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Blogging Tips…

Posted by tothewire on November 28, 2008

this-is-the-question1Hello Bloggers!  Are you looking to get some more “hits” on your blog?  Have you been wondering how some bloggs are getting so many hits? Here is a few tips…

Blogging made easy in 3 easy steps! 

blogs1) If you are wanting to entice more readers to visit your blog…then you need to go here: http://alphainventions.com

 AlphaInventions is a web page that acts as a of live blog ticker  Each time someone writes a new post or updates an old one that is visible to the various pinging services, AlphaInventions loads the main page for people to see, together with the link so those who like what they see can visit that blog for a closer examination. Look quick, though, or that blog will be gone, replaced by another blog some seconds fresher. Or else use the “Pause” and examine a blog that interests you at your leisure.

We subscribed to Alpha Inventions and you can too!   Although it is free for anyone to utilize, if you  subscribe Cheru sends you an AIID # and your blog will  get 100% longer play time in the reading cycle!  

We feel subscribing is not only a smart way to advertise your site, but be apart of helping a guy who deserves the credit… Cheru Jackson.   

Read more about AlphaInventions here: http://alphainventions.wordpress.com/2008/09/22/alpha-inventions/

You can paste your link by visiting the site, and watch as it is “bumped” by another!  I love the idea and always find a great site to visit while I am there!

bloggers-blog2) Update your blog often!This is another great way to build faithful readers!  Give them new things to read daily!  This is such an important step!  The more stories you post, the more readers you will accumulate.  It helps if you put a page break in post to allow your readers to view more post on your home page.  This gives your readers choices on which post appeal to them.  CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR EXAMPLE:  https://tothewire.wordpress.com/


 1559832aestvpenm1 If you are looking for a way to visit some other sites without having to just “surf” then you really should visit Alpha Inventions!

thumbs-up3 )Remember visiting other blogs and leaving a comment is another great way to let readers and other bloggers know where your blog is as well!

Our blog admins’ always visit the sites from other bloggers when they post a comment here.  AND if we like the blog we advertise it here on our site either in a comment under the comment left OR if we really like the blog we give it a thumbs up on our weekly Bloggers helping Bloggers post!

24 Responses to “Blogging Tips…”

  1. tothewire said

    see here I am leaving a comment right now…lol


  2. you’ve got the 2 keys for building readership: good content with regular quality posts and going out and reading and commenting!


  3. tothewire said

    Thank you Artpredator! Looking for your blog…do you have one? We love visiting other blogs and reading great post! You didn’t leave a link…I will search wordpress for your blog…


  4. tothewire said

    Found it! You can visit Artpredator’s blog go here: http://artpredator.wordpress.com I enjoyed this site and I think you will too!


  5. Thank You
    Alpha Inventions has added to the acceleration of my blog traffic at Flickr where my daily average is 5000 visits a day, yesterday was 15000…
    No harm in having a wider readership ..

    And it is Free .. no strings attached.

    Firoze Shakir


  6. tothewire said

    Yes Firoze Shakir Alpha Inventions is a great tool! Also doing what you just did is another great tool…leaving a comment! Whenever someone leaves a comment on our site if they have a site and they entered it here, we visit it and if we like it we do this… Great site! Hope our readers visit Firoze Shakir’s site by clicking here: http://www.firozeshakir.com/


  7. arkangel3 said

    OK…I’m here because of alphainventions 😀 Not only that, you have an interesting blog too! See? The darned site works. Every time my blog managed to get on to alphainventions, my hit counter for those days went off the charts. Very cool. Not only that, I get to visit even more cool sites like yours (which I dig because you pretty much cover all points of view). Good job guys.




  8. tothewire said

    Hey there! Thank you! We love feed back! I would love to visit your site, but there isn’t a link in your post…maybe you could post it for us?


  9. arkangel3 said

    OK…link again (I left one on another one of your topics…God, I hate shameless self promotion):


    You guys have a LOT of stuff for me to read! 🙂


  10. […] Blogging Tips… Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Alpha Inventions What A Gem! […]


  11. Writista said

    Yeah, I was surprised to see how much traffic Alpha Invention got me in just one day. Pretty interesting stuff.


  12. tothewire said

    If you want some tips on how to be a more effective writer you really should take some tips from writista! This site has grammar do’s and don’ts a long with spelling tips! It is full of information for anyone who likes to write!



  13. Here are my three really easy blogging tips:
    Interesting content, well-written copy, and a clean lay-out.


  14. okathleen said

    I agree with all your tips, perhaps ask a question early on in your copy, then there is more of a reason to comment…


  15. Amitabh said

    I keep bumping you off (and I suspect getting bumped off by you) the Alphainventions reading cycle. And I have been meaning to drop a line or two … well better late that never.

    Besides, you have a great blog going.

    Just a caution: Alphainventions could be addicting. Be careful :-))

    I have made great many friends on Alphainventions. So that is one more advantage of being on AI.

    I will try out the page break thingy on my blog – not sure if Blogger supports it – thanks for the advise though.



  16. Lawman2 said

    hey there amitabh! going to your site now to check it out!we usually leave a line of some kind if we bump someone…
    we really do like checking out other blogs we are read aholics here!


  17. okathleen said

    Hi there I like the layout using page break, how do I do that, on wordpress?

    It’s all in the presentation…



  18. Lawman2 said

    page break is the button just left of the spell check on the editorial box!hey okathleen,love your blog!great writing style! http://www.okathleen.wordpress.com/


  19. okathleen said

    Thank you, I’ll have a go at that.

    And thanks for the comments on my blog, as regards life expectancy in marriage, perhaps it depends on what sort of marriage it is!!



  20. Lawman2 said

    answer to your riddle was flea,i wouldn’t have guessed it without your answer worlds shortest poem…


  21. okathleen said

    Two reasons for the riddle:

    1, I’m reading the diary of Samuel Pepys and his concerns about the Bubonic Plague in London in the 1600’s.

    2, I like the Richard Wiseman blog, he gets lot of traffic, through I think, his intriguing puzzles and queries.

    Please visit again! I update daily.



  22. ransom33 said

    Thank you very much for your tips!

    ransom33 @ http://www.ransom33.wordpress.com


  23. lawman2 said

    hey there ransom you’re welcome!visited your site…being an athiest i decided to direct other authors there (we have 5 other authors who are christian) you got thumbs up by the two i sent there! http://www.ransom33.wordpress.com


  24. Great suggestions! I’ve been using Alphainventions regularly, and my blog visits show it. And I definitely agree with posting regularly. I’ve been posting twice a day for 2 months now, and I’m having a great time!

    Randolph Mase, Fiction Writer

    My Novels:
    Death on Broadway
    Death Beneath the Streets
    Death in Central Park
    Death in The Cloisters (under construction)
    Nathan Hale


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