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Bush greets, kisses two injured Marines

Posted by tothewire on December 11, 2008

069d4cb6-ffda-480a-a26f-1fd1b0109ba4_grid-6x3President Bush stopped on the White House South Lawn to pose for a photograph with two Marines who served in Iraq — and planted a kiss on the head of each.

After climbing down from his Marine One helicopter, Bush walked toward the White House, then stopped and approached the Marines, one of whom was in a wheelchair. The president greeted Lance Cpl. Patrick Pittman Jr., of Savannah, Ga., and Lance Cpl. Marc Olson, of Coal City, Ill.

Bush directed aides to turn Pittman’s wheelchair around. Instead, Pittman stood next to the president for the photograph. They were joined by Olson’s mother, Pinky Kloski.

Bush had a few words for the two Marines as they stood on either side, then kissed each on the top of the head.

Kloski said the two were injured while serving in Ramadi.


Earlier in the day, the president had traveled to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to speak about the military and strategy during his tenure as commander in chief.



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