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Argument Against Idiots

Posted by obama the antichrist on January 15, 2009


Glenn Beck is my media man of choice. If you dont know who he is, then you  are seriously missing out! He is a conservative radio talk show host, who also had a show on CNN. He was unfortunately kicked off that network. But do not fret! He was offered a job at FOX News and he accepted. His show will premiere Jan 19, and be on weekdays at 5pm!

Now to my real post. On Glenn’s show he has a segment called “Argument Against Idiots”. My personal favorite is the “Spreading The Wealth” and i will post it here for your enjoyment 🙂

cartoon20The issue:

‘Spreading The Wealth’

What the liberal whiners say:

‘I don’t know why you, and Faux News are so upset over Barack Obama telling that plumber that he wants to “spread the wealth around”, and help out those not doing well in this country.’

‘All I know is that I’d rather get some of that money instead of Big Oil getting all the COPORATE WELFARE they get!’

‘All I know is that it’s finally time that the middle class gets a break in this country…the middle class is disappearing!’

Your winning, logical, reasoned arguments

1. Well, I can only speak for myself, but “spreading the wealth” as Obama put it, with the GOVERNMENT in charge of the spreading, is Marxism. I’m opposed to Marxsm in America.

2. We’re back to big oil again? Let me tell you about their “corporate welfare”. Last year big oil did pretty well, right? Well so did the U.S. Government, thanks to the taxes they paid. Exxon-Mobile paid $27 BILLION in taxes last year. That’s as much tax from ONE COMPANY, as the bottom 50% of tax payers…one company paid in taxes, the same as 65 million people. And by the way, their adjusted gross income tax rate was 3%…Exxon’s was 41%.

3. Have you ever heard of working harder? Getting more education so that you can get a higher paying job? And yes, it’s true that about 10 or 11% of the middle class HAS disappeared from the middle class…BUT…that same 11% has reappeared in the upper-class.

(this argument is taken from http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/16809/“)

This is a little dated, I know, but the issue is still relevant.

If you are interested with anymore of these or if you just want a good laugh, you can go to this website…



55 Responses to “Argument Against Idiots”

  1. Lawman2 said

    great post man!i enjoyed the read.i most likely won’t tune into listen to glenn just because i already feel a bit bombbarded with religion,keeping my promise to my wife and attending mass every sunday is enough for me.still haven’t learned all the standing, kneeling, or how to use the play by play book yet…but unfortunately the novelty of listening to a man dressed as penguin is wearing off already.lolcan’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable with a man in a dress…lol


  2. Lawman2 said

    looking forward to reading all the shit this post will stir up, we are surrounded by liberals here! hehehe


  3. Lawman2 said

    looking forward to more post from you ota!

    hey alright if i add you on list of authors at top of home page?and on page about us?

    i have a great pic to go along with this post…if you want i will add it…?just let me know gotta run again lunch is over for me.


  4. centered2 said

    It is a good read. Here is some information you might not know, but maybe you do:

    Focus’ political arm, Focus Action, recently removed an article from its Web site about conservative talk show host Glenn Beck – a Mormon – because it offended some of its evangelical followers.

    Focus spokesman Gary Schneeberger said Monday that the story was put online through an “oversight.”

    “We did not aim to signal theological compromise, which some of our base were concerned about,” Schneeberger said. “In no case do we intend to alter our clear distinction as unwaveringly grounded in evangelical theology.”

    The controversy started Dec. 19 when Focus Action’s Web site, http://www.citizenlink.org, posted a freelance article by Karla Dial on Beck and his new book, “The Christian Sweater.” Beck hopes the book will “spread a more eternal sort of gospel,” Dial wrote.

    Some readers felt the article was proselytizing ideas of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


  5. Lawman2 said

    now centered,are you against the mormans?now that makes a pretty long list of different faiths you oppose doesn’t it?actually, are there any other faiths other than your own catholic ones that you are not opposed?let’s see,i know i am on that long list of the enemy force you carry around,but who else is on there?


  6. dorian9 said

    why was glenn beck kicked out of cnn i wonder..anyway, not surprised he got a job at Faux News, he should be right at home with bill o’reilly don’t you think? or maybe they’ll duke it out..


  7. Lawman2 said

    i want to add that damn picture so bad i can’t hardly stand it! hehehe


  8. centered2 said

    Any enemy of God is an enemy of mine Lawman. Even though we are to love the sinner but hate the sin, it doesn’t mean we are to marry them. Nor does it mean that we are to just keep our mouth shut and not fight for our beliefs.

    You and I will always remain friends Joe, but at the same time enemies. You are part of my earthly family, and it saddens me that you are not part of my spiritual one as well.


  9. Lawman2 said

    it saddens me that we live in a country that is slowly but inexorably being taken over by religious believers; worse, since religions by definition are totalitarian in nature, we all will lose precious freedoms that many died to protect!

    it saddens me that you jumped on glenn being a morman but missed the whole truth in this post!


  10. Lawman2 said

    and what saddens me the most is knowing you hold over my wife’s head that she married me,an enemy of your god.i am no enemy of your god,no more than i am an ememy of santa claus!i don’t care that you believe if you screw up your damned for hell!i do care that your goal is to brainwash my future children into believing that…i was hoping to brain wash them into believing if they dis obey me they might be damned for hell…hehehe


  11. centered2 said

    Not funny Joe.


  12. centered2 said

    I am as you know a republican, so yes of course I agree with this post.

    I agree with the message, just not the messenger.


  13. Lawman2 said

    well that is a relief that you are able to do that,because hasn’t your god used a jack ass to be his messenger before? hehehe


  14. Lawman2 said

    ota man i have a great picture for this article!you will like it!


  15. Lawman2 said

    no women priest allowed,but jackass’ are believable…lol


  16. Lawman2 said

    okay, okay i am already ready for more post from more of our authors!

    and even you centered?


  17. tothewire said

    This is a well put together post OTA! Thank you for posting it! Unlike my brother, and dashing husband I disagree with most of it… I am not a fan of Glenn Beck but not because he is a Morman.

    CNN last year traded away its good name in exchange for debuting Beck’s factually challenged and hateful brand of broadcasting, at least CNN execs were getting a ratings boost out of the Faustian bargain. Today, Beck’s still making a mockery out of CNN’s reputation on a daily basis, as he disparages liberals, gays, Democrats, blacks, immigrants, and Muslims at will. But in return, CNN’s now stuck with a Beck program that’s trapped in neutral and shows signs of sliding into reverse


  18. tothewire said

    Fox can have him…lol


  19. Lawman2 said

    hmmm now maybe i will just have to tune into becks program…hehehe


  20. centered2 said

    I will give Beck this: The more of an honset outcry from Beck, the more the liberal media cringed. He couldn’t be “fired” so he was shuffled to a lesser rated station.

    Someone preaching God and Country was muted again


  21. dorian9 said

    disparaging/mocking any group of people as passionately as beck does is not an enjoyable thing to listen to so i don’t mind the muting. give him room, o’reilly!


  22. tothewire said

    Oh Dorian! Wouldn’t it be funny if they (Beck and O’Reilly) did duke it out? They could start preaching their hate messages against each other!lol

    Now for that I might be tempted to un-mute the set for…lol

    Maybe I need a big bowl of your world peace ice cream…


  23. obama the antichrist said

    Lawman that would be fine if you add me and add a pic no prob whatsoever 🙂

    anyway i dont like FoX being called FAUX. it is conservative but that is one outta alot of media on TV. Glenn is so passionate its funny he makes me laugh so much! And especially love when he calls ppl who work at a convenience stores and asks them a series of questions that are basic (ie who was ben franklin) and they cant answer it and then the last question is who did you vote for the most popular answer is OBAMA ahahahahahahaha


  24. Lawman2 said

    i like the sound of this glenn guy more and more! 🙂


  25. Lawman2 said

    what do you think ota?


  26. tothewire said

    I have to admit the pics do grab your attention…lol


  27. kathy (kayms91) said

    I have heard of him but never really paid attention to him.. he does sound interesting from my conservative viewpoint… BUT he definitely lost major points with me when I found out he is Mormon… he’s definitely got the controversial pot brewing with this interesting mix… no doubt he was proselytizing…Mormons are taught to “recruit”.. it helps them aquire their ‘god’ status and their own planet in the afterlife…


  28. Lawman2 said

    anyone notice how the blog stats on this post doubled once a pic was in it and it was made to click here to read more?

    it makes a difference


  29. Lawman2 said

    we will hit 100,000 hits in less than 5 days from now…hehehe


  30. Lawman2 said

    so whatever your message is…it is being read!


  31. dorian9 said

    i’ve known a couple of good mormon-lds folks and not all of them proselytize.
    visuals always give a post character and appeal, i like ’em…oh i would tune in to beck and o’reilly dukin’ it out, those two have heavy anger issues.i don’t know who i’ll bet on to win. maybe o’reilly. anybody been on snl lately? that’s our blogs’s alma mater. we left a few interesting characters there, the apeboy comes to mind. he was entertaining at times. lawman spanked him a few times i admit i liked it when he did. that one seriously went above board. a bowl of ice cream sounds good. fight cold with cold, as my mom would say when she wd eat ice cream in the cold winter!


  32. tothewire said

    Lawman goes there from time to time to post our site…

    You know apeboy asked to be an author on our site? I couldn’t stomach him!


  33. tothewire said

    We should all make a date to go to one of the snl video post and start in! LOL


  34. dorian9 said

    yeah, i bet they’ll do a skit on the inauguration. if they do let’s jump on in.
    i remember apeboy was being gentlemanly and was waiting for your invite but no one really was excited about it so that didn’t happen..i hope that one isn’t as bad as he portrayed himself to be. he spewed some incredible stuff.
    i’ll peek in on snl soon…


  35. obama the antichrist said

    TTW I LOVE THE IDEA!!!!!!!!!!

    Why does it matter what religion someone practices? IF someone presents valid points then they are valid points! I cant believe that ppl would discredit or not listen to a man who brings up points that are accurate!

    LAWMAN THANK YOU FOR THE PICS!!!!!!!! for the life of me, i couldnt figure out how to put pics on 🙂


  36. obama the antichrist said

    what i meant to say was…

    “Why does it matter what religion someone practices? IF someone presents valid points then they are valid points! I cant believe that ppl would discredit or not listen to a man who brings up points that are accurate because of religion”


  37. obama the antichrist said

    wow third post in a row um lawman i give you permission to add pics if you want cuz i like those pics they make me laugh. Even if i do manage to find out how to put on pics i would still like to see some of your pics that you want to put on! and thanks for the boldings it enhances the post it looks better than what i did with it! thanks agian :)(wow that was alot of thanking i guess i am just a thankful person ahahahahaha)


  38. obama the antichrist said

    and the forth ahahahahaha i meant to give you permission to add pics on all my posts


  39. obama the antichrist said

    lawman you are logged in as ttw you know that right 🙂


  40. obama the antichrist said

    WAIT who is your brother TTW???????????


  41. tothewire said

    I hate it when you guys do that! Delete it please and then you can repost it!


  42. tothewire said

    Yes, Centered is my brother! He is a good guy! JUST VERY VERY CONSERVATIVE

    He only post when he is over and lawman goads him into it, but I enjoy his post.


  43. Lawman2 said

    sorry about that tothewire.i was scheduling post to post and i have to do that logged in as you.i copied it now i will re-paste it:

    hey man i was happy to do it!

    if ya want to load a pic here is how:

    google the pic you want, right click on pic, click save as, and where you want it saved.

    then in the post edit field you will see some signs next to the Upload/Insert the first one is a square inside a square that is upload pic click on it and follow the instructions….

    centered is a hard core catholic all he listens to is a priest,bishop,or the pope…hehehe


  44. Lawman2 said

    better now?


  45. obama the antichrist said

    i think it may be 🙂


  46. kathy (kayms91) said

    i’ve known a couple of good mormon-lds folks and not all of them proselytize.

    I don’t mean to convey the belief that Mormons are ‘bad’… I know / am sure that most are good people ( to the extent that people can be good) who unfortunately believe in Joseph Smith and his lies. It just amazes me that people can actually believe that they will eventually become a god themselves, equal to God and rule their own planet. Where’s the reverence for God in beliefs like that? Where’s the humility? You would just think that their “red flags” would go up. And that is one of many examples.

    OTA… I didn’t say that Glen Beck doesn’t have valid points… I’m sure he has lots of valid / good conservative points… I just can’t get behind a person who follows Joseph Smith’s teachings…. I could never be a ‘fan’. Very possibly, I am wrong… showing prejudice.. I guess the part about him proselytizing is what is really bothering me… if it weren’t for that I would be more accepting of him probably.

    And incase anyone is wondering… there is a difference between (true) Christian proselytizing and Mormon proselytizing. I’m not being a hypocrite.


  47. Caveman, not all religions are totalitarian by nature. Some are the complete oposite. I will not judge other people by thier beliefs that was a vow I took on my own infront of the mirror when I turned my back on the Christian Church. How can you say someone’s beliefs are wrong because they conflict with yours? Kay it is fine you are not going to your hell because there are Mormon’s in the world. Mormons are just as brainwashed as the rest of Christianity. ANd here is one good reason biblically why it is plausible for a man to become godlike. It is because we have the divine spark or the breath of life as it is told in the Genesis fable. When God found out Adam and Eve ate the apple he said “Now they are like us.” God never said there were not other gods. He said he was the only God to be worshipped. All of this is paraphrased or in one case exactly phrased by Christian Myth.


  48. Oh and OTA Spreading the wealth is only Marxism if it actually goes to individual citizens. What he is talking about dispursion of funds to different government programs that are for the people.


  49. Lawman2 said

    @ e you said “Caveman, not all religions are totalitarian by nature.”

    really which one’s are that pray tell?christianity and mulslims are the worst by far,but i don’t know of any religion that doesn’t have a “mission” to recruit and/or save non believers…unless you have a new religion “let em’ all burn” hehehe


  50. kathy (kayms91) said

    EE.. the reason I’m not going to hell has nothing to do with Mormons. And of course I disagree with the idea that true Christianity uses ‘brainwashing’… true Christianity is based on facts… and you can either take them or leave them… it’s that simple… all of the other stuff is the result of man’s free will and not the fault of TRUE Christianity – which is having Jesus in your heart.

    There are a couple of saying in the Bible that can be interpreted to support Smith’s ideology… IF you WANT to interpret it that way. This goes back to my point that the Bible can be interpreted pretty much however a person wants to interpret it… it ultimately, clearly comes down to what is in your heart… if you have let Jesus come into your heart you can’t go wrong.


  51. Dimitri said

    no religions are totalitarian in nature, arguing that is both ignorant and idiotic. And by the way, throwing marxism and socialism into the picture is a cheap way of inciting the mob. The minute people hear those words they revert into 1970s cold war mode… DAM THE REDS. i meen seriously wtf
    its the 21st century, and pure capitalism HAAAAAAAAAAS worked. What fucked up america was the lack of federal agencies doing their job and congress not overseeing anything


  52. obama the antichrist said

    its wasnt the agencies dimitri…if i had a brain at this moment i would know what i was talking bout someone help me out! I cant think of what i am trying to say ahahahahaha


  53. Lawman2 said

    hey there dimitri!welcome to our little family squabble!
    i quote you “no religions are totalitarian in nature, arguing that is both ignorant and idiotic.”

    lol what world are you living in?muslims wanting to kill anyone who aren’t muslim.christians declaring war on gays with t shirts stating”god hates fags”look across the waters people are still being killed for being catholic or protestant hell the catholics and protestants…they are killing each other!

    anyone who would say religions aren’t totalitarian are ignorant and idiotic!

    i quote you “And by the way, throwing marxism and socialism into the picture is a cheap way of inciting the mob.” lol you call for more government control?and you question this part of the post?roflmao!!!


  54. Lawman2 said

    it’s time for more of we the people,and less of big brother speaking on our behalf.


  55. RJ said

    Ahhh Big Brother….that’s exactly what was going through my mind…


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