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Mystery Surrounds Removal of Young ‘Adolf Hitler’ and Nazi-Named Sisters

Posted by tothewire on January 17, 2009

Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, poses in Easton, Pa., with his mother Deborah Campbell.

Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, poses in Easton, Pa., with his mother Deborah Campbell.

Exactly why the state of New Jersey removed 3-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell and his two younger sisters from their parents’ home last week remains a mystery.

A state official was adamant Friday that a child would never be removed from his parents based solely on his name. But a First Amendment expert said that the boy’s name might have had something to do with it.

Young Adolf Hitler was removed one week ago — along with his sisters JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 23 months, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, 9 months — by the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services. A family court hearing for the children’s parents, Heath and Deborah Campbell, was postponed Thursday.

Although privacy laws prevent authorities from discussing specifics of the case, DYFS spokeswoman Kate Bernyk reiterated Friday that the agency “would never remove a child simply based on that child’s name.”

But a name like Adolf Hitler could have contributed to their removal, said Rod Smolla, dean of the Washington and Lee Law School.

“I doubt that the name alone would be enough to trump the First Amendment interests that the parents have, but if it were coupled with other things, it could be a factor that tells us that society has a legitimate reason to intervene with regard to the children,” Smolla said.

Bernyk, speaking generally, told FOXNews.com Friday that the agency removes children from their parents only when “there’s an imminent danger to the child’s safety or well-being.”

A tattoo on the hand of Heath Campbell is shown.

A tattoo on the hand of Heath Campbell is shown.

The children were taken on Jan. 9 without incident from the family’s home, Sgt. John Harris of the Holland Township Police Department told FOXNews.com on Wednesday.

“I’ve dealt with the family for years and as far as the children are concerned, I have never had any reports of any abuse with the children,” Harris said. Speaking of the children’s father, he said, “As far as I know, he’s always been very good with the children.”

He said the DYFS did not tell police why the children were taken from their parents.

Heath Campbell, left, with his wife Deborah and son Adolf Hitler, 3, pose in Easton, Pa.

Heath Campbell, left, with his wife Deborah and son Adolf Hitler, 3, pose in Easton, Pa.

“They’re very confidential when it comes to their dealings because people make accusations and they have to follow up on them and, God forbid, an accusation’s not true,” Harris said Wednesday. “You don’t need to parade people through the media and stuff.”

The police department referred all inquiries about the case to the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office, which did not return phone calls Friday.

Smolla said the First Amendment protects parents’ rights to make decisions regarding their children.

“There are actually cases from early in the last century, like in the 1920s, about the rights of parents to teach their children a foreign language, like German, and to make other decisions like that for their own children, and the decision to name the child is clearly a very personal decision,” Smolla said.

He said, though, that even some names can go too far.

“The burden would be on the government to say that to name your child after Adolf Hitler places such a stigma on the child and would be so damaging to the child’s future in society that the government would have a right to intervene and prevent that name from being used,” Smolla said.

“I’ve never heard of such a case, but I could see the argument.”



15 Responses to “Mystery Surrounds Removal of Young ‘Adolf Hitler’ and Nazi-Named Sisters”

  1. I call bullshit on the reason why the children were taken. If there was no police report and the police are adamant that the children were not in any physical danger, it was because of the name. Unfortunately pictures of tattoos do not show that he was a racist because we all know the swastika is also a symbol of protection. That is why Adolf Hitler used it on the flag. Now people think it means hatred, just like the confederate flag supposedly means racism. The Civil War was fought because the people of the south was protecting a principle. Even if we do not agree with the principle members of the Confederate Army as well as the Confederation should be commended on trying to protect what they viewed as their constitutional right. I would like to add that this did not confirm or deny that the father or mother was apart of the Aryan Brotherhood movement. Children Services do not step in to take a child on the grounds of endangerment unless a police report is filed. Also PA’s Children Services will take a child from a mother and not give any reason. I think the children were not taken under completely legal pretenses but from someone saying They are racist because of the way they named their children. Naming your children after historical figures is not and should never be against the law. People need to stop getting all uppity about things that remind people of bad things that have happened in history. If you try to erase history it will repeat itself. Look at these two events and see the good things that have come from these historical events, this is yet another reason I do not label myself Liberal or Conservative, both sides are blind to the other side ninety percent of the time.


  2. SewDucky said

    Look naming their kids after people and an idea in the Third Reich is well, a huge WTF? I think they need to take Penn’s daughter Moxie CrimeFighter away if we’re going to start taking kids on offensive names. No, I’m not saying these kids have monikers that are okay, but I mean think of the crap they COULD have named their kids instead. I’ve known a couple Adolfs and luckily people like Dolph Ludgren make the nick name less of an “OMG is that short for HITLER?!” and a whatever, and at least the girls can ignore theirs completely.

    E_E sorry, I call bull shit on the swastika on the dad being anything other then a symbol of racism. The kids’ names alone makes it hard to say it could remotely be anything else. And I kinda take offense to the Confederacy being compared to Nazi Germany. Just sayin’, cause I am southern.

    You know I have never seen where they ask adults that grew up with someone in their family being in any racial group, white, black or polka dotted how they handle it. Sometimes hate doesn’t beget hate, it brings about a “Really? I mean, Really?” kind of amusement about it. And no, I’m not saying that hate is amusing, but these type of people that are hard core get to the point of being ridiculous, and kids that grow up with it realize it and many don’t contribute to it either.


  3. You can compare it because the symbols both organizations used are now considered a hate related or racist symbol. Look at what happened with the Georgia State Flag, it had to be changed because people did not like “what it stood for.” The confederate flag should be seen as a symbol of a group of Americans standing up in something they believed in. It really does not matter if it is right or wrong. Also the names and the tattoos make people assume things which is what those things are being used for. They did not confirm or deny the father is a current member of the Aryan Brotherhood which some chapters are known to do criminal activities. Since the Police see no reason why the children are in danger, truthfully by law Children Services did not have any reason other than the name and tattoo thing. Whether he is racist or not does not really matter because it is his right to have the beliefs he does and to name HIS children whatever he wants with consent of his wife. What happened is a violation of His Constitutional Right. This kind of thing actually happens a lot in Pennsylvania. I knew a family that had three children took care of them but because someone decided to say something completely untrue about this family, CYS tried to file charges which were dropped because there was no criminal activity in that house nor any history of criminal activity according to law enforcement. Also If the Pennsylvania State CYS wants you to use thier services and you say No thank you. They make your life hard and make keeping your children harder. Pennsylvania’s CYS tried to say I was an unfit parent because I was openly not christian, and had religious paraphernalia in plain sight. Obviously “Black Magic” makes you an unfit parent in PA. I can argue the whole Wicca and Old Religion Spirituality. A persons personal beliefs does not mean he or she is an unfit parent. No other state is like this to my knowledge. Florida does not step in unless Law Enforcement is involved and there is a written complaint.


  4. SewDucky said

    The funny thing about the confederate flag is it’s an issue for those that don’t live here. Those of us that do, we also were taught the war was an economic war and the issues weren’t one sided. Which is neither here nor there, history has a habit of the victor rewriting it to suit their own purposes. Now it’s politically incorrect to be a number of things.

    And no, PA isn’t the only state that if you’re not Christian they try and take away your children, and it takes far less then having books or pamphlets out. In Tarrant county the mere suggestion is is grounds to lose your children.


  5. SewDucky said

    We Tarrant country is in Texas, btw.


  6. Lawman2 said

    as much as i hate racism,as stupid and ignorant i think racist are,the state had no right to take the children based soley on if the parents were or were not racist.stupid people reproduce all the time.are we supposed to step in and take them all?lol

    i think brainwashing a child to hate someone based on color is indeed a kind of abuse,but i feel the same about a child brainwashed into a totalitarian faith,that teaches them to harber hate towards other faiths.

    saying that now this needs to be said

    if we allow each state government to start taking children based soley on what the parents believe or don’t believe (no matter how dispicable we think those beliefs may be)that opens the door for our own government to implement sterilization of certain faiths,etc.
    not that i don’t think certains people shouldn’t be sterilized but where do you make that distinction,where would the line stop?dangerous ground indeed.


  7. dorian9 said

    curious to see what the grounds were for taking the children. if it was on the basis of the name and the parents racist nazis but aren’t involved in criminal activity and pay their taxes then that’s indeed going against the bill of rights. as offensive as the name may be it’s the parents’ choice – the kid can change his name when he becomes an adult anyway. honestly the idea of forced sterilization sometimes rings okay in my mind when i see stupid irresponsible people breeding more stupid irresponsible people. but that’s just a fleeting thought…


  8. *still awaits Kay’s retort with references from her favorite religious guru.* Caveman Caveman Caveman, A child can unlearn what his or her parents teach them from racisim to faith. I have seen it, by grandfather was not a racist man and if I said a racist word he beat me. The only time I ever got beat by him was because of that. I am all for capital punishment in all forms it helps better most people. If you do not believe me when you see an undiciplined kid go from being a punk to being a soldier or marine, an upstanding citizen in most cases, you will see how capital punishment in all it’s forms. From the home to the legal system it helps people. A person does not become a soldier untill this happens. It is not brainwashing but a kind of teaching on how to depend on the men and women and work as a unit. You are taught that you are only as strong as your unit’s weakest link and in many cases if that link dies so does everyone. I also believe in the death penalty. Even though I do not believe it is my place to judge because one I am not a god, just yet, and two the United States Government or the people of this nation has not said I have that ability. Not that I want it but, this is how I feel about judging someone. I feel euthanization, developed by a Dr. Jack Kevorkian for all those that were too young to remember the 90’s. Should not be used on inmates, for one reason that man was put in prision because of his research and his actions in assisting someone to die instead of having thier family fight over if his wishes are to be a vegtable for the rest of his life. I feel that all felons issued the death penalty should ride the lightning. The death penalty is not something given often. Life is given except for the most heinous crime. The crime they did that is so awful to get sent to the chair deserves the excrutating pain that comes with it for that one and a half second ride. But that is for another topic I will be writing about tonight. I was ranting, but back to my point! A person can overcome a lifetime of bigotry and racism. My grandfather lived in a family that was Old South. My great great great Uncle was a General in the Teneesee Confederate Army. He gained fame from his tactics, but the thing he was most famous for was his bigotry and racism. He helped found a racist organization everyone knows. He hated what he did in fact he changed his last name to his middle name and his last name he used as his middle name. My grandfathers father was in this organization and my grandfather did not follow in his racist ways, even though racism was a part of his upbringing and social brainwashing he did not accept it. There are many other cases that can prove that a person is a person and just because the father of a son is one way it does not mean the son is going to be the same. There will be personality traits he incorporates into himself but if he doesn’t agree with the ideals more than likely that person would not incorporate it into their personality.


  9. RJ said

    *still awaits Kay’s retort with references from her favorite religious guru.*


    I have nothing further.


  10. kathyorkay said

    this story is very troubling… if the state took the children based soley on their objectionable names, they are wrong… but am I sad or angry that they took them?? No, I’m not. There is little doubt about what the beliefs are of the parents.. and little doubt they will brainwash and poison the minds of these young, vulnerable and extremely impressionable children. Yes, they could reject those views years later as an adult but the odds are against that happening… more than likely the parents are products of their own parents sick views.
    I think that teaching hate IS a form of abuse when the victim is a child who is completely defensless against this mental molestation. Hate crimes are taken very seriously today, and this is a hate crime with the victim being a child. So yes, if there is a fair legal process that proves that the parents are teaching their children to hate people just because they are different then they should be removed from their care…


  11. kathyorkay said

    then let’s see them with their S*** eating grins!!


  12. ajlouny said

    How do they expect those children to grow up in this society and live happy lives being named after people that committed hate crimes. It’s definitely was a poor choice. Hopefully they will not live up to their parents hatred, and warped ideals.


  13. Sanne said

    Oke, it is silly and stupid to name your children after Hitler and other NAZI’s, but to take this children away because of that? That’s really REALLY silly and stupid…
    I think brainwashing you can do to a sudden age, but after all this kids will have their own opinion. Even at school they will learn that racism is a bad thing, so I think thay don’t have to worry so much…


  14. Enkill_Eridos said

    How do people still name thier kids Philip or Henry after the hate crimes that those Kings did? And brainwashing happens at all ages, look at history. We have been told that women have been inferior since the beginning of humanity. When it only is truly a more recent concept. (like 1000 or so years. At one time women were concidered equals with a man.) Or that the Holocaust was bad but the Crusades was also a form of Genocide. We don’t teach the Crusades as a bad thing but a series of wars that was led by the Church. For the most part kids will try to emulate their parents. But I do agree with you it is retarded but we are talking about a state that will take your kids away if you are listed as apart of an unorganized religion.


  15. telly said

    And the third one of the brood has been named “Honszlynn Hinler” ???

    No such person in nazi Germany. No such name anywhere in the world as these are not names nor even words but phonetic babble.

    So, the demented mother has not even been able to bake a simple cake herself and write the name of her own child on it?

    Clearly, the result of inbreeding among degenerates, all of it.

    They should have been offered money as reward for a free of charge sterilization _before_ producing children.


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