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Don’t Let Activist Atheists Rewrite History

Posted by tothewire on December 6, 2008

Freedom From Religion Foundation sign (FNC)

Hello Readers!  I am not an author on this site, although my sister has asked several times that I become one. My name is David, don’t have a catchy handle to go by, I am fond of the name given to me by my parents.  My sister was kind enough to allow me to post this under her name.  I think this article makes the subject of Church and State easy enough for even an atheist caveman to understand!

Wake Up America! Don’t Let Activist Atheists Rewrite History

faithreason-2Get pumped up. Kill a pine tree. Paste paper snow flakes on your picture window. Take time off from work. Shop ’till you drop. For behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people; in the Northern Hemisphere we are about to celebrate the Winter Solstice—the moment the sun’s position in the sky is at its greatest angular distance from the observer.

This is the very boring message professed by a group of modern-day Scrooges, dressed in the cloak of militant atheism. Indeed, they love December, but their tidings of joy have nothing to do with nature’s seasons or the position of the sun.

Their secret reference point is the same as ours, December 25th, the day on which Christians worldwide celebrate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the Prince of Peace.

Last night, a representative from the “Freedom From Religion Foundation”—sour representatives of the many honest seekers in our country who call themselves agnostics and atheists—had the chutzpah to play the Winter Solstice card with me during a joint appearance on FOX News’ “America’s News HQ.” To read the transcript, click here.

He did it to defend his group’s placement of an anti-religion sign next to the Nativity Scene at Washington State’s Capitol building. Their sign reads:

“There is only one natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

Thanks to the wisdom of our God-fearing founding fathers and their respect for the sacred dignity of every human being in this great country of ours, we will continue to defend the right of non-believers to express their opinion, as reasonable and considerate, or silly and disrespectful, as the case may be.


And we will prolong their wisdom by speaking out every time this right is abuse.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is today’s example. Their stated goal is to “promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church.” How do they do this? By freeing us from all religion—as the Constitution obviously intended, but forgot to mention. Besides the posting of anti-Christmas signs in honor of the Winter Solstice, their most recent efforts include campaigns to:

A) stop people from voting in churches

B) force the Boy Scouts of America (a private, religious organization) to accept non-religious members (as unconstitutional as that would be) and…

C) pressure cable channels to cut off religious programming

Wake up America! If we allow these activists to re-write history, they will. They will deny the faith of our fathers and offer blasphemous interpretations of our Constitution. They will start with their own version of the separation of church and state, then move on to whitewashing the public square to rid it of all religious expression, and finally arrive at an atheistic indoctrination of our children.

When this happens, we will not be a more tolerant, pluralistic, or diverse country. We will, in fact, be much like the atheist regimes of past and present that must empty culture of its richest forms only to fill it with self-protecting ideologies of one kind or another.

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If these are difficult times, it is not because there is too much religion. It is because there is not enough of it — the real kind — the kind that makes us free.

God bless,

Father Jonathan

Father Jonathan Morris is author of the new book, “The Promise: God’s Purpose and Plan for when Life Hurts.” For information go to www.fatherjonathan.com

I found this  here: http://foxforum.blogs.foxnews.com/2008/12/04/frj_religion/


6 Responses to “Don’t Let Activist Atheists Rewrite History”

  1. Lawman2 said

    smart ass


  2. Lawman2 said

    no really, good post.even if it is a bunch of bunk.


  3. Lawman2 said

    wanna take it to the debate page?


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  6. Brenda D Lemus said

    To the author of “Don’t Let Activist Atheists Rewrite History:” You need to become educated, buddy. I would suggest you start by learning how to write properly. Then it would be wise to look up in the dictionary the words: “atheism” and “atheist.” Consequently, if I were you, I would research the philosophy that lies behind atheism. Finally, I would research my own religion, and would attempt to use my brain while doing so. And, then, just then, you might be qualified to write an article regarding atheism and atheists. For now, you are bordering on pitiful ignorance.


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