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Casey Anthony’s ex fiancé Jesse Grund

Posted by lawman2 on December 22, 2008

Jesse Grund

Jesse Grund

Today in an interview with Matt Lauer,  Jesse Grund, Casey Anthony’s ex- fiancé shared some of his insight into this still developing story.

“It was devastating  having that absolution that she was out of our lives.” Jesse said when asked by Matt Lauer the effect of knowing the remains found were little Caylee’s.  (I think the nation shares this sentiment)

When asked about the relationship between Caylee and her mother Jesse said “…as time went on it became a responsibility not a focal point of her (Casey’s) life.”  Jesse said Casey has a problem telling the truth…(you think?)

As the interview came to a close Matt asked Jesse if he thought Casey was capable of this crime.  “…the Casey I knew no, but I don’t know what this new Casey is capable of.”  “…I don’t know this new Casey at all.”

Kerry Sanders reported this 3rd search warrant served to the Anthony’s to search their home included Caylee’s and Casey’s cloths. (makes me wonder did the Anthony’s participate in a cover up to protect their daughter?)

All in all this guy Jesse Grund seems to me to be a grieving friend of  little Caylee’s…and I feel sorry for him. 



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Another older video…Nancy Grace: Was Casey Anthony Spotted Coming Out Of Remote Wooded Area?, Jesse Grund Strikes Back At Cindy’s Accusations, And Is An Indictment Close? « MDG Video Annex

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Nancy Grace: Was Casey Anthony Spotte…“, posted with vodpod

By Lawman2

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9 Responses to “Casey Anthony’s ex fiancé Jesse Grund”

  1. I am sure Casey Anthony was more into the party scene and thought of her child as more of a burden then a loved one. I am also sure that Casey Anthony’s parents said no when it came to watching the child knowing that casey felt that party time was more important then parenting time. In her mind, she had no other choice then to come up with a sure fire scheme so she invents, “Instant baby sitter.” She knocked her out and places the poor child in the trunk of her car for a few hours but after two or three times Caylee would wake up before Casey wanted her too. Casey would hear her whimpering so she had another brain storm. Casey decides to duck tape her mouth shut to keep her from alerting the public with her cries. Well, although Casey was smart she thought giving the baby more chloriform would knock her out longer. When she finds Caylee dead in her trunk she panics and loses it. She kept the child in her trunk until she had the right moment to despose of the body. She tosses the baby into a plastic bag and throws it in a swamp nearby. The water rises and no one looking in that part of town found anything, until the water subsides.

    This is pure speculation on my part, but I am usually right when it comes to senerio. Shame on you Casey. God bless you little Caylee.


  2. Hope that the real perpetrator/s of the crime be caught immediately. Too bad that it has to be the mother who got indicted. If she really did commit the crime, she has to pay for it.. She has to suffer the same suffering the victim had.. Rest in peace Caylee..


  3. Lawman2 said

    hey there bob!i am honored you came in and read my dribble! i am a fan of yours by the way.




  4. Lawman2 said

    and i tend to lean toward your senerio as well.


  5. Lawman2 said

    hey there news review thank you for stopping in!i feel for casey nothing…but disgust.she abused her child,and may have killed her as well.

    you have a pretty neat site yourself!



  6. northerngypsy said

    Has anyone else seen the very graphic photo that’s been circulating online recently showing how Casey possibly made some money? Snort! It’s very graphic, it’s been checked by Photoshop experts and it hasn’t been altered in any way. It’s not for the faint-of-heart or the prudish type . . . I think you can guess what it might be if you use your imagination. What I’m wondering is, where did that photo come from? Who leaked it? Is it a professional shot? Was she a paid escort? So many questions . . . not as many answers.


  7. tothewire said

    Afraid so northerngypsy…frustrating isn’t it?


  8. […] Casey Anthonys ex fiancé Jesse Grund […]


  9. Blogring for jesse+grund…

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