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A real topic of discussion: Our Nations Most Major Crisis

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on January 13, 2009

A child is a wonderful thing. There is an innocent quality to children, just as long as they do not have to live in poverty, in fear, or under mental or physical abuse. (I should note that Religious Fanactisim(sp?) should be labled as abuse. Only because brainwashing is considered abuse as well.) But a growing number of children are being raised on one or more of these conditions. You may ask yourself who cares about kids in third world countries? I am going to tell you I am not talking about third world country kids. There are more homless families now then there was eight years ago. For many reasons not dealing with drugs or alchohol. I was once homeless, I had no drug or alchohol problem. I didn’t do drugs and I didn’t drink. But I was homeless. The exact details do not matter so I am not going to list them. But while I stayed at flop houses, shelters, and abandoned buildings. I made some friends, families, a sad fact is that most shelters do not admit you if you do not have some kind of drug or alchohol problem. Family shelters are even lower still. People are losing thier jobs, getting laid off and are having trouble finding work. Even day labor is scarce. The one thing I learned while I was homeless about our society is that no one cares. Everyone only cares about themselves no one really cares for other people. How many times have you seen a homeless person with a sign that said will work for food? How many times have you offered to feed him at your house or let him stay with you? Try to help that person get a job. The major thing that stops the homeless from getting jobs is lack of showers. These shelters do not care, to stay one night at the salvation army it costs 10 dollars. You get kicked out in the morning at 3:30 Am. 99% of all shelters have a charge that most of the homeless cannot pay every day. So what you are probably thinking right now what is the topic? I will tell you our nations Most Major Crisis. The lack of community. Not too long ago, if someone asked someone else for help a neighbor or friend for example, we helped. We saw a homeless person we took him to dinner and fed him and gave him some left overs. We used to talk to our nieghbors. Now we are lucky if we know our nieghbors first names. No one cares about the fellow man anymore. No one cares about anything but themselves and thier own. The things people care about is stuff that they can do nothing about. Let’s get into our SUV’s and go picket an Abortion Clinic. Meanwhile a family that has no where to go because the house insurance does not cover any “Act of God” is now waiting in line at a shelter they are unsure they will get into. And after your tiring day of holding a picket sign you look down at the homeless family and laugh. These are things that happen every day. I see hypocracy every where, I see the sad state America is in right now. The worst thing is no one cares, the caring in this nation is gone. So called Christians do not invite the downtrodden and desperate into thier homes. They do not try to help them. Some churches do but most do not. Homeless shelters are becoming more like homes than they need to be. I know times are hard, that is why we must stick together. But do we? No we do not. I see demonstrations on different things, on the news everywhere I look. Stop immigration, Stop Abortion, Stop this, Stop that. I see infomercials about a christian children’s fund trying to make you feel guilty and pay money to children in Africa. When children in our country are going hungry, without medical care, without education. It is fine for us to care about African children but not our own? I remember what it was like to share a delapedated garage with a family because of reasons out of my control. I saw the desperation, the mother and father cleaning thier kids up with someone else’s hose. Sending them to school then going to day labor hoping there is work so they can eat and maybe get a bed and a shower later. I saw the way people looked at them because they carried everything they owned on thier back. Yet Angelina Jolee is a saint. She helps children in “less fortunate countries” but not here. We need to fix our system our problems before we try to save the world. Many people are unaware of what is going on in this nation. Most people do not care just as long as it does not effect them. This is our Nations Most Major Crisis, not homelessness, but the lack of community values in this nation. The lack of caring about other citizens. This Crisis must be addressed, it must be fixed. The government cannot fix this Crisis. But we the citizens can.


32 Responses to “A real topic of discussion: Our Nations Most Major Crisis”

  1. dorian9 said

    if we can all help one person at a time at any moment it would be a big help. people will tend to shrug and say “i don’t have much to give” or “there are so many that need help” and get stymied into inaction. there are different reasons why people become homeless, unfortunately others are quick to judge and think it’s drugs or alcohol. so the government agencies are quicker to help those addicted to drugs or alcohol?wow. what message is that giving. it’s these day by day problems that people have in this country that are immediate, like jobs. more people are losing their jobs..don’t want fall into a negative rant so i’ll stop here. what you just posted should be a reality check for anyone who reads it. thanks for sharing.


  2. Enkill_Eridos said

    I am kind of tired of the abortion tirade. There are other things we can discuss and try to promote. Like the betterment of the American People. And So forth.


  3. obama the antichrist said

    Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????? are you blaming christians for this….really?????????? What about the muslims or the catholics or the jewish?????? why did you put the christians????


  4. Lawman2 said

    hey there ota i catholics are just another branch of christian churches…like baptist etc.

    good post e_e a lot of food for thought there.


  5. Lawman2 said

    thought provoking i think more so now than it would have been even a year ago.


  6. obama the antichrist said

    well sorta but not really christians came from catholics but they are not really the same…


  7. obama the antichrist said

    wow i am redundant some times :S


  8. tothewire said

    I am so glad you are back E_E I have missed you!

    I don’t blame the church or Christianity for this, We The People need to get up and stand up (I stole that from Lawman, but it does fit nicely here).

    OTA I would like to see a post from you on our site.


  9. dorian9 said

    ota – i think the “so-called christians” e.e might be referring to generally, are those that supposedly live and espouse the “good christian values” and teachings of Jesus – that would include catholics, of course – and yet do not know about the commandment “love thy neighbor”. there are those muslims and jews also, going to their mosques and synagogues religiously yet not lift a finger to help a stranger in need..he was relating a personal experience and probably the particular group of religious folk involved happened to be christian..i doubt very much he’s blaming one group for anything.


  10. tothewire said

    Catholics are Christians OTA! I am a Catholic. Just like you might be a Baptist, Methodist, or a Church of Christ, etc.


  11. I am not blaming christians but the majority of the country follows the christian faith which teaches love thy neighbor. Jesus said it is the most important commandment of them all. This is where this came from. But really EVERYONE is responsible for this. I just used the christian faith as an example but I am not blaming or bashing christians just critizing the hypocracy within the religion. There are church based homless shelters but they require you to have a drug or alchohol problem or pay most of your day labor paycheck not leaving enough so if you do not go out on that day you can sleep in a bed the next night. But really, seriously how many downtrodden people do you invite to your home to take a shower wash clothes and share a meal with? I come from a small town, everyone knows everyone. If someone is down on thier luck we help in whatever way we can. But in the bigger cities and areas these people are ignored and most of the time not treated like people.


  12. LDS is a Christian Church. They believe that Jesus died for their sins and etc. etc. The only difference is the Book of Moroni but who is to say that it is not a viable book in the bible. (Waiting for the lashing Kathy is going to give for this comment.)


  13. obama the antichrist said

    (hope this makes sense. its our first real snow and i hate snow/winter/cold and i was hoping for a lite snow winter so i am a bit frazzled sorry)
    See i dont invite ppl into my home because i honestly dont have a home….i am reside in a dorm so i really cant invite strangers to stay with me 🙂 but i see your point however my fam is in suburbia and i cant see them letting ppl in their home that they dont know. they are all for volunteering. but yes there are the ones that say they are Godly men/women and point fun at homeless ppl yes that is tru.
    I am kinda offended that christianity is the first religion to be called out….there are other religions. I dont like how ppl parade around as christians either! anyway….

    TTW that would be my fault…i interchange christian and protestant (yes catholics are christians sorry)

    Lawman i would be happy to do a post but what do i need to do?????

    as i mentioned before i hate snow and it is kinda like a blizzard outside and i want it to STOP!!!!


  14. I mean no offense by the labeling christians first it is just easier to list the Majority rather than the minority. But all of those religions do the same thing. But not too long ago when I was a kid everyone knew their nieghbors. The guy or girl next door would come over to see how the family was doing sit around after work and what not. Now I would be lucky if my next door nieghbor just came by to say Hi and just come inside talk and have a beer without wanting something. Block parties as well, the whole nieghborhood cooking and just chilling letting little bobby sue and joe play with the other children in each others yards. Not having to worry about thier children because the whole nieghborhood watched after each other.


  15. Anonymous said

    ota – to be able post you’d have to open a wordpress account at http://wordpress.com/

    then shoot us an email @ TOTHWIRES@YAHOO.COM giving us your wordpress username. one of us will make you an author and you can take it from there! any snags, one of us can help.. i think that’s about it, right guys and gals?
    looking forward to a post from you, ota!


  16. dorian9 said

    oh. that was me dorian being anonymous again. dodohead forgets to sign in sometimes.


  17. obama the antichrist said

    okey doke hold on uno momento….i gots some time….even though american idol has just started


  18. obama the antichrist said



  19. tothewire said

    Can you log in now OTA? I sent you an invite, did you get it?


  20. kathy (kayms91) said

    EE… I think this is a great article, your personal insight is greatly appreciated by everyone, I’m sure. This issue is one of the most important problems in our country right now… among others including abortion… I care about many different issues but homelessness, I agree, is very worrisome right now. Christians do help… by tithing in their church. It’s the people of no religious faith who generally do not contribute to help the community. If everyone pitched in we would have a lot less of these kinds of problems.

    I do want to correct you on well, a couple of things that I feel are important… Jesus said the most important commandment is to love God with all of your heart and soul and the 2nd is to love your neighbor as you do yourself. That is one of the reasons why the abortion issue is important… to support abortion is to go against God…that does not equate to loving Him with all your heart and soul.

    The other is, yes, the Mormon statement… Mormons are not true Christians… they buy Joseph Smith’s teaching that Jesus’ death on the cross is not enough to save a person… that good works are also required to be saved. That is blaspheme. That is the ultimate way to fight against God… to convince people that His death on the cross is not the saving grace that it is.


  21. Lawman2 said

    no kay i feel i should correct you here.most atheist and non religious people still give to charity’s and even to religious organizations to help fund some kind of charity through them.

    you shouldn’t be so smug to think non christians or people who are non religious aren’t charitable!i would even go as far as to bet i have given more than most so called christians of not only my time but my wallet to help people in need.

    one needs to ask ones self daily “what can i do to make a difference?” after all we only get this one life, one chance to be the best we can be, one chance to be as happy as we can be.


  22. Lawman2 said



  23. kathy (kayms91) said

    Lawman.. I know there are non spiritual people who do help ( a lot) but I’d be willing to bet that for the most part, they don’t give as much as spiritual people… really what I meant to say, from my own experience, it’s the self absorbed people who do nothing but take from the community etc. at every opportunity.


  24. Lawman2 said

    but kay haven’t you noticed most of those people attend church?maybe it is all for show,but they do like to advertise their church affiliations.i work with a lot of people who smugly invite me to church,while messing around with their secretary on the side.why would i want to attend church or be affiliated with people like that?i have more morals than most of them!actually,if you spend any time with atheist,you’ll find most of them to be intellectuals with big hearts (might not feel comfortable enough to share that information) and high morals.


  25. Lawman2 said

    it’s the people who go around putting on a different face for everyone they meet,that aren’t charitable.they are the ones with small hearts,and greedy hands.


  26. Lawman2 said

    how many politicians do you know who don’t attend church somewhere?


  27. Lawman2 said

    well,if i don’t get in bed i might as well shower,shave,and get in a monkey suit!caveman needs some shut eye.good night my little conservative christian friend!


  28. kathy (kayms91) said

    Sorry Lawman.. I stepped away… yes, you are so right.. that’s ANOTHER one of my gripes… people who go to church for the wrong reasons… the “phony Christian” there are a lot of those…


  29. tothewire said

    WOW I have been so busy lately I hadn’t realized Kay and Lawman getting so cozy! LOL I think that is wonderful!

    I see both sides here.


  30. tothewire said

    He kinda grows on you, doesn’t he Kay? lol


  31. tothewire said

    Hey have any of you found some great post from other sites for us to post our bloggers helping bloggers post?


  32. RJ said

    Post request:

    E_E…you think you can dedicate a special post to this:

    (I should note that Religious Fanactisim(sp?) should be labled as abuse. Only because brainwashing is considered abuse as well.)


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