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The Caveman’s Rumble

Posted by lawman2 on December 30, 2008

cmgirlYesterday I flew my wife in my Piper Seneca II, I am a really proud of this one, and wanted to really show her how great it was to be in it.  I decided to take her to Arkansas for a night out, everything went rather well and I think she had a wonderful time.  UNTIL…

rjo0144lMaybe I should start first by telling a story from our past.   On our first real date, I flew my beautiful wife to dinner at a really nice upscale restaurant  and then out to dance in NY City at a club I had never been to, but had heard from a buddy it was “the” spot to be at and would really impress any girl.  I thought for sure she would just fall head over heels in love with me!  Little did I know she didn’t like to fly in small planes and my being a pilot didn’t impress her at all.  She loved the restaurant and I thought maybe I was redeemed!  We headed for the club to dance and she loved it when we first arrived there.  She looked so sexy and beautiful out there on the floor and my heart was pounding with pure excitement and even lust.  From out of no where this guy came in between her and I, and he kinda took over dancing with her for a bit.  At first I thought, that’s cool, no big deal.  BUT when we headed off the floor to get some refreshment he grabbed at her.  I LOST IT.  Without much thought I punched him and he crumbled to the floor holding his nose.  I turned to check on my date, she looked horrified.  I just smiled and started towards her to apologise and see if cavemenfightshe was ok.  But before I was able to walk the few feet to her,  the guy was back on his feet and before I knew it we were in an all out and out brawl.  The police were called, I spent the night in jail and my lovely date came and bailed me out before 8:00 a.m.  When she arrived I asked her what took so long, and she just smiled and said “I got here and you out as soon as I could.”

The trip home was a pretty quiet one, and when we arrived back at the airport she said she had a lot to do that day and asked I take her home. When I tried to call her the next day she never returned my calls.  Finally, she did answer one of my calls the following week, and told me she really didn’t want to date someone who liked to fight.  I assured her I didn’t like to fight, but wasn’t about to back down if I had to fight.  It took her awhile to get over our first date, but eventually she did date me again…hehehe

Years later I found out the truth… She went and rented a hotel that night, and had a good nights sleep before she came to bail me out the next day.

Anyway, back to my original story…Yesterday afternoon I flew my wife to Arkansas hoping to impress her and show her a really fun day and night out!  We shopped that day, mainly just looking at all the different shops and walking around enjoying being together for the day. That evening we went to dinner, and then out to a classy bar to have a drink, and maybe a slow dance or two.  We were having a great night, I excused myself to use the men’s room…and when I came back there was some guy sitting there next to my wife and flirting with her big time.  I thought to myself, no big deal after all my wife really is a beautiful woman and most any man would be attracted to her.  So I joined them by introducing myself.  The guy was polite and we all chatted for a bit.  When it came time to leave the guy handed my wife a small piece of paper… now you need to understand my wife really doesn’t understand men, her being a liberal and all she thinks men actually think like women.  She doesn’t understand why men fuss over her, she really doesn’t know she is beautiful.  She opened up the paper, kinda looked surprised and politely gave it back to him.  I smiled to myself and pretended not to notice the whole paper thing.

As we started for the door I asked her what was on the paper, but before she could answer that rude son of a bitch walking past us said “It was my number, I was hoping to tap that fine piece of ass.”  he grabbed her ass as he went by. Without even thinking about it, I grabbed him and turned him around and hit him just about as hard as I could square in the nose.  He crumbled to the floor, but this guy wasn’t getting back up.  I’m pretty sure I broke his nose…

My wife went to him to make epa0390lsure he was even alive, and when he started to move around a bit, she gave him a good kick to the side, then turned to me  and said “Let’s get the hell out of here before the police come and throw your ass in jail.”  She grabbed my arm and dragged me to our rental car and off we went.   I was still in shock by her little kick to the side she gave the guy.  After 20 years of friendship and love with this woman, I witnessed her first act of violence…

Now you need to understand my wife hates violence of any kind.  AND I don’t really like it myself…but what the hell was I supposed to do?  Let him insult my wife, and me for free?  Someone needed to teach the guy some manners, and it was probably a long time coming for this jerk.  My wife is still upset at me 😦   When I asked her why she kicked him if she was so upset with me, she said “I didn’t want him to get back up and you two start at it.”   I am not so sure she is being totally honest about that…She tried to make me promise that I would never do anything like that again…BUT  I’m afraid I would most likely do it again if the same situation came into play.

My wife said ” With all your education, and your reputation at stake, I expected you to handle that situation more maturely now that you are older and WISER .”   WHAT THE HELL? Do women really expect any man, regardless of education, to really walk away in a situation like that?

Here is some wisdom for you to chew on…a man will kick another man’s ass when he HAS to.  My definition of when this caveman has to whip another man’s ass:

1) when another man puts his hands on my wife without her consent

2) when another man makes rude remarks to my wife, or about my momma

3) when another man makes a move on me

4) and last but not least when another man just plain and simple needs to learn some manners when it comes to treating women or children correctly.  IE attitude adjustments are needed from time to time.

dt_cavemenA blogging friend asked me today if I really think men and women are wired differently, and I say yes I do believe we are.  My wife would never dream of hitting anyone…I on the other hand think some men need a good ass whipping from time to time, to remind them how they need to act or not act.  Some men never learned that they need to treat women like ladies, and not like a piece of ass.  Men understand the position I was in and appreciate the act of teaching another man some manners…hehehe

My wife on the other hand didn’t talk to me the rest of the night, not even when we finally got settled into our hotel room.  AND I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES FOR A GREAT NIGHT.  She never said another word until we arrived safely home.  Then she only talked to me because I kept after her to do so.   She apologised to me for not talking and said sometimes she just needs to think things through before she talks about them.  I informed her sex requires no talking, although the caveman likes to whisper dirty things in his lover’s ear…hehehe

images21We did have a long talk today, and I will try and walk away from any bullies on the play ground…

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13 Responses to “The Caveman’s Rumble”

  1. Lawman2 said

    why thank you dorian!yep i think the guy had it coming.tothewire must have really thought so too,as she did give him that little kick hehehe


  2. tothewire said

    Lawman, it turned out to be a good read. BUT I still wish you hadn’t posted it as it isn’t anything I would be proud of doing. I am not proud of kicking the man, and yet YOU added it to your post.


  3. Lawman2 said

    you may not see it this way now, but you should be proud of me on this one baby.some men wouldn’t try and protect their wife,family, or nation.i have done all three AND I AM PROUD OF THAT


  4. kathy (kayms91) said

    Wow…Lawman, you have to be careful…and plus you have to think about setting the proper example for your future son (or daughter)… violence should always be a last resort. But at the same time, that’s not something you can just ignore, that’s for sure. I don’t know what would have been the best thing to do in that situation…


  5. […] The Caveman Rumble « A Different Kind of Blog […]


  6. Elaina said

    Good for you Lawman! Those 4 are about what I’ve told my own son when it’s okay to fight. It’s nice to know men like this do exist in the world.

    Tothewire, I get why you’re not real happy with the whole thing, but I kind of admire the fact you kicked him too.

    Sometimes some people don’t take the hint and have to be jackasses about it, and usually these types only respond to violence. Or mace. Or a swift kick to the ribs when they’re down.


  7. Lawman2 said

    hey there elaina!thanxs i really do feel strongly about this.i also feel more and more people are trying to raise their young men to walk away at all times,instead of teaching them to stand up to wrongs and be strong men.sometimes you have to fight for the right reasons it should be acceptable.unfortunately people are being taught not to think like that anymore.if you don’t teach your young men to stand up for things they believe to be right and just(justice can be thought of as distinct from and more fundamental than benevolence, charity, mercy, generosity or compassion),they will be spineless little dill weeds.


  8. Liberty Valance.


  9. P.S. I gave you guys an award.Come over and check it out……ug.


  10. obama the antichrist said

    That is so funny protect your wife even if she doesnt like how you do it (sorry ttw) you did the right thing 🙂


  11. Elaina said

    It’s a fine line Lawman. You can teach them to stand up and be a man, but you also have to teach them that they don’t have to put up with women’s crap either. And unfortunately some women are as big of jerks as the man you ran into.

    I don’t think picking what you choose to be right and fight over (even non-violently) or honor and integrity is purely a man’s domain. I also think the emasculation of men and boys in our culture has to stop. Been my experience there’s more having children as accessories then there is having a human being you have to shape to do some good in the world.

    LOL gah, this is one of my few soapboxes. Sorry!



  12. tothewire said

    Hey the gang is all here! Thank you everyone for your comments we do so love them!

    Thank you bettyslocombe for including our blog on your awards post!


  13. tothewire said

    OTA! Good to see you!


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