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Seen any good movies lately??

Posted by kayms99 on January 11, 2009

meet-the-parents1I love a good movie… well, actually, who doesn’t?  What, apparently, everyone doesn’t agree on is.. what constitutes a good movie?  Now there’s a good debate; what some consider to be a great movie others will put on their “worst movie”  list and  what some call ” the worst movie ever” others will claim is very well made.   That we all have varying interests plays a large role in whether a movie is “good” or not.   But, on the other hand, I have no interest in boxing and Rocky is up there on my favorites list.
   My definition of a good movie is one that holds your interest from start to finish.  A good movie lets you escape your troubles and worries for a couple of hours. The human mind has the amazing ability to actually “turn off” physical pain as well as emotional pain simply by being distracted.  That, no doubt, is what our best movie makers ( writers, directors, actors, and others) are aspiring to do…. distract our minds. To obtain and hold our interest.
   When the movie comes to an end and you’re thinking ” awe, it’s over?” that’s a good sign.  When the movie ends and you have tears in your eyes, that, too, is usually a good sign ( that is if you’re not crying because you just completely wasted two hours of your life and some considerable hard earned money as well).  A good indication of a well made movie is when, as people are filing out of the theater, you hear lots of chattering; everyone is talking about the movie. But much more often than not I’ve left movies where there is almost complete silence as everyone makes their way out of the movie theater… generally not a good sign.  I am remembering the time when I went to see “Meet the Parents” with a “friend”  and some of her other friends that I didn’t know that well.  As people were coming out of the same movie that we were about to go in and see, we heard a group of people talking about how much they liked the movie.. so much so that they decided, right then and there, to get back in line and see it again!  What I find interesting is that when I left that movie.. I thought it wasn’t that great.. at all.  But  I now think that movie is one of the best comedies of all time! I am definitely a Ben Stiller fan because of that movie.
      So back to the issue of one’s personal assessment of a movie, obviously, there are outside factors that will sometimes affect our opinions, factors that have nothing to do with the actual quality of the movie.   Being able to relax and enjoy the show is one good example.  Preconcieved notions and/or biased opinions that we may have before we see the movie is another.  When those people exitedly jumped back in line to PAY AGAIN to see the same movie AGAIN, it gave me really high expectations and I was subsequently let down.    I think even the professional critics should see a movie more than once to give a fair assessment.   I’m sure that is one of the reasons that  movies can get such a wide range of reviews.   My first assessment of Meet the Parents was way off.

 A friend of mine mentioned awhile back that he had never seen the movie A Fish called Wanda ( another one of my favorites – an excellent movie ) and had no desire to …the reason?.. because he didn’t like the title of the movie.  It was years before he finally decided to give the movie a try and it turned out that he liked it.. alot.   I had to admire and appreciate his ability to put aside his preconceived notions and biases of the movie and give it a fair chance.   But, afterall,  it probably wasn’t that hard for him to do… it is a GOOD movie….something that I have developed a deep appreciation for.  I’ve seen more than my share of bad movies which, unfortunately are all too common these days.  And I am soooo tired of them!!  I’m almost AFRAID to go and see a movie anymore… because sitting thru another bad movie is something I just don’t want to do again…ever.  And I would never go see a movie that I knew nothing about…  it’s a complete roll of the dice where the odds are definitely not in favor of  being able to ‘escape’ for a couple of hours.  The odds favor just the opposite… compounded pain and torture. 
              And here is one of the main reasons, in my opinion, why we have so many bad movies these days…. remember when you were little and you had a friend or sibling who would say or do something spontaneous and funny and it would get an unexpected laugh from others? And then they would immediately DO IT AGAIN thinking it would still be funny, again?  They just didn’t get it. And neither do most of the movie writers and producers out there making movies today.  No originality.. too many carbon copy duplications of what “worked” before.  And really these movie makers are not the ones to blame… because there are actually people who are still entertained by this unoriginal, been there, done that, seen it, heard it, stuff!  Unfortunately, it keeps on selling  and with no end in sight!   How sad and depressing  is that?  Come to think of it… I do remember there always being one or two kids who did laugh again when my friend did an immediate ‘carbon copy’ repeat to get another (cheap) laugh.    Yes, sad and depressing….I feel like escaping…. can anyone recommend a good movie?


2 Responses to “Seen any good movies lately??”

  1. kathy (kayms91) said

    Here are some of my favorites…

    In no particular order:
    Apollo 13
    The English Patient
    Meet the Parents
    A Fish called Wanda
    Leaving Las Vegas
    Green Card
    Dangerous Liasons
    The Graduate
    Gone with the Wind
    The Sound of Music
    The Godfather II


  2. Lawman2 said

    hey there kay!thank you for keeping everything up!great post!what ever happened to your idea about the advice thing on here?

    i don’t watch a lot of movies but i like The Godfather…all of them!hehehe i liked Meet The Parents as well.


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