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Archive for December 30th, 2008

The Caveman’s Rumble

Posted by lawman2 on December 30, 2008

cmgirlYesterday I flew my wife in my Piper Seneca II, I am a really proud of this one, and wanted to really show her how great it was to be in it.  I decided to take her to Arkansas for a night out, everything went rather well and I think she had a wonderful time.  UNTIL… Read the rest of this entry »


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Why We Love Music

Posted by dorian on December 30, 2008

Human evolution

it’s certainly sexy. But is its sexiness the reason it exists? Charles Darwin thought so…

Biologists are addressing one of humanity’s strangest attributes, its all-singing, all-dancing culture

Dec 18th 2008
From The Economist print edition

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The Story of Power

Posted by centered2 on December 30, 2008

The study of power is not only diverting (which Homer and Shakespeare knew), but illuminating. A biography of an ancient human impulse.

jm0101power_dl-dynamiclead Read the rest of this entry »

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