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THE GLOBAL ELITE 47: Oprah Winfrey

Posted by tothewire on December 23, 2008


There’s a bigger ‘O’ in the world now. But don’t worry, she’s got his ear, too.

oprah_backs_obamaYou can look at Oprah’s year in two ways. On the business side, she proved—at last—that she’s mortal. Her empire (the talk show, the magazine, etc.) has taken a hit in the pocketbook, though whose hasn’t? But she’s flexing her muscles in a much bigger arena: politics. Pundits are still debating what impact she had on Obama’s victory, but when she endorsed him in late 2007 Hillary was the front runner—and he won the Iowa caucuses. Whatever the Oprah effect, she was front and center in Chicago on election night and will be again for the Inauguration. She’s denied that Obama is giving her a job, but we know she already has his ear.


12 Responses to “THE GLOBAL ELITE 47: Oprah Winfrey”

  1. kathy (kayms91) said

    Oprah is scary…I used to ‘love’ and respect her… until I learned what she is really about… herself. She claims that she is a Christian but her actions and words go against true Christianity… she may or may not be aware of it but she is on the ‘other side’ and the scary part is the overwhelming influence and power that she has, and uses, to push her agendas.



  2. Lawman2 said

    i hate oprah!she is another socialist pushing more and more government on us!


  3. Rj said

    What is her agenda? I stopped watching Oprah in the 90s…not that I even enjoyed it then.


  4. dorian9 said

    don’t really know what her agenda is. haven’t followed her career but kay is probably right, she’s about herself. isn’t she one of the top 5 richest celebrities? anything she touches turns to $$. i’ve watched a couple of ellen degeneres’ show, i think she’s more entertaining.


  5. RJ said

    ellen is def. more entertaining. i want oprah to touch me.


  6. Lawman2 said

    oh god rj now i have you and oprah in my mind…lol
    tothewire loves oprah and ellen too.


  7. kathy (kayms91) said

    Oprah’s agenda, it seems to me anyway, is to continue to exalt herself and of course to make as much money as she possibly can. She didn’t seem to be this way in the beginning, she seemed much more sincere and selfless. I know she has a lot of ‘good’ agendas but now I think that they all revert back to glorifying her. My dissension of her began back when I was still watching her show and one day I finally had enough… by about the 20th commercial I just got thoroughly disgusted.. I was thinking… how much money does this woman need?? I think literaly in the 2nd half of the show every minute of show time is matched by a minute of advertising… it’s ridiculous and unbearable. When she’s doing a show about a serious subject, it really makes you wonder about her sincerity. And then I learn about her misguided anti Christian beliefs and her efforts to spread these beliefs. I think all of the power and admiration she has accumulated has gone to her head. It almost seems like she is trying to start her own religion and /or empire. Really the only place left for her to go to satisfy her growing ego is politics so it’s really no surprise that she has gotten involved.


  8. tothewire said

    I do love Oprah!!!!!!!!!! and Ellen is funny!!!!!!!!!


  9. Lawman2 said

    i hate oprah and ellen 2 THEY SUCK! and i agree with kay about oprah she is all about the money, but hey i can be that way too.i like the green 🙂 i just don’t like the fakey flakey way she comes across to me!
    OMG get the image of rj and oprah out of my fragile mind! rj how could you scar me like this?


  10. Lawman2 said

    scares the hell out of me that some people voted the obama ticket just because of oprah…


  11. kathy (kayms91) said

    I used to love Oprah… when I first heard Bill Keller call her a new age WITCH I gasped! It kind of felt like he was committing blasephemy! That right there is a bad sign! The more I think about it the more I see how these two people (Barack and Oprah) really do have a lot in common. Both of them could easily be seen as having a god complex because of their position, power and circumstances. Wow.. here I go again with my paranoia…but these two, united, could really be dangerous!

    I love Ellen… I think she definitely makes the top five of the funniest people of all time. Just like Oprah… she is very gifted.


  12. Rj said

    Lawman, are you thinking of me and Oprah because I said I wanted her to touch me? I said that because Dorian said anything she touches turns to money. Gosh! I don’t find her attractive or anything 😦

    And I, too, hate how the commercial interrupt serious topics. I think that’s why I stopped watching years ago, because I thought it was insincere.

    What are her “misguided anti-Christian beliefs”?


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