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This Caveman’s Manifesto

Posted by lawman2 on December 8, 2008

ist2_696141_thinking_caveman_cartooOk I have been getting a lot of emails asking me what I believe about this or what I believe about that.  Now this isn’t pretty, it’s just the facts, free from all elaboration and superfluous detail.   Nor is it written to be politically correct you might leave here offended…so here it goes:






5815532_55b9c015c4Congress both Senate and house who think that they have been given some political immunity by way of election to look upon the sworn obligation to protect and defend as no more than a political option to be , “On the table” or, “off the table”.



* I don’t believe in abortion – 

abortion-throwThis Caveman’s view on abortion is not based on some religious totalitarian rhetoric. Instead, on SCIENCE FACTS.  What ever happened to accountibility?  You don’t want to be pregnant?  USE BIRTH CONTROL!  A Caveman’s View on Abortion


* I do believe Obama is a socialist-

socialismOutside of conservative circles, nobody really seems to care.The only way to explain this disinterest in Obama’s past and its relationship to his present is that Americans no longer consider the label “socialist” to be a pejorative. Why hasn’t the American public as a whole taking notice?  To them, it’s just another content-neutral political ideology.  In our non-judgmental age, it falls into images8the same category as Liberal vs. Conservative, or Left vs. Right. THEY ARE WRONG. Where capitalism stresses competition and profit, socialism calls for cooperation and social service. The truly lazy take advantage of it. God I hate lazy, and unproductive people!  I have a post ready to publish on this…will post it today sometime.

I don’t care if anyone thinks Obama is the “annointed” one-

This one doesn’t even deserve any explanation


* I do believe in Evolution-

images9The Logic Of Evolution
The conclusion that evolution has occurred is drawn from two simple observations:

Observation 1: Living things come only from living things. Spontaneous generation is not possible when living things are already in existence

 Observation 2: Fossil remains show that living things in the remote past were very different from living things today. 


Conclusion: Life has changed through time (evolved).


* I don’t believe in any god’s, santa, or the tooth fairy-

images10Because any intelligible use of the term creation must imply the existence of a creator, and because the creator of all of nature must be, quite literally, super-natural, we see that the fundamental force operating in “creation science” is a super-natural force – which is a polite term for magic. Science, however, involves the study of natural forces only, and ceases to be science when it attempts to explain phenomena by means of super-natural forces.

*I do believe in Separation of Church and State-

churchstateseparationBut what is not quite so obvious is how the state ultimately trivializes religion when the two get mixed together. The state is not permitted to promote particular religious doctrines as religious doctrines, that much is clear – but in the attempt to do it anyway, some really poor rationalizations are used. The most common is that we aren’t really dealing with “religion” anymore and that the doctrine, symbol, or words have magically become “secular” over the course of time. A Caveman’s View on Church vs State



*Racism –

Is just for the weaker minds and a tool for those with  no intellect. Racist don’t even deserve my time to comment further.

*Gays and Marriage-

I don’t care if they marry or not.  BUT  I do care that This Is A Serious Civil Rights Issue!!!  AND it is back to separation of church and state. The concept of not denying people their rights unless you can show a compelling reason to deny them is the very basis of the American ideal of human rights.


P.S. I am a sexist, male chauvinist, arrogant man, and I do lean towards narcissism


You can read more caveman’s perspectives from lawman Just A Caveman


4 Responses to “This Caveman’s Manifesto”

  1. Maggie said

    Interesting post and it touches on a whole lot of issues! I think there is a bit more to say about some of what you have raised.

    Using birth control, as counter-intuitive as it might seem, is not exactly the answer to abortion. Man + Woman = baby. I mean, the purpose of sex, biologically speaking, is procreation. Severing sex from procreation, which birth control attempts to do, is not completely possible. Moreover, it is probably the single most dehumanizing thing us primate do to ourselves.

    Re: evolution and observation # 1 ((Living things come only from living things. Spontaneous generation is not possible when living things are already in existence) This contradicts itself and contradicts your stance on God. If living things only come from living things then spontaneous generation is never possible. If living things came from non-living things once, there is simply no reason to think that they cannot do so again.

    This statement: “we see that the fundamental force operating in “creation science” is a super-natural force – which is a polite term for magic. Science, however, involves the study of natural forces only, and ceases to be science when it attempts to explain phenomena by means of super-natural forces” seems to misunderstand the nature and scope of science.

    It seems to me that there is a bit of confusion here about the nature and scope of science. Science can only study the natural world via observation, experimentation; testing and retesting results. It is, thus, limited to the natural world. It cannot and does not make any claims about the supernatural(whether to reject or accept the possibility of the supernatural)at all. At least real scientists don’t. When new observations, discoveries, etc. are made, scientists adjust their thinking or throw out the old theories altogether. Naturally, humans being humans, if discoveries really upset long-held ideas, they can and do encounter resistance.

    The Big Bang theory is a great example. If, instead of being eternal, the universe had a beginning, there has to have been a cause. Something cannot come from nothing. You can see where this insight leads… and why those who so carelessly assume that “science” has disproved God were seriously upset.

    Re: gay marriage. Church and state have nothing to do with it. The Church got into the game relatively late (mid to late middle ages). Marriage, even in pre-Christian times took place when the two people involved consented to be so paired. Contracts, religious ceremonies, etc came later and, then it was to prevent unfortunate alliances (politically inexpedient ones) from taking place.

    Male/female pair bonding (aka marriage) has existed as long as humans have. The family, which is the name we give to that union that can result in children, predates any state. As marriage evolved and as humans went from clans, to tribes, to states, and to nations, laws were created to stabilize and protect the family. Clearly, since children are the future, the state has an interest in their well-being.

    Gays simply cannot have children (naturally). Since marriage does not exist to ratify our romantic choices but to provide a stable environment in which a couple can raise the children they create, gays have no claim to a “right to marry”.


  2. Lawman2 said

    great comment M. i of course disagree but that comes as no suprise to you…lol none the less it still is a well written comment.


  3. tothewire said

    You left out the part that you are a nerd


  4. […] and I am an atheist they kind of view it as mixing oil and water I guess.  (earlier post This Caveman’s Manifesto) Now, I might have made some jabs at the whole God thing in the past, but really I was just […]


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