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Love of my life…

Posted by lawman2 on November 30, 2008

perfect-marriage-t-shirt_tp Our regular readers (our blog is almost 2 months old) already know I have been chasing tothewire for some time now…for those that haven’t followed us from SNL post to here, I am Lawman2 AKA the caveman! (you can get to know us better by clicking on the page about us) I am 47 years old never married and have no children. Love is complicated… but simple enough for this caveman to know not to let it slip through my hands. This friday I am taking the love of my life to Eurika Springs Ark. and we are getting married.  Hell if I can talk her into it we will go sooner!  Tonight after many years of my asking for her hand in marriage she has agreed to carry my name! That’s right the caveman from SNL post takes a wife!

Tothewire will soon be tothelawman2!

 I wanted to share this big event with all of our fellow bloggers and readers! 

 Her brother and I were friends  and one day he made the mistake of taking me home to meet his family, the first time she walked into the room my heart fell to the floor and I haven’t recovered from the fall to this very day.  All these years she has remained my best friend even when her parents thought *her too young for me(10 years), *her to sweet for me, *her too good for me, *and too beautiful for me… and they still remain correct on all the above complaints!

 My family will be delighted as they have given up all hopes in my ever getting hitched.  I have dated several other women in my life, and have been accused many times of being a player…but really, I just knew the only woman I wanted was playing hard to get with me from day 1.  Why would I want to step down when the woman I wanted was a step up for me?  No other woman has ever had control of my heart.  I love her quiet ways, her words hit hard when spoken so meekly.  I promise I will never take for granted this love that I stumbled upon so many years ago.

You may be wondering “why haven’t they already married”?  I am an atheist, she is a christian.  Actually, she comes from a long line of conservative christian teachings, she calls herself a christian liberal of late. This “unequally yoked” has never been a problem for me, as I have never fancied myself to an ox; but for her it certainly has been an obstacle.  Who wants to be walking around with a yoke around their neck anyhow? I just want a pretty, intelligent, and did I mention sexy wife! I am not asking for too much am I?  Certainly not! NO YOKE FOR ME!  We have agreed to the following terms: I will attend church with her when we have children, and our children will be raised with her beliefs.  Seems like a small thing to me (after all I believed in santa… until the presents stopped coming from my parents last year)  but this small gesture meant quite a bit to her.  Most important term agreed to was this simple promise…NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS DIVORCE IS OFF THE TABLE.

Someone really should congratulate me on the proper use of caps…lol

The first order of business is to pro-create three or four kids to herd all over this big world!  I’ll Keep you posted!

P.S. We will tell her parents after the big event…

Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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24 Responses to “Love of my life…”

  1. Lawman2 said

    god i hope this doesn’t fall under “too personal to be posted”…afterall it is a blog right?


  2. tothewire said

    I just love how you keep a secret!


  3. Lawman2 said

    sorry baby! but just think of the many years you will have to reform me!


  4. Lawman2 said

    and how can i keep the biggest event of my life a secret????


  5. tothewire said

    The biggest event of your life is not having to beg friends and family for a hot cup of fresh brewed coffee anymore…lol


  6. Awwww said

    I am LOVIN’ the compromise!!!!! (since it is AFTER the children are born, I hope he hasn’t “snipped” “snipped” hee hee hee)


  7. tothewire said

    lol awwww


  8. tothewire said

    Lawman I love you, I do, BUT why do you have to be such a neanderthal at times? Why couldn’t you have just left a nice post (or non at all) without including some of your impish thoughts just in hopes of inciting a debate, or cause annoyance to all female readers.


  9. Lawman2 said

    no snipp snipp for me EVER!!!! hey baby what can i say…i am but just a caveman after all! mr mischievous here speaking to ms obvious!


  10. kathy (kayms91) said

    No way… are you guys kidding? If it’s true congradulations to both of you!!


  11. Lawman2 said

    thank you kay! i’ll keep you updated as we all know tothewire won’t. lol


  12. grats and may I say I saw this coming from personal conversations with lawman and yourself? I just didn’t want to say anything. That and allowing lawman to use your comp. It is about damn time! No seriously grats and I hope you guys are happy on the chain gang.

    chain gang=ball and chain=marriage.

    That was for the perverted lawman2


  13. Too bad we are not in PA I could marry you guys. Provided you have no objections to a pagan wedding. But I live in florida and have not paid the $35 to the justice of the peace to perform weddings


  14. tothewire said

    Thank you E_E! Dorian said the same thing…saw it coming!

    I love the Chain gang comment!


  15. tothewire said

    I am not sure what you mean by a pagan wedding…but I know that I would have been honored to have you perform the ceremony!


  16. Enkill_Eridos said

    The definition of Pagan is Not Christian. This was later taken to describe the old religion. I can legally perform Wiccan, and Druidic handfasting. As well as christian marriages, but just because I can doesn’t mean I will. Unfortunately in your state, handfasting even with a marriage license is not recognized. They may have changed it from three years ago, but I doubt it since there are many states in your area that has laws against non-christian religions that practice “witchcraft”. You would be suprised how much bigotry is in this country and the different states laws. That are still active but not enforced. It is against the law in Florida to be gay, this is a law that was around since the 19th centry it is still in effect but so obscure that it is not enforced. So I laughed when Prop 1 (Gay and Domestic partnership. Ban which effects old people not married but in a Domestic partnership as well.) was on the ballot. Since it is technically a crime to openly admit that you are. But I digress, not only would it cause problems with your increadably Catholic Family. In the Catholic Faith you would be uncommunited. I think that’s the term. It is the same punishment as getting a divorce. Which if you were a die hard Catholic you would be going to hell, because you are no longer apart of the Catholic Church. Look at that dogma right there! Fear propaganda at it’s best. Sorry I really am happy for you and I want to see pictures of you and your new hubby! Just keep it PG my wife already thinks that I am cheating on her and your the one I am cheating with. She is crazy sometimes, like John Mccain a raging maniac. Even though now I can say NO I am not because your married. It works for all of us.


  17. arkangel3 said

    I’m 47, married for 15 years with two kids 11 and 7. My marriage has managed to hang on through my surviving 9/11 and the resulting PTSD; my recovery from alcoholism; my wife having to go back to work (she’s an RN) because I’m disabled as a result of 9/11 (read my blog first entry on 9/10/08 for my story). If we haven’t divorced each other by now, we never will (and because we both take our vows VERY seriously…and we’ve been through sickness, health, richer and poorer, believe me!). Like you, we were friends for a few years before we started dating in 1991. The best thing about having a wife who was a friend first is because there are no pretenses between you. No secrets. No hidden agendas. I love my wife dearly because she hung in there with me and kept this family together while I fell apart. I love her because she helped me to get better with unconditional love and support despite the fact that I was less than Human at times.

    My wife is a practicing Catholic (she was a lapsed Catholic for a long time); I’m kind of an Independent Spiritualist I guess (a “Registered Catholic” who left the Church 33 years ago). We made a mutual decision when we got married: if we couldn’t find a religion that we both believed in and a Church or Temple or Whatever to attend, then we would raise the kids Catholic, and she would be responsible for their religious instruction. So, I’m still an Independent, the kids are being brought up Catholic, and I’ll attend Communions and major religious observances, but not be a regular church going guy. I never interfere with the religious instruction of my children, nor my wife’s right to attend church, nor demean Catholicism (despite the fact that I have MAJOR doctrinal issues). My kids understand that their Dad’s kind of a free spirit 😀

    These are my hopes for Your Journey:
    The way you choose to (or not choose to) believe in something greater than yourself is a personal matter. The only thing that counts is that you love each other and your neighbor and most importantly…love yourself. Sometimes, the hardest person in the world to love and forgive is yourself. When The Universe opens a door that is unexpected, it is for a reason. It may not become clear to you until years later, or ever for that matter…but there is always a purpose to everything. Aside from love, the greatest gift you can show another Human Being is compassion…bestow that as often as you bestow love. Anger is something that is very Human, but it will consume you and those around you if you let it. This is when you need to show yourself compassion and forgiveness; and NEVER go to bed angry at each other, the other person, or yourself. As much as you can, try and understand yourself in the grand scheme of things…at least in your small corner of the planet. Each day is something that happens only once in your life, make the best of it.

    Warmest Regards and Best Wishes,



  18. tothewire said

    Thank you so much Arkangel! You made me tear up…in a good way


  19. tothewire said

    I tried looking for your blog under Arkangel.wordprss.com can’t find you. I would like to visit your blog!


  20. arkangel3 said

    It’s here: http://arkangel3.wordpress.com/

    You forgot the “3” 😉 Feel free to mosey around…I tend to write about a lot of things (mostly political as of late, as you can imagine with the recent election). I can be a bit long winded too…but I hope I say something meaningful in some way in the process.


  21. arkangel3 said

    Oh boy, Tothewire…you and I think very much alike! I like your views; I think you will find that we are on the same page except for the practicing Christian philosophy.

    While I acknowledge Christ (and your description of his teachings is spot on) as a great man with an outlook and way of life for Humanity that is very much in line with my own way of thinking, as I said before…I’m a free spirit. I also acknowledge teachings in the Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions. I believe in reincarnation, and karma; but I believe what is called “Heaven” is oneness with the Universe that can only be achieved by purging the soul through various lifetimes of sin. Jesus attained his state of being, and his teachings are but one way to achieve this end. There are many others, and I agree with so many different philosophies that there is probably no Church on Earth that could ever house my beliefs. This is why I choose to remain Independent, and let The Universe unfold as it should for me. Perhaps I will attain salvation and perfection, but most certainly not in this lifetime. This lifetime is but a gateway to another for me, but one where my soul has been enlightened further so that I may do better in my next life.

    But I also have a choice, I can either do good for myself and others and thus become more Human; or I cannot. I choose the former. I seek to learn from the master, and my mind is open to that coming. That for me is my savior…someone or something to crystallize what I know in my heart to be true. Perhaps I seek a selfish form of salvation, but I also believe that we can find salvation in each other and thus in the process of becoming more Human…what it is TRULY like to be human…we become more like The Universe itself, which is in its own process of understanding itself through us. All I can do is walk that path that I know I must walk. All I can do is write, and for me…that in itself is a way of understanding myself.

    Btw…this is the first time I’ve written anything about my own religious beliefs on the ‘net…not even on my own site. I will write about this eventually, but not just yet. I still have more to learn.


  22. arkangel3 said

    Just in case my blog gets lost in the Spam filter (I see the blog addy is awaiting moderation) look under arkangel3/ The blog is called “Intersections In Real Time”. I’m still reading through your site…great to see intelligence on the web.


  23. tothewire said

    We found it! Lawman posted a great post about it! We really enjoyed your blog!


  24. tothewire said

    My faith is an important part of my life, I am still muddling through what exactly I do believe…kind of late in life huh? What can I say?


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