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Caveman and the Christmas Spirit

Posted by lawman2 on December 14, 2008

ksmn613lYesterday after lunch, my wife talked me into gong to Wal-Mart (I dislike Wally World to the max) but I did go for her.   ON the way there I told my wife not to expect me to get into the whole Chrsitmas thing, she just smiled and shook her head.  When we arrived there, my wife headed to the toy department to find some gifts for her youngest nephew, I went to the electronics department to just check things out and see what new toys this caveman might crave. 

While I was wandering around the movie section I happened to over hear a conversation a young boy was having with his mother. 

I recognized the woman as a waitress at our local truck stop.  Before my wife and I married,  I used to go in there for coffee late at night and sometimes early in the morning depending on my mood.  That waitress well she is almost always there.  Anyway,  he was telling her all about the WII.  She quietly told him they didn’t have the money for something like that and he needed to be looking for things they could afford.  He sadly agreed and apologized to her.  Now the look in his eyes is what caught my attention more than the conversation taking place.  He looked down trodden, and without hope.    They left, but she returned in a short time with out him.  She walked up to the counter and asked if they had any WII’s left.  She was told no, but they had 2 coming in at midnight to fulfill their add for Sunday.  She asked then if she could go ahead and purchase it and pick it up later as she had been saving up to buy it for a long time, and her son really wanted it.  They told her they could give her an in store credit but she would have to stay in the store until the truck arrived at 12:00 a.m.   The young mother in a small voice said ” I have to work the late shift at the T.A. I can’t do that.” The clerk kind of shrugged his shoulders and walked away.  The woman walked away as well. 

I stood there for a minute then I walked up to the clerk and asked for one of those in store credits and a chair.  The clerk gave me a strange look but did as I asked.  When my wife finally found me I just gave her the car keys and told her “honey, the Christmas Spirit went and found this caveman, and I’m not leaving until I get that WII for that little boy.”  My wife is a very kind hearted woman, she just smiled and gave me a kiss. I know how lucky I am to have such a wonderful woman to love me and have faith in me.  I have never before felt the need or had the desire to buy something for a stranger before, but my wife never blinked an eye when I told her my plans. It was almost like she anticipated my behaviour…How can she have such faith in me? Heck if I know!

 I waited there all day, greeting people as they came by the counter, kinda was fun, but mainly it was boring.   Finally 12:00 a.m. arrived!!! 

carl-the-caveman-christmas-adventure-logoI picked up the WII and headed over to the truck stop.  I was Happy to see the young waitress still there.  I sat down, and when she came over with my cup of coffee already in hand, I told her I had a nice tip for her.  She smiled and said “Joe, your idea of a nice tip is leaving me some free legal advise that I don’t need.”  I laughed and nodded  my agreement.  Raised my hand to keep her from leaving and added “Well let me just say my wife and her Christmas Spirit might have rubbed off on me a tad bit.” I handed her the bag, and said “Tell that boy of yours, this is from a caveman and his kind wife.”   I thought she was going to pass out when she saw what was inside the bag.  She shook her head and kept saying “I can’t accept this, I just can’t”.  I looked her straight in the eye and said “My wife will have me strung up if I come back with this.”   She was crying, when she finally accepted it.  Really humbled this ol’ caveman.  I don’t know why I waited on a WII to give to that young boy, but I am very thankful his mother allowed me to do so. I headed home and for the first time in many years I felt really satisfied with Christmas and the whole idea of a Christmas Spirit. 

 When I arrived home and was laying in bed next to my sweet, kind wife I realized something that I hadn’t even thought of before.  My wife always ksmn692ldoes things like that, you know the whole buying gifts for people she knows who  don’t have the funds.  In the past I made fun of her for doing that and she would just smile and kindly say “One of these days your going to catch the Christmas Spirit”… BUT I don’t think I caught it at all, I think it finally found me.

Merry Christmas to all of our readers!  AND may the Christmas Spirit find all of you as well!

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8 Responses to “Caveman and the Christmas Spirit”

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  2. tothewire said

    Anyone who meets you, knows you have a good heart…no matter how hard you try to hide it!


  3. Debs said

    oh my. you are just a wonderful living proof that hearts can rule and make a difference, caveman rocks!!;) you are so awesome for doing this for that little boy, but it meant even more to his mum.
    Merry Christmas!


  4. Good on you, caveman.


  5. dorian9 said

    caveman you’re a good guy with a big heart. you made some people very happy and that includes your wife. you’re gonna have one of the best christmases aren’t you…
    love your posts.


  6. BoomerChick said

    This was a really great story. I am glad I stopped by to read it — it’s putting me in the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas to you and your wife!


  7. Lawman2 said

    hey there BoomerChick!thanks and Merry Christmas to you!


  8. Lawman2 said

    i don’t know that i deserve much credit for this, but thanks everyone for your kind words! AND Merry Christmas from a caveman and his kind wife!


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