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An Evolving Caveman, Proof of Evolution

Posted by lawman2 on December 5, 2008



My wife told me today that she has seen a whole new side of me….the blogger side!  She said I am more open with the the key pad then I am with most people.  She is correct… keep in mind I am working on evolving still!   For our regular readers you already know I am an Atheist with a very conservative outlook, both politically and personally. My wife is a Democrat and considers herself a liberal Christian.  We have only been married a few days now, and I have promised to do everything I can to get a long with her VERY conservative and VERY Catholic family.   I INTEND TO KEEP THAT PROMISE

 Today one of my brother in-laws (Even though I have known her and her family for many years,this particular brother in law I haven’t really known very well)  asked “What are you,  a Republican or a Democrat?”   A pretty easy question right? … So I told my brother in law “I am a Republican.”   He then asked who I voted for, I of course voted for McCain/Palin.  NOW this is the kicker…keep in mind my wife’s family are all Catholic VERY Catholic.  Knowing he was trying to start a conversation to break the ice I felt badly for him so I joined in the conversation a bit more myself by asking him the same questions in the same order.  These were his answers: 

1) I am a Republican because I feel the Democrats are too liberal and as they push for more government control, they push out THE church.  Without THE church’s influence America would loose it’s moral codes.

2)Well, of course I voted for McCain as I vote the issues, like abortion, and more church less government control.  I have a moral obligation to vote the way I believe God would expect me to vote. 

Now I would have let it go at that, I really would have, but he then asked “How do you feel about Separation of Church and State?” 

I have a favorite line I usually use and it goes like this … “I live in a country that is slowly but inexorably being taken over by religious believers; worse, since religions by definition are totalitarian in nature, we all will lose precious freedoms that many died to protect.” Not sure where I stole that quote from as I am just a caveman.   BUT I didn’t want to incite a debate or step on his toes,  (even though he did insinuate that I have no morals being an atheist)…

So here instead was my answer: “I am for the Separation of Church and State.”

Wanting very badly to get a long, I tried to politely change the subject, which just goes against who I really am….lol  Anyway, I called for my wife out of the kitchen and asked her if she had taken care of a few things that she had been saying earlier in the day she needed to do, before she could even respond… HE INTERRUPTED OUR CONVERSATION to tell me that I was an ass.  He stood up at that time and called for his wife, told her it was time for them to leave.  AND they left. 

My wife standing in the middle of our livingroom her  mouth open slowly turned and gave me that knowing look like she does. Usually, this look causes me to feel bad like a pup in trouble, and tail between it’s legs and I start apologizing for some rude or lewd comment that I have made…BUT this time I was innocent!  This time I wasn’t the instigator,  but instead an impoved caveman.  Proof that I have been evolving! hehehe   ANYWAY  this time I was able to PROUDLY relay to her the conversation that took place and that I too really was confused and shocked by his behavior. 

 Instead of her rolling her eyes and the usual disappointed shrug… she kissed and hugged me, and told me how sorry she was that HE was such an arrogant NEANDERTHAL!   WOW, WOW! CHICKY, CHICKY, WOW, WOW! 



Finally proof of evolution still occurring in humans to this very day, AND in a shorter  span of years then previously thought possible! 

I AM STILL SMILING!  I have learned an important lesson today…you can teach old Neanderthal new tricks!

You can read more caveman’s perspectives from lawman Just A Caveman


3 Responses to “An Evolving Caveman, Proof of Evolution”

  1. dorian9 said

    i do love happy endings.they are really happy beginnings in disguise. i do love the caveman theme and those illustrations are precious. lawman, wit and humor always gets the point across and gives life and snap to a site … i’m sure neanderthal man will be taught a lot of neat tricks by evolved wife! looking forward to reading more from the atheist caveman’s perspective.

    here’s the quote for the day, i think it’s apropos.

    There is only one happiness in life — to love and to be loved.
    George Sand


  2. tothewire said

    Lawman LOL


  3. Lawman2 said

    thanx dorian!looking it over now i see several changes that should be made to improve the post.it was pretty late at night when i posted (a had to wait for tothewire to fall asleep so she would read it today).i don’t feel like making the improvments now,or corrections, but might later.


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