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Happy Valentine’s Day to all

Posted by dorian on February 13, 2010

Joan Miró. Dancer. 1925. Oil on canvas. 115.5 x 88.5 cm. Galerie Rosengart, Lucerne, Switzerland.

“My Funny Valentine” Chaka Khan

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20 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day to all”

  1. princessxxx said

    you know i love you so much, dorian.

    you’re the best looking beau i’ve ever had.

    you look like an angel, and you act like one, too.

  2. dorian said

    you love everyone, P. i bet you’d give your shirt to kay if she needed it.

    nice kisser!

    beau d

  3. princessxxx said

    today is e_e and his wife’s anniversary, that’s romantic.

    dorian, tonite at midnite EST i’m going to give you a psychic kiss.

    so tonite around 9pm, you should feel my sweet candy kisses on your luscious lips.

  4. princessxxx said


  5. dorian said

    don’t let looks fool ya i steal cookies from that cookie jar just got ze braces out, choppers are workin overtime. in between omms.

  6. princessxxx said

    don’t let my declaration of true love fool you,
    i’ve got all the cookies in the world.

  7. kay~ms said

    I have a herpe in my vagina

  8. princessxxx said

    kay, i deleted your entire ….LOL…”MOVIE REVIEW”..



  9. dorian said

    i know princess is dangling eternal love and all the cookies in the world my way but yes, i’ve noticed that she’s been wicked and forgetting PG rating and the #@#**!! in place of the expletives.
    let’s take a break from the name calling for now, okay, P?

    as for apologizing to God, that’ll have to come from his own accord alone. he’s atheist anyway, isn’t he? adkob was founded as a blog where all political and religious beliefs are welcome and it’s okay to be as sacred or irreverent as you want. but we still have to play nice so everybody kiss and make up!

    princess and kay you have the biggest fanbase and losing either one of you would be disastrous for adkob.

  10. dorian said

    hey wait a minute- i didn’t see that last ditty from princess..that’s a no-no. authors can’t delete other authors’ work. it looks like it’s done. sorry, kay. don’t know if there’s a way it can be retrieved. princess, check your email.

  11. kay~ms said

    You’re tired of ME?? I’m the one who can’t post a thing without getting a ton of insults and names thrown my way.

    At least I’m trying to be constructive.

    And it wasn’t for nothing… I’m sure everyone got the point.. especially you. But instead of acknowledging what a GOOD thing I’m trying to do for people like YOU, you are just mad because you can’t stand it when a Christian and Christian values are proven right. Why do you hate Christianity (Jesus) so much? You said that the person that you care about the most is a Christian… if that were true, you wouldn’t have said what you did. All you care about is your pride and ego.

  12. Princessxxx said


    you aren’t doing anyone any good kay. especially your daughter.
    and your “christian” values are a joke.

    you are not a christian, you are a filthy lying cow, just like bill keller of liveprayer.com gold for souls.

  13. kay~ms said

    oh, and you would know right?? I mean, just look at your comments.. you’re an authority for sure!!

  14. dorian said

    going forward any personal fights like this has to be taken offblog. you have each other’s emails.

    princess is suspended for deleting kay’s post. i will discuss w/ other administrators length of suspension. kay, sorry this happened. it’s a good thing to save a copy of your posts on a word file or a back-up blog. okay?

  15. kay~ms said

    ok.. but I feel like it was more of me defending myself than fighting. The guy just hates Christians.

    I do have a copy of my post. And also most of my comments. When I get around to it, I’ll recompose it and repost it.

    Hors’ post is what I felt really supported my point and unfortunately I didn’t get a copy of that.. and probably if Hors does have a copy.. he won’t offer it up… It would be good if he did…really, it would just be good if everyone acknowledged my point. I don’t expect people to stop being liberals but maybe rethink what kind of liberal they want to be.

  16. 1minionsopinion said

    As one who hasn’t been snogged since 2001, it’s only a day to me…

  17. 1minionsopinion said

    And I see I missed some drama. That’s what happens when TV takes over…

  18. Roberta Muldoon said

    no one is going to acknowledge your point kay, your point is erroneous.

    and lol, you are not a christian, neither is bill keller of liveprayer dot CON.

    get that through your thick ugly ape shaped skull.

    you are hated because you are common criminals ripping off peoples money.

    both of you are just like prostitutes. cheap crack ho’s

  19. kay~ms said

    ahhh shut up (please)..

    so much for that “suspension” Dorian.

    “and lol, you are not a christian,”

    well, at least I’m trying…

    And YOU, again, are certainly no authority on who is a Christian and who isn’t… LAUGH OUT LOUD!!

  20. kay~ms said

    and only the people who are EXTREMELY IGNORANT will be the ones to not acknowledge my point. I know that no one here is THAT ignorant. They may not acknowledge it out in the open but they know I’m right.

    Hors proved that so well (thanks again Hors). I’ll recompose my article and incorportate his comments and some others as well. Nothing is really lost.

    Except for your “privilages” no doubt.

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