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Caveman and Cooking

Posted by lawman2 on December 9, 2008


Today I tried to cook breakfast for my beautiful wife, but only succeededin making one hell of a mess for her.   My intentions were good, as I wanted to surprise my wife and in return have her reward my grand gesture with some one on one time…but as the smoke raged from our brand new stove I realized I might have put too much faith in the saying “so easy even a caveman can do it”.   So this is what I learned from my experience in the kitchen:

images111) You don’t fry eggs on high – if you do they will burn and the pan is really a pain in the ass to clean 



images122) Ovens don’t like me – guess turning it up to 400 really doesn’t help it cook faster, it just burns the biscuits





brunt-bacon3) Bacon doesn’t taste as good when I fry it – some of the pieces were over cooked and some under cooked



mcakpdltscapybz5scaxro38lcae6tgqhcain5571cahovzpoca870zcecaalbzsqca7aulirca7j17rucauwamqmcay43ybmcaknu9gqcabs5hbhca6ofor2ca01wk4dcas4jnfjcaaa38y94) ALL MEN NEED TO KNOW THIS ONE- if you make a mess in the kitchen your wife will expect you to clean it up.  Didn’t see that one coming, thought maybe she would reward me for the effort anyway right? NO




ycar2r4focapu7jbjcat83tgocajh48e2ca4i6t6lcaxl9jmdcansd5rdcav5hpaacatnjqtwca4xdvtscacz9tyvcafrtwaeca1gsckccafxqdwkca8nhui2ca4swmuzca0ci2d2cat08p1s5) You have to put new coffee grounds in the coffee brewer to get good coffee.  




rcaudsvfoca1zo0lecabf9w89cabru0lpcaojzmzlcap3mfqgcaa1z08ccaw8v4npcagwsggxcaua6ygecaon58tgca7rn023catah0wecai96fhpcae8n78zca9q4xt1ca6t9z54ca5y0pvx6) Cavemen don’t like dishes

7) Cavemen don’t like cleaning up messes



ccalnc78scalcpyxsca3ul1muca4qfkuhcag2ngh7cas1fraqcajxps6jca1z1809caxkfyevcaneg79jcaj6vpdkca8t8at6cat5402ucad0cx44ca6r200kca72tkdmca2st1c3ca6oh7n18) Didn’t know we had a dishwasher…damn it!  Wonder if I need to learn how to use it…nope.





4cat5le9lcar6z4yqcayw325gca41mggecaah1fvhcafbibhpcakjejxsca10yw5fca7ptazjcaawvlrncasjj2kocam3z4u7cabwf1n3cak17viocavl8z3zca9870s1cab79cfpcafwnjosThe main lesson learned today is this :



1960_10_05_484_2From now on I will make a run to Starbucks for coffee, McDonald’s for some breakfast, and bring it all home… scrape food onto a plate, poor coffee into mugs and then claim all the fame for myself!  Once again I have proven this Caveman is evolving!

You can read more caveman’s perspectives from lawman Just A Caveman


4 Responses to “Caveman and Cooking”

  1. tothewire said

    Poor caveman!


  2. dorian9 said

    good caveman husband trying.


  3. tothewire said

    Yes, he is! I am proud of him!


  4. […] my family they can actually eat…without scraping off the burnt parts first!  (earlier post Caveman and Cooking)  He cooked some ham and green beans with potatoes altogether in a big pot in the oven.  I was […]


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