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100,000 Visitors! 3 Short Months!

Posted by tothewire on January 19, 2009



Just a note to say thank you to our readers, Alpha Inventions, and site authors! 

Congratulations to A Different Kind of Blog!  Meet the authors of this different kind of blog:


A Different Kind of Blog:Centered 2(not left, not right)OTA (Conservative Christian)E_E (Realist/Neutral) Dorian (Liberal) Kayms (Conservative Christian) Lawman2 (Atheist) Tothewire (Liberal Christian)

Welcome! We Hope to Offer Our Guest Opposite Sides of Popular Political and Religious Issues!                                  

Inspiration comes in many different forms or rather forums!

This blog site began Mid October 2008

Most of the authors for our site actually met on a NBC site.  Things got pretty heated in some of our post to each other!  Eventually we decided we needed a place to “VOICE” our debates, but instead we found a place to share our beliefs and ideas. After visiting some other sites one of the things we wanted to include was this… everyone is encouraged to share, and if they choose to debate we can do that as well!

 We hope to stimulate your thoughts and for you to arouse our intellect as well!


28 Responses to “100,000 Visitors! 3 Short Months!”

  1. RJ said

    Congrats….now how many of those visitors are not the 7 of you? LOL


  2. tothewire said

    Not sure…LOL


  3. SewDucky said

    ‘Grats! you deserve it!


  4. tothewire said

    Thank you Elaina!


  5. RJ said

    i wrote another post the other day and gave yall a shout out. only dorian has seen it because i think yall access my page through article links instead of the homepage.


  6. tothewire said

    Hmmm Going there now! We love new post from you! Thanks


  7. tothewire said

    RJ’s new post!



  8. Savior said

    That is an impressive feat indeed, congrats!


  9. tothewire said

    Welcome Savior and thank you! I visited your site and will be back to read some more! http://teachingsofanintj.squarespace.com/announcements/


  10. justice4mothers said

    Congrats youse guys!


  11. tothewire said

    Justice! Thank you!


  12. obama the antichrist said

    its so amazing you started from NBC ttw and now it is this CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!


  13. tothewire said

    AND Congrats to you too OTA all of us made it possible! Readers, and authors! Very exciting!


  14. congratulations! and thanks again for listing me as having a top post last week for ” To heal the world, sing songs: Burce Springsteen”–it brought lots of READERS to my site!

    you’re doing great work and deserve loads of readers and success!


  15. tothewire said

    Thank you! I am so happy to know we brought you some readers! We have some very faithful readers who email us quite a bit, and we were hoping to appeal to them to visit some of our favorite reads per week! Hopefully it brought you not only readers, but faithful readers!


  16. dorian9 said

    a lot of the success is owed to you ttw and lawman’s being so conscientious with the posts and using alpha inventions. good choice of articles, attractive and clever graphics and probably our regulars’squabbles amuse and entertain. 100,000+ visitors is a good thing!!yay!!


  17. Lawman2 said

    hey there dorian!i feel like we should all celebrate by having a big ol’ debate on snl!


  18. RJ said

    i think lawman, kathyorkays, and ota purposefully try to reel me in because it releases some of their tension. but i can’t always engage because i have several blogs and websites on which i write…you know…so I can spread my liberal, anti-Christian, anarchist messages.


  19. Lawman2 said

    hehehe rj your good for us here!and our readers love you too!


  20. Lawman2 said

    your new music post soothed the beast in me,for my little liberal beauty!you’re great!



  21. dorian9 said

    nice mix, some slow & smooth rnb there ooh i love “ready or not” that’s music to sooth any beast even cavemen hehe. that voice is pure butter..


  22. Well done: you guys are a great mix of information, insight and neanderthal thrashings ( you know who I mean). And thanks for lots of visitors ……


  23. Lawman2 said

    who me? hehehe hey there betty!


  24. ajlouny said

    I am new to your posts, and already enjoying every part of it.


  25. obama the antichrist said

    good sit back relax and debate cuz thats what we all love to do 🙂


  26. obama the antichrist said

    …well at least me


  27. SewDucky said

    …I just come for the coffee…


  28. Enkill_Eridos said

    pssh, I will tell you all a secret. *Whispers* Dorian and TTW started this site as a break from kay’s nonsensical rantings and baiting on the SNL site. I was then recruited and it took off from there. At first there was some kay bashing. (Sorry kay but you were annoying and frustrating three months ago.) Then we started writing and then kay came to the site and she just grew on us much like a tumor grows at first. But then something magical happened she started making sense. Now I like to think it was us being jerks, but that most likely is not the case. But kay became part of our extended family here, and I appreciate her point of view. I truly have seen a difference in her writing. It does not look so much as bait for an argument but the voice of how she sees the world. And it got refreshing. That and OTA no offense man I like you and all, but your not as entertaining to annoy as kay is. No but seriously I appreciate everything all of y’all have done and the input to all of these posts does not hinder learning and open mindedness. Whether you come here to Troll, the coffee or just laugh at Caveman, we appreciate you just for coming and reading our debates and articles. (Even though sometimes they seem like arguments and if we were in front of each other we would be physically fighting, but trust me we would not.) You guys make it possible for me to rant and rave about different things, I appreciate all of the readers and authors. Let us hope this stays up for a long time because I like the entertainment value it brings.


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