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Give These Men a Job

Posted by tothewire on December 7, 2008

bushcheney_x300How do you feel about Bush’s job prospects upon leaving the White House? And, what should his shadowy second-in-command, Dick Cheney, do next? 
Want to have some fun with this?
I found this at Newsweek’s web site you can visit there and take part in their contest http://www.newsweek.com/id/169875
1)You can save this template or download it from Newsweek here: http://www.newsweek.com/media/99/GiveTheseMenAJob.jpg
2)Draw your own set of cloths on them
3) Email your creation (in jpeg format)back to us via email tothewires@yahoo.com  and leave us your phone#
4)We’ll take the best job offers (and by best don’t worry,concept may very easily trump artistic skills) and publish the top 3 here,  Giving the top 1 several publishings…May the best one win!
Dead line Jan 20th of course!

3 Responses to “Give These Men a Job”

  1. Steven said

    Have you seen the Bush 43 “Official White House Portrait”? It looks like all W accomplished over 8 years as America’s CEO was to fill his pants with a surprise. I’ve never seen a painting of a man so uncomfortable with his lot.


  2. tothewire said

    Just went and visited your site Steven…VERY NICE! http://stevencolby.wordpress.com/

    Looking for the Official White House Portrait on your site…not there I don’t think.

    Guess I will google…lol


  3. tothewire said

    Are you talking about the book? OK OK Before lawman gets involved…I will just google


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