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Does Obama fulfill Muslim prophecy?

Posted by kayms99 on December 7, 2008

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18 Responses to “Does Obama fulfill Muslim prophecy?”

  1. centered2 said

    I didn’t post this


  2. Lawman2 said

    well i just knew tothewire is gone for the night and you are here MUST BE KAY then


  3. Lawman2 said

    god kay aren’t you tired of posting the same old shit?


  4. kathy (kayms91) said

    uh.. I didn’t post this… I was wondering where my comments are that I posted earlier to this… and Lawman.. you’re not helping your situation at all by taking God’s name in vain.. and that goes for everyone.. really… you, I can understand but when someone claims to be a Christian and does so.. it really is not good… just food for thought…


  5. kathy (kayms91) said

    Of course, all Christians know that Obama is not the fulfillment of Muslim prophecy – because Islam is a false religion according to Christianity. The real question in the video is… Does Obama believe he is the fulfillment of the Islamic prophecy? We may never know the true answer to that question but I think that Barrack Obama needs to be watched carefully while he is in office – very carefully. Which reminds me of this very interesting article that I recently came across….

    Codes for Armageddon: A new president to hold nuclear launch ‘football’


  6. Lawman2 said

    oops now let’s do this again. to tothewires god god god oh tothewires god!and you posted the same old rhetoric post with it.


  7. Lawman2 said

    if you didn’t post it,i sure in the hell didn’t post it, david claims he didn’t post it(i don’t think he would know how to post it)tothewire isn’t home…


  8. Lawman2 said

    kay you do know you will go straight to hell for telling fibs big and small…lol lol


  9. […] first collected in tothewire’s videos Added 07 Nov 08 from tothewire.wordpress.com Flag as inappropriate or […]


  10. kathy (kayms91) said

    your are incorrect lawman… again.. if you believe that Jesus died for you.. to justify you and remove your sins.. then you will not go to hell for lying. Again.. you only go to hell for rejecting Jesus and what he has done for you.

    With that being said…no.. I really didn’t post it…I think you are the one who posted it…you probably want to try and answer my question that I posted before…it’s bothering you because you hate to lose a debate, right? … here, I’ll post it again… you said…

    if i were to start a debate on this i would first have to tell you what a crock of shit i think this video is…lol BUT i haven’t really started one i was just saying if i were to…

    Lawman, you know darn well that this video is based on facts… it doesn’t present any false information…and it then asks the viewer to draw their own conclusion… what is so wrong with that… NOTHING!… exactly what part is a crock of s***???? Again… your judgement of the video is displaying your reverse ignorance!! You need to read my page on that very problematic social ill again!



  11. Lawman2 said

    this time kay i am on to you.and i just lost any respect i had for you,as i would never post a bullshit post like this.you just want to debate a bullshit post that nobody really gives a shit about.go suck an egg,bake a pie,or do whatever the hell you do BUT SHUT THE HELL UP


  12. Lawman2 said

    i have long passed being bored of your rhetoric on this shit.


  13. Lawman2 said

    who gives a shit if obama thinks he is the annointed one is the question…and the answer is NOBODY but kay


  14. Lawman2 said

    i have known david for over 20 years he has never lied to me. tothewire isn’t here.i certainly wouldn’t post that shit.that leaves little miss white lie kay.


  15. kathy (kayms91) said

    Gee.. a little cranky are we?… I can’t help it if you can’t debate worth a …well, you know…you said it 5 million times… must be your new favorite ‘naughty’ word… and SORRY… I don’t believe you… I know you posted it


  16. tothewire said

    He is always cranky. Must everyone forget we have 2 other authors on this site, maybe E_E posted it or Dorian9

    BUT who cares WHO posted it as it deserves another go around anyway.


  17. kathy (kayms91) said

    yes, that occured to me also TTW… I just know that I didn’t post it… is it possible that some posts, for whatever reason, automatically repost?

    Lawman… you really SHOULD give a s*** if Obama possibly believes he is “the annointed one”… because..I can’t believe I have to explain this to you AGAIN… he is now the leader of the free world. Uh… he has alot of power! (an EXCELLENT example… Codes for Armageddon: A new president to hold nuclear launch ‘football’)

    And he will have to make many choices during his term BETWEEN the best interests of us (the U.S.) and that of Muslims in the middle east. The very Muslims who believe that he has been sent by their god. The question is… where do his loyalties lie? It’s a valid question and you really should give a s***!


  18. tothewire said

    I think Centered might have accidently posted it without knowing as I have done that before while looking at the edit post page in the dashboard. He most likely was reading it and accidently posted it as well. He did say today that he had been reading a lot of old post trying to delete the ones in draft created by uploading video’s to post.

    I think someone (like maybe lawman)….owes you an apology.


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