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How To Make Her Fall In Love With You

Posted by lawman2 on December 6, 2008

There is probably some girl in your life that evokes very strong feelings in you. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself this question a couple of times already, wondering how to make her fall in love with you. It’s a question that many men ask themselves yet fear to seek advice on it. The truth is that although you cannot force a person to feel something for you, you can make her feel the same strong emotions towards you that you feel towards her. Let me tell you how.


A woman’s love is a precious thing, worth more to her than any of the jewels she possesses. By giving you her love, she is opening herself up and making herself vulnerable to you. She needs to make sure that you’re the right person for this and you will need to prove that you’re worth it by neither being emotionally abusive nor excessively needy. Women need to know that you can handle the task of looking after her. They aren’t being bitches to you and trying to mess with you for no reason at all – they need to know that you have the cajones to deal with her shit tests in a way that only a man can handle. They may throw temper tantrums, say things that put you on the spot and even try and make you do things you don’t want to do, all to see if you will wilt and react to their behavior. Be nonreactive to all their tests. If you show that you are unaffected by their actions and can stay true to your own personal principles, women will respect you more and see you as a man who can truly stand up to others and protect them. Be the rock in their life, the one that no storm can weather.

Women don’t pride you for your looks or your attitude. They may play a part in her attraction towards you but it is not that which will make them love you. A woman cannot love a man who is consistently dishonest to her – this will only lead to her being hurt. Be honest with them. I don’t mean to ask you to tell her your deepest darkest secrets tomorrow. Don’t lie to her about what you want. Don’t be afraid to say something to her for fear of her judgment or try to exaggerate to show yourself in the best light. Those are all habits we are guilty of and it is only through openness and honesty that a woman will truly respect you and trust you. Yes, the truth is not always pretty or nice but if a woman sees you as someone who will always tell the truth regardless of the consequences, she will be that much more amenable to giving you her heart. The next time you feel the urge to exaggerate or lie to make yourself look better, take a step back and just tell the simple, honest truth. You might be surprised at the results.

Something that almost every girl in love says is “we had a connection” or “we just clicked”. Most guys who want a girl will try and jump straight into her pants, pushing for sex almost as soon as they meet a girl and have talked to her for a few minutes. Don’t try and do that – if you want a girl to truly love you, spend some time getting to know her. Learn about her hopes and dreams, her passions and delights. This is a real human being you’re talking to, one who feels the same emotions you feel. The more you learn about her, the more you will learn to appreciate her and love her for the person she is, and in this same way she will learn to love you.

Love cannot be forced. It is a natural culmination of the connection two people share. It’s true, there that there are things you can do to make women feel more attracted to you but for a woman to truly love you, you must be genuine and truly care for her. You may not love every woman you meet but for those few you find that you care about deeply, know that with the right attitude and genuineness, she can grow to love you too.

Written By Razzputin

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