbage via “art.” these aren’t even interesting or thought provoking in the least. this is simply under informed right wing propaganda. in what way is there a connection in there politics? Could you even argue a correlation between the geo political ethnic cleansing of the nazi party and that of national subsidized health care by Obama? He is at best a left leaning moderate. the image with the misspelling says it all.

  9. Dana said

    This is the most ignorant thing I have ever seen. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  10. Dana said

    oops so sorry i can’t delete the post (i tried!) but that was actually a copy and paste mistake from another window. It doens’t apply here! Consider it taken back!

  11. dorian said

    sorry if you’re offended, dana, but we have no claim to the shame.
    princess was merely showing the ignorance that’s out there that certain groups of people are championing.

  12. dorian said

    no problem!

  13. Jason Pieterson said

    I wonder – do the people who made these pictures, who presumably think fascism is bad, then dutifully trot off to the polling booth and vote right rather than left? Dummkopfs.

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