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Caveman say’s “This is a gotta read!”

Posted by tothewire on December 9, 2008

images13Today as most mornings my wife and I were reading different news headlines and taking breaks with a blog or two…I found this great Article and wanted to share it with you all!  Great writing style and topics we are all interested in!  This caveman gives this blog “THUMBS UP”

The blog is called : Intersections In Real Time

The article is called “Dumb People”


Dumb People

December 8, 2008 by arkangel3

We all know them.  We work with them, they are our family and friends, and sometimes even our spouses.  (Often, they tend to be in-laws; but that’s for another topic altogether).  The Dumb People I refer to are the worst kind: otherwise normal, clear and level headed individuals; hard-working and good people who usually think…except when it comes to politics.  These are the very same folks who vote both Democrat or Republican; watch either MSNBC or Fox as their primary source of news, and in a political discussion spew forth nothing but the latest talking points show to them throughout the day…



One Response to “Caveman say’s “This is a gotta read!””

  1. arkangel3 said

    Thanks for the kudos and the plug! 🙂 I tracked back/pinged back to your site on a post that went up an hour or so ago…glad to share the joys of your writing with some of my readers. 😉


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