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Where were “their” Shoes 9/11?

Posted by lawman2 on December 16, 2008

Saudi men read an English-language Saudi newspaper with the headline "Bush 'shoed' during Iraq visit" on Tahleh street in

Saudi men read an English-language Saudi newspaper with the headline "Bush 'shoed' during Iraq visit" on Tahleh street in

All this talk about calling someone the “son of a shoe” one of the worst insults in Iraq. But the lowly shoe and the Iraqi who threw both of his at President Bush, with widely admired aim, were embraced around the Arab world on Monday as symbols of rage at a still unpopular war.  I don’t recall hearing anything about any shoes being thrown at the 9/11 terrorist…???nor any shoes being thrown the day of 9/11… ???

I’ve never been accused of being politically correct, and I am not going to start now by apologizing for what I have to say!  Where were all the shoes in Iraq on the day of  9/11 ? I would say on their feet!  WELL my shoes are off and being thrown right straight at that damn reporter who had the nerve to throw his at THE UNITED STATES PRESIDENT!  soldier


My size 12 shoe is off and ready to shove right up their ass’ I say shame on you son of the shoe protesters! AND SHAME on you all who forget our soldiers are their fighting for America’s and Iraq’s freedoms!   MY SHOE IS OFF AND BEING THROWN AT ALL THE TERRORIST who keep our troops and allies there in an ungrateful country.  Son of the shoe to all who have raised their weapons to kill or harm our BRAVE troops there and around the world!

My wife wrote this poem a few years ago…

A Few Brave and Good Men



wcasgpj8pcad7s26ycavtvo3mca21h212carpqhpscaar8wl3caurxt72ca5wpglbcagxil84cadn8jp7cae2vxkvcaqiquuxcag2hef8ca4ld0u4capfv010camnqw6bcau59l3ccazy2e9wThe young soldier prayed for his family back in the United States
He prayed for his mother not to worry so, while for him she waits
He prayed for others , and that his faith would never wither nor fade
He prayed for the fatherless   children that this great war had made

A few brave and good men our country did send
To help a land that may never be grateful, nor mend
Just as The Father had sent his very own son
To a land where few thanked him when the battle was won

qca6tnwcgcagfr7c4ca9xc73qca5o9reacakybuvycad2qckmcaiuul6ucahxdxlgca9wiv2pcaat7f0qcarqizjocahklyujcae6talqca22tfe0caa3jq4ncahm8ffjca30w8o1ca9n0jvsThe young soldier thought about the sacrifices God had made
The dying souls all around him on his heart they did weigh
He prayed for peoples freedom at home and still abroad
He prayed this war and their efforts not be seen as a fraud


Yes, a few brave and good men such as this one
They are all someone’s father, husband, or son
We should all be thankful   for these few good men
And pray they come home safe for us to see again

Poem by Tothewire

You can read more caveman’s perspectives from lawman Just A Caveman


7 Responses to “Where were “their” Shoes 9/11?”

  1. […] Where were “their” Shoes 9/11 […]


  2. tothewire said

    I don’t know if I want my poem with this post Lawman…


  3. Lawman2 said

    you know what they say tothewire…the bigger the shoe, the easier to impregnate caveman’s wife!


  4. tothewire said

    Why would you go there? You’re such a nerd


  5. fadingad said

    A shoe for a shoe sounds much like an eye for an eye. If we stretch this metaphor to the breaking point, the world would be barefoot. Although terrorism is the focus, religion is the problem. Perhaps at one point in evolution of human culture, religion was a fundamental or even a necessity, but it has since lost its ability to sustain society and is the reason for today’s societal deterioration. “Imagine there no heaven…”


  6. lawman2 said

    maybe the world would be safer without all those damn shoes…lol hey there fadingad you are right of course, but even a caveman needs to rant from time to time. i can’t help but try and imagine a world without all the religious rhetoric from all sides…nice.


  7. Regina Moura said

    I arrived here late. But get my support from Brazil! You’re right.

    (sorry for bad english)


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