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A CHRISTIAN Conservative’s View

Posted by kayms99 on November 28, 2008

Hey… want to hear a great one liner?… ready?… Liberals for Christ… I know, I know… your sides are hurting …. mine too..

Sorry… I couldn’t resist… seriously, I know that religion is not something to joke about so no more jokes… I know there are two sides to every story and with there being much written on this site for the argument that Jesus is a Liberal and in agreement with ALL liberal views… here is the other side of that argument…

There is actually a website called “Liberals like Christ”. This website is dedicated to convincing readers that Jesus was a liberal and conservative Christians are not only ignorant, arrogant and hypocritical, but just plain evil in some instances. Rev. Ray Dubuque is on a mission to change the world’s ‘misguided’ view of Christ and the Bible and put the religious right in their place in the process. He has pages and pages of writings covering all aspects of Christianity and how it relates to the liberal view versus the conservative view. Two very important topics… goverment and religion.. the only problem is that aren’t liberals the one’s who are screaming to keep those two subjects separate? I would think that the last thing a liberal would do is to ‘label’ Jesus with a political stance. Why would one need to do so? What is the motivation? Well, when you learn of some of the liberal views then it starts to become more clear. The motivation is justification…and what better way to do it than to create the illusion that your accuser is really your role model!! No different than you! To mold Him into your ideal saviour and ally against the mean, evil fundamentalist (and phony) Christian.

In frantically working so hard to justify themselves and their views, they have completely forgotten that they have already been justified thru Jesus! They are just fighting tooth and nail against the repentance portion of the process. Repentance means to acknowledge your sin, be sorrowfull, and then turn away from these sins of your past. And that is the part that liberals are struggling with… some are fighting it so hard that they have managed to convince themselves that Jesus was not only a liberal in his day but is a fullfledged liberal TODAY!! Not only have they labeled Jesus but they have attached views to him that can be found no where in the Bible… and that’s their reasoning!!! Since He didn’t say it.. it must be true!! How much more reaching and twisting can one do?? Not much.

So I would like to make Rev. Ray Dubuque and his movement to redefine fundamental Christianity my first topic. I hope that TTW.. the leading Editor for this site is ok with this page… I know that she thinks very highly of Rev Ray but I strongly believe that the other side needs to be heard.

Rev. Ray…for starters, I am going to post my question to you again, here on this page…I am hoping that you can address it for a second time ‘for the record’ and then I will not ask it again….here is the question as presented in my post on the “does God hate fags?” page…

kathy (kayms91) Says:
November 15, 2008 at Saturday, November 15, 2008
Rev Ray, first let me explain my question this way to address your’s and Dorian’s point about my mistake in assuming that it is against God. Let’s say you are wrong about homosexuality being ‘ok’ with God… who is being wronged? God is. Now let’s say that you take the stance that homosexuality IS wrong and it turns out that that is not the truth…that it IS okay with God… who have you wronged this time?… homosexuals (man)… who would you rather wrong? the answer seems obvious to me ESPECIALLY if you are truly a man of God. Why are you taking the chance to go against God? Instead of man? It makes no sense to me…

And in saying all of this I am not implying that by taking the chance to wrong homosexuals instead of God that we should not love them as God’s 2nd greatest commandment states or not even to deny them the same rights under the law… that is not my stance… my stance is doing God’s will. And with there being NO clear evidence that homosexuality is not against God’s will it seems clear what stance you should take… you can take that stance with ‘disclaimers’ and explain it just as I have… I choose to err on the side of God and not man…there should be nothing wrong with that… it’s a ‘no brainer’. If homosexuals are offended by that then they are saying that they should be considered more important than God.. period.

Now.. to weigh the evidence that it is or isn’t against God’s will… first of all the evidence that it IS against God’s will far out weighs the evidence that it isn’t. All thru out the New testament are CLEAR statements that homosexuality is against God’s will. I’m sure I don’t need to list the verses. You have obviously decided that these words are not God’s words.. I still need to refer to your writings for the reasons why… but I really don’t feel like I need to in order to make my argument…

From a basic point of view… and I’m going to quess that you agree (I know I could be wrong).. it clearly seems that the Holy Bible is the CLOSEST thing we have to God’s word…maybe you don’t agree with that but then my question would be… what else is there that is closer? Another observation would be that it’s not sensible to believe in God and also believe that He hasn’t made himself known to us…my conclusion is that He has and it’s thru the Holy Bible… now with the understanding that He has given us all free will, it is clear that the many people over the many many years have manipulated God’s word in using their free will. Could God have corrected or prevented these manipulations? obviously yes…but because of the many contradictions etc.. CLEARLY He didn’t. Then the obvious question would be why? And like I stated earlier… to me it seems obvious that He has left this up to us to decide… What God meant… What IS God’s will… yes, no where does Jesus clearly state that homosexuality is wrong but others in the New Testament do… yes, it could be man’s free will that made those ‘incorrect’ statements (from your point of view). But my point is that clearly choices have to be made because of all the contradictions… and to me it’s clear that this IS God’s intention… the Bible is exactly as He wants it… and it requires us to listen to our hearts in deciding what is God’s will… and again that is what God cares about and that is how we will be judged.. by what is in our hearts… if you choose to side with man instead of God… (take the chance to wrong God instead of man)… then that clearly reveals how well you are following the first and MOST IMPORTANT commandment… THIS COULDN’T BE ANY MORE CLEAR!


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