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Caveman and a Squirrel Tale

Posted by lawman2 on January 15, 2009


My wife’s mother passed away recently, and she has been pretty depressed.  She hasn’t really said so, nor has she been moping around, but I can tell she has been  holding it all in.  I have been trying everything I could think of to make her smile, but the smiles have been very short lived.  My wife is such a quiet person sometimes even on a regular day it makes me jump through hoops trying to get her into a ‘talking mood’.   Well, today my wife got up from the breakfast table and said “Honey I am not going into work today, I have already called and had my appointments moved.  I am going to spend the day just working on getting my heart and head around the last week.”   I sat there for a minute trying to get my head around the fact she was taking a day off, hell I haven’t known her to just take a day off in all the years I have known her.  I just took another swig of my coffee and tried to hide my shock with a casual “I think that is a great idea honey, do you need me to stay with you today?”   Her reply came too quick for me “No, I need a day to myself.” 

After rinsing my dishes and placing them into the dish washer, I gave her a hug and kissed the back of her neck “OK, you take the day, but make time for your caveman tonight.”  She just smiled and turned herself to face me “My nights are always saved for you.”

Now normally that would have eased my bruised ego, but today I left feeling a bit left out.  Since her mother passed away last week, my wife has spent all of her free time with her family.  I know it sounds selfish, hell it is selfish but this ol’ caveman doesn’t like to be away from his beautiful wife.  You see there are 3 things that keep this man sane: 1. Bud lite  2. flying a plane  3. my pretty little red headed wife.

At noon I decided I would stop by the house and check in on her…

I walked in the door and there she was smiling and ran to me, like she hadn’t seen me in years!  She started in telling me about taking a walk and some squirrel popping up out of no where.  I was pleased to hear her talking and smiling up at me, but pretty confused about why a squirrel could make her so happy. I’ve been trying now for over a week to no avail!   Yep, I’ll admit I was jealous of the damn wild squirrel!

My frustration must have been showing through pretty clear to my wife because she stopped suddenly and looked away ashamed. “I’m sorry, I bet I sound pretty silly to you right now, don’t I?”  I grabbed her gently by the arm, and tried my best ‘tender’ voice “No, you don’t sound silly baby, you sound happy.  If that damn squirrel made you so happy, I bet I can buy one for you somewhere.hell I’d go round up 100 squirrels a day if I could get that same effect everyday from you! ”  She smiled and shook her head, “I don’t want you to buy or bring me home a squirrel Joe!  BUT I want to share with you a memory I have about a crazy squirrel, my mom, and my brother.”

Here is the memory she shared with me :

images6My wife lost a brother a couple of years ago in Iraq.  When they were kids they were very close.  One day her brother found a squirrel in the back yard.  He ran in and told everyone “Hey there is a baby squirrel in the back yard come look!”  The whole family followed him out to see the squirrel.  Their dad told everyone to leave the thing alone and not to even touch it.  Then he sent everyone back inside the house.  Her brother just couldn’t leave the damn thing out there to die, he snuckit into his room and kept it there until the next day their mom found it while he was in school.  She went to the feed store and bought him some kind of sweet feed, and then to the vet and bought milk that you would feed a kitten and even a little bottle!  Her mother and brother kept that squirrel a secret from the rest of the family for fear their dad might kill it, or make them put it back outside to die.  When the squirrel was finally found out, it was already a big pet.  I guess that crazy squirrel made a pretty good pet for her brother, and a link that was never broken with his mother.  Her mom and brother doted on the squirrel and even named it ‘Nutty’.  That damn squirrel according to my wife had wickedly long teeth, and everyone was kind of scared of it, except her brother.  If you pissed Nutty off, he would bare his big teeth and growl at you!  The damn thing got it’s way by intimidating everyone! Little guy with big nuts! hehehe

  Anyway, I guess they kept that squirrel until it died. 

My wife said while she was walking today, she had been thinking about somethings a friend had recently shared with her about losing loved ones.  As she walked a long she began to think about how unfair it was for people to lose loved ones, unfair that her brother was killed, unfair  for her mother to pass away while still fairly young… then from out of nowhere this damn squirrel popped infront of where she was walking.  She said it stood up and looked right at her before running off to climb a tree and peak back down at  her from there. 

My wife is a Christian, and she told me that it was like God sent her that squirrel to remind her how her brother and mother had loved, and taken such good care of that crazy squirrel years ago.  AND to remind her how much more he loved her mom and brother and was taking care of them now.

I am not a religious man, actually most of our readers know I am an atheist.  BUT my wife’s memory and account of her in-counter with the wild squirrel did touch this old caveman’s heart.  All day she seemed so happy, when she is happy, I am happy. 

Also got me to thinking… do they even sell squirrels?  hehehe

You can read more caveman’s perspectives from lawman Just A Caveman


9 Responses to “Caveman and a Squirrel Tale”

  1. Lawman2 said

    damn i am no good when i am tired.maybe i will fix it all in the morning.

    @ tothewire i hope this puts a smile on your pretty face


  2. kathy (kayms91) said

    I enjoyed that story.. thanks for sharing it…


  3. SewDucky said

    I think your wife will like it just the way it is, Joe. I’s leave it alone, it means more when it comes from the heart as this obviously did.


  4. tothewire said

    I love it Joe. Thank you. Yes, I agree with Elaina please leave it as is.


  5. dorian9 said

    sometimes when in a state of deep sadness or longing, God and nature help snap you out of it by means of simple reminders of life. after i lost my mother and i was in that state one day a hummingbird out of nowhere came and with its little wings making that humming sound, he stayed about two inches away from my face and we were eye to eye for some 5 seconds. i realized how unusual that was only after he flew away in a second.my mother and i both loved hummingbirds. i think of nature as divine manifestations and believe that the little hummingbird, like ttw’s little squirrel, was God’s way of consoling us. it worked perfectly well, didn’t it? this is sweet, big guy..


  6. obama the antichrist said

    Great story! It was from the heart and it was a pleasure to read 🙂


  7. Lawman2 said

    @dorian hey now i know who the friend was that she was thinking about on that walk…

    hey there ota nice read you posted!enjoyed it!looking forward to the responses it gets…hehehe


  8. Lawman2 said

    hey there elaina!did you see my tribute to your making a boot stocking intructions? hehehe


  9. SewDucky said

    I did and LOLed over here. Hope you have fun with it.


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