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Where is Caylee’s Dad?

Posted by lawman2 on December 15, 2008

209c8fd0Last night my wife had her youngest nephew stay the night with us, we had a full day running after him, building all kinds of play doe cars, and dinosaurs.  It really felt so wonderful and just made this caveman want little cave babies running around our cave even more.  As I watched my  wife read to him and then tuck him into bed, listened to his small voice say a sweet prayer,   and seeing the total trust and love he has…I couldn’t help but think of little Cayee Anthony. 

The skeletal remains of a small child were found on Thursday less than a half mile from the home of Caylee Anthony, the 3-year-old girl whose disappearance in July led to murder charges against her mother.

A utility worker found the remains in a bag in the woods in Orlando around 9:30 a.m., said an Orange County sheriff’s spokesman, Carlos Padilla. Mr. Padilla said there was nothing that immediately indicated that the remains were those of Caylee.

“We found a skull that is the size consistent of a young child,” he said.

But the authorities said that there had been no other recent reports of missing children in the area.

Caylee was reported missing on July 15, but her mother, Casey Anthony, told the police that she had not seen the girl since June, when she disappeared with a babysitter. The authorities have concluded that Ms. Anthony’s story was a lie. The case has drawn intense coverage on cable television news programs.

Why?  How could anyone do harm to any child?  I just couldn’t sleep the rest of the night. Worrying about bringing a child of our own into a world filled with cruel selfish people, scared and still does scare the holy shit out of me.  We don’t have any children yet, and now I feel a tad bit insecure.  What if I can’t protect him or her from all the evil in the world?  How does a parent shield and protect their children?  The responsibility now is really overwhelming… are these normal feelings all potential dads feel?   

The questions that kept nagging at me all night, and kept me tossing and turning were : Who tucked little Caylee in at night? Since Casey Anthony (mother) is a chronic liar, and claims little Caylee’s real father is deceased to due a car accident–HAS ANYONE BOTHERED TO LOOK INTO THAT STORY. Little Caylee Anthony has another set of GRANDPARENTS. Not just Cindy and George Anthony. WHERE ARE THEY??  IF Caylee’s dad isn’t dead… Where was her dad? AND… Where is he now?


According to Lee Anthony… the father of Caylee Anthony was killed in a car wreck, and the entire family has known about it and who it is for years (I guess Cindy Anthony forgot while she was on the stand and said she thought it was Jesse).

He says they will never tell who the father of Caylee Anthony is because that wouldn’t be fair to the fathers family.


Today on the news they announced they found more small bones, and that the tiny body had been wrapped up before it was burried.  

Her mother Casey now on sedatives since they discovered the remains…what the hell?  NOW SHE NEEDS SEDATIVES???


Nancy Grace – Crime Scene

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Missing Child Caylee Anthony Found less than Half a Mile from Anthony home

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5 Responses to “Where is Caylee’s Dad?”

  1. tothewire said

    I haven’t heard anything about Caylee’s dad. I do think it is normal for all parents to be and parents as a whole to worry about their children and being able to protect them.


  2. Enkill_Eridos said

    It sounds like Caylee’s mother was what we like to call a slut. Meaning she thought the baby was someone elses who supposedly died and turned out to be not that person’s child. The real father probably cheated on his wife and that is the reason it wouldn’t be fair to his family, meaning he cheated on his wife and I do not want his wife to divorce his cheating ass.


  3. Debs said

    This kind of this is just so heartbreaking. There is absolutely no reason for our children to suffer in this way. words are beyond me.
    As for parenting, you will always have fears, as one becomes a milestone another one rears its ugly head! I have four kids, my oldest being 19 and youngest just 4, it gets easier because we do learn to hone in on our protective/defensive skills as time goes on, but the feelings, worries, nightmares never become history.
    parenting is far, far more than any fear will ever be, the joys are phenominal and second to none. hearing your child say i love you, running to you with a book cos they want just you, a lit up face when you walk into the room…no fear can surpass that. i’m sure you will make a wonderfull daddy…just dont be too afraid and let the world win.


  4. GALE said

    Can you get in touch with the NANCY GRACE show and ask if they know where the GRANDPARENTS (on Caylee’s daddy’s side) are??? where do they live, is that really the guy that died in a accident that was Caylee’s DAD??

    here is something I would like to share also…. RE: CAYLEE ANTHONY CASE
    This is going to sound rather cooky but it might be pertanent to the case. When I was younger I use to have a place in the WOODS to hang out with friends near school similar to CASEY’s place in the woods where they found CALEY’s body. We use to smoke pot, when we wanted to hide our Pot we made a well sealed bag and hid it up IN A TREE by tieing it securely to a limb, that way we could retrieve the pot next time we visited and no-one else was able to find it. DO YOU THINK that Casey put CALEY’s body up high in a TREE near where they found her remains and it fell out of the tree onto the ground on the later date when they found it….. that would make since that the body was NOT there at one point and then it WAS and a video was made and the remains were NOT there and then they SHOWED UP, I BELIEVE this is a possiblity since this is what people do when they hide things in the woods as we did … THANK YOU!!


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