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Caveman and Mass

Posted by lawman2 on December 8, 2008

gcaam11u3ca6o09oacal8gvhocaso9bgzcae57uwbcas79ccbcagcd414caqycx8xcav19mp4ca3wvxjdcaqv10micabf8pucca12ypvacaqw42jdcajmv4hlcaeo8la7cao2whljca2xgrf0Well it has been a great day today!  My wife and I attended her Church the first time today as husband and wife!  It was the first time that I have ever attended with her actually.   I thought it would be uncomfortable with me being an atheist and all…but just seeing how happy it made my wife made the effort well worth it!


I didn’t quite understand all the standing up, kneeling down, or the reading as a group several different prayers and pieces.  Made me feel jesus-caveman_rklike we were in some kind of secret society or something.   At first I was kind of lost but my wife’s youngest nephew showed me the little play by play book and then I was able to follow right a long

I might have zoned out by the time it was time for the man dressed like a penguin, (no really he wasn’t,  but I always thought they did dress like those cute little wingless birds)  I don’t think anyone noticed my zoning in and out except for my wife when I asked her… Hey did they guy say something about Jesus being a caveman?

My brother in-law and his wife (this one likes me)came over with their kids and we had a great dinner afterwards.  Made me realize just how much I had missed out on when it comes to family.

  caveman-eating-meat-smallI always wondered why her family was so close, and at times it even has bothered me, but I think I know why now…did you know Catholics aren’t allowed to eat before they go to Mass? Yep, they call it fasting or something like that.   They believe they have to do it before they take part in the whole Eucharist thing (by the way non Catholics can’t take a bite of Jesus with them).  Anyway, back to my point after all this fasting all day and then the standing and kneeling, standing and kneeling, standing kneeling that they do…THEY ARE STARVING and when they get home to eat, they kind of bond over dinner, they equate that satisfied feeling with being with family and not with  the satisfaction of finally filling their empty bellies!

caveman-3My brother in-law took me aside and congratulated me for attending, and for not bashing the service afterwards.  I told him my church bashing days are over now.  As I promised tothewire we would raise our future cave babies in the Catholic church…Kinda makes a caveman sad as I have derived a lot of pleasure from this in the past.


32784622See this caveman learns something new everyday about the woman he has loved for so many years!  I am an evolving caveman indeed!  I will continue to attend Mass with her as I promised I would when we married and update you on the things I learn as I go.



You can read more caveman’s perspectives from lawman Just A Caveman


7 Responses to “Caveman and Mass”

  1. tothewire said

    Cute brat! I didn’t expect this one…


  2. Lawman2 said

    thought you might like this one!did you notice no offensive pics?i deserve a treat…hehehe


  3. Lawman2 said

    i knew jesus wasn’t a liberal like rev ray…see he was a caveman like me!


  4. A good post but I have no comment on your recent finding of God since I am not going to beat a dead horse with my ideals.


  5. Lawman2 said

    i will always remain an atheist.my agreeing to go to church and raise our little cave babies there is of little concern to me…afterall believing in santa never affected me…lolit really was worth just seeing how proud tothewire was.she had invited me several times before.


  6. Lawman2 said

    good to see you e_e!


  7. Ya I guess it’s not a good time for me at the moment all my comments and posts will be very dark. I am never happy this time of year.


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