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Inauguration 2009

Posted by obama the antichrist on January 20, 2009


Ok as you may know, I am anti-Obama. I know this is a major day in USA and I am proud to be alive during it. Now with that being said i will move on to my post

I started watching as soon as the Former Presidents were introduced. I laughed so hard when President George H. W. Bush tapped the side of a saluting soldier (he is so old and i love old ppl 🙂 ) H. W. and President Clinton were so buddy-buddy it sorta shocked me. These are two men with opposing view points who seem to be best friends.

Unimportant things happened…Obama’s girls were beautiful and Blessed Wife Michelle was still dressed to capture the eye….

Then Diane Feinstein [(D)-Cali.] started off. She sounded proud and excited and honored to be introducing Barack Obama.

The celloist was amazing and Aretha Franklin did well

Obama came up to be sworn in.

Then his speech…Ok this is where i lost it and laughed

At one point he said something along the lines of how things need to be earned. Ok so what is spreading the wealth but giving money to people? Some of the people who voted for him do/will NOT work to earn that money. Ok my rant is sorta done…

I was informed later that Rev Lowery gave the closing benediction….and here is the last statement

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around — (laughter) — when yellow will be mellow — (laughter) — when the red man can get ahead, man — (laughter) — and when white will embrace what is right.

ok so…What the crap was Obama thinking? I mean, if you support a racist (ie allowing them to give YOUR inaguration’s closing benediction) doesnt that make you tolerate racism? I dont think anyone wants bigotry to conclude this historical moment. Plus, i am personally offended that he targeted the white people while Obama was sitting there already sworn in. If the whites were so bad (i think he means racist) how did Obama get into office? According to the Census Bureau, whites make up 66% of the US.  And yet, Obama still won…

Congrats to you Obama.

45 Responses to “Inauguration 2009”

  1. Lawman2 said

    had to read it after all!hehehe good post!you know you have a really great way of catching your readers all the way through.

    tothewire is will be back in town around 5 i think.

    i am sure glad you posted today,because i am swamped!


  2. RJ said

    Some of the people who voted for him do/will NOT work to earn that money.

    What is that supposed to mean?


  3. obama the antichrist said

    it means that the lazy the ones who want everything and not want to work for it voted for him. Now, i know there are people who have disabilities and those who are old, so we need to help them. But my point is as i said before those that sit on their butt and watch TV and is a single mother/father with 5 kids out of wedlock who demand the govt give them money cuz they “deserve” it make up a part of Obama’s support. My intention was not to aim at those who cant get work it was to aim at those who refuse to get work


  4. RJ said

    What kind of people “refuse” to get work?

    Old means you need help?

    and when white will embrace what is right

    how was that racist?

    You are nit-picking.


  5. dorian9 said

    it was a good strong speech, positive, inclusive, albeit a bit stern but that is called for at this time. great delivery, no notes whatsoever. he’s a no-nonsense leader. now his work really begins even though he’s positioned and segued soon after he was elected. the man doesn’t waste any time.
    i have high hopes..


  6. tothewire said

    That certainly did come across badly OTA. But the post is from the heart and I enjoyed the read.

    Racist without malice:Sometimes without meaning to a person can harber a “racist” attitude towards a certain race. Mainly just a preconceived idea towards a group of people they may not be familiar with. A lot of whites and blacks are racist without malice. This group of people can grow past these hidden feelings.

    On the other hand a closet racist is someone who has strong racist ideas and beliefs but doesn’t voice them unless they are around friends who share the same kind of tendencies. These are the worst kind of racist. They do more damage than an out and out racist!

    Out and out racist: this group of people are usually of lower intelligence and the main threat from them is violence. Fear of punishment usually keeps this group in check.

    This is just my own feelings on the racist issue.


  7. tothewire said

    Now on to Inauguration 2009!!!! I am so happy!!! I cried watching the whole thing! Some friends and I went out and had a few drinks to celebrate in the MIDDLE of the day! I have never done that before in my life! I too have high hopes!


  8. kathyorkay said

    I have to speak up here… first… I don’t believe OTA said anything racist.. where? If this is the line: Some of the people who voted for him do/will NOT work to earn that money. There was NOTHING racist there… and this is true… there ARE people who will not make an effort because why should they when the democratic government will support them for nothing? There is a family living near me who fits this group of people… and btw.. they are white.

    And also… I agree with OTA’s oppinion of the line… “and when white will embrace what is right.” Implying that whites do NOT do so now… what?? Uh.. then how did he get elected?? oh those people must have been pink?

    That was flat out wrong… words like that continue to separate us instead of bring us together… It looks like Obama has already made his first mistake…


  9. Lawman2 said

    ota the post is great.


  10. Lawman2 said

    i don’t like having to tip toe around.i know half of what i say isn’t politically correct.the post is fine just how it reads.

    pic okay ota?


  11. Rj said

    Geez, here we go again, the person who said something about RACIST was…… the ANTICHRIST himself.

    and when white will embrace what is right.

    did you happen to hear the red and yellow parts, too? did you hear the people laughing? can we tell a joke? at the same time i would understand that it wouldn’t be funny if you weren’t in the “in” group, and therefore maybe it shouldn’t have been said in mixed company. But we don’t have to front because it wasn’t said to be racist. That’s what you’re not understanding. The statement was public.


  12. dorian9 said

    depends on what kind of interpretation an individual gives it, of course. maybe it’s the mixed company thing but if someone takes it as racist, that’s their choice taking a negative interpretation. it wasn’t meant to be racist…the joke had everybody in it. ota, i see why you get mistaken for being racist. hehe


  13. obama the antichrist said

    ok but why is the white not right (i like to rhyme too)

    black will not be asked to get back – refering to the bus and all the racism back then

    when brown can stick around – the illegal immigrants

    when yellow will be mellow – who are the yellow ppl? why are they not mellow?

    when the red man can get ahead, man – american indians ok this is sorta racist why are the Indians behind, they are rich in their traditions and i see nothing wrong with them as they are

    and when white will embrace what is right – everyone has faults but yet this rev feels the whites need to be reminded by their wrongness. If he said something like this about blacks, then they would be the ones more pissed off. I am not saying i would be happier if it was any other race cuz bigotry is pure evil in itself. And only Avenue Q can get away with making a “joke” like this and noone would be offended cuz its a musical and it is a fun play on taboo things seasme street style; also it is making fun of all races not just one.

    I know i am nit picking but i dont care!

    Rj, as of now when the retirement fund is crap yes the old need the help.


  14. obama the antichrist said

    by old i mean retired


  15. dorian9 said

    oh my. as if obama didn’t have any other challenges.. will every statement now be given the racist connotation rundown? can we forget about color or party affiliation or religion for awhile and recognize that there are more immediate things this country needs, like jobs?


  16. Lawman2 said

    lol i think everyone is just trying to make the ol’ caveman happy!i am smiling!hehehe


  17. Lawman2 said

    dorian can the conservatives have some of that damn ice cream or not?you wait girl one of these days the o’l caveman will be at your door with some of those chocolates ota was talking about in exchange for that damn ice cream you liberals keep eating in front of us!


  18. dorian9 said

    ice cream has a way of melting conservative hearts sure you wanna try some?


  19. Lawman2 said

    conservative hearts beat the same as liberals…i am up for the challenge! hehehe

    beside this o’l caveman’s heart belongs to a liberal! lol

    i’ll keep my head though if you don’t mind hehehe


  20. obama the antichrist said

    Dorian i am all too willing to leave racism out of his term. But if it is shoved into my face i will not not comment on it. I was just pointing it out cuz i dont think anyone else, besides Kay, would have done so and this needs to be addressed.


  21. obama the antichrist said

    can anyone tell me who the yellow ppl are????


  22. dorian9 said

    maybe ttw will convert you yet, lawman! until then be happy with the chocolates – unless you’re willing to cross the aisle hehe


  23. dorian9 said

    ota – yellow people = asians (chinese, japanese, korean)


  24. Anonymous said

    Those chocolates are an orgasm for the palate


  25. Anonymous said

    Ooooooooooooo ok i get it now thanks dorain


  26. tothewire said

    Anonymous is that you OTA?


  27. SewDucky said

    Ya know for a man all about “change” OTA is right, there isn’t much showing for it.

    I put down “martian” when I’m asked about my ethnicity and I can. (I’m Dutch, but I don’t get a line for “Dutch-American”.) But to single out races of people? Last time I checked, yellow was derogatory to the Asians. And if he’s going to single them out, where’s the Indians*? The Arabs? Huh?

    *(I’m still politically incorrect about it. I play bingo at the Indian Casino, visit at the Indian Reservation. I grew up in Oklahoma until I was 10, it’ll be ok.)


  28. RJ said

    Okay, that wasn’t the most well thought out comment.

    “Change?”…he just took office, yesterday.

    Single out races? …no, it was rather inclusive..

    Yellow was derogatory? ….maybe we should ask a group of Asians

    The Indians? What do you mean by “Indians?” in the context you used, I would assume Native Americans…and they were “singled out” as well.

    Arabs? are brown….did he not say browns????


  29. SewDucky said

    Probably not, it’s late and I have blood instead of coffee now. The only Asian I ever asked about it claimed it was offensive. And yes, he took office yesterday, but if the whole campain was on change, then let’s start “changing” the terminology to Americans, not based on your color, it IS 2009 isn’t it?

    Arabs are all kinds of colors as far as I can tell from dark to light and even brown, but the comment I took to be Hispanics as well. Arabs come here and sticking around doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem as the immigrants.

    And yes, Indians in that context was Native Americans.


  30. Enkill_Eridos said

    What Arabs are brown seriously I had no Idea!!! The President is Black Holy Shit that took me by Suprise!!

    all sarcasim aside,

    Arabs have a multitude of skin colors. I have seen native born middle eastern born people white, brown, black, and tan. It really doesn’t matter.

    And this is how the OTA and E_E conversation is going to play out. (Forgot to tell you all I can now see the future.)
    E_E Why do we have to pick on Kay?
    OTA Because it is fun.
    E_E Why not pick on TTW?
    OTA She is too smart, for a liberal I may try to help lawman convert her to the dark side of the political thought train.
    E_E Oh Picking on Caveman is fun.
    OTA *Rubbing his arm* Not when TTW hits you when you do it. She is either too protective or lawman cannot defend his self.
    E_E You’re right I guess. Kay is fun to pick on.
    OTA *laughs* yea.
    E_E I hope she knows it is all in fun and we like her point of view.
    OTA *silent*

    I don’t care who you are that’s all funny right there, Ill tell you what.


  31. Enkill_Eridos said

    oh and OTA I am not going to argue with you because even if I do work I get a check from the government every month as it is. So let us not open the whole welfare can of beans because most of the unemployed are out of work because there are not a lot of jobs out there. Without a college education (Atleast a Bachellor’s) Even day labor is hard pressed to send out one group of workers let alone the abundant amount that still trys to work day labor


  32. SewDucky said

    Ah. I see. Excuse me, then.


  33. Lawman2 said

    what did elaina pass gas and i missed it?hehehe


  34. Lawman2 said

    e i need somone to take up for me after all i am but just a HUMBLE caveman…why is everyone always picking on me?hehehe you can just call me charlie brown,the site clown…


  35. Lawman2 said

    besides my confused little liberal wife worships me,hangs on everyword.jumps when i say jump and always asks”how high my beloved master and king.”hehehe


  36. obama the antichrist said

    Have i say all liberals are dumb….well i stand corrected cuz i know alot of smart liberals….but the majority are still idiots 🙂

    why did you pick me E_E….it was funny…..anyway i like the cable guy quote….and one of my best friend’s dad is on mandatory layoff for Chrysler, so yes there needs to be jobs but again i will reiterate that the ones that refuse to get work (ie attempt to get a job at Burger King) will be wanting the benefits cuz they think OBama will give it to them


  37. obama the antichrist said

    yes the Anonymous was me i forgot to log in ahahahahaha


  38. Enkill_Eridos said

    I am sorry OTA I did not mean to pick on you to hurt your feelings its just it was easy and I like to try to bring some humor, my sense of humor is different but still, and if you recall I picked on mostly everyone else as well. 😀 Also OTA where I live it is either goto school or goto labor pool and hope you get work for that day, or do criminal activites for money. Those are our only options since there is a surplus of workers and limited jobs. This is apparent in a lot of places. And why should a person move out of thier home to go live on the streets of a bigger city when they might not get a job there? It’s not a majority that are lazy and milk the system it is a minority. I am talking about people who have nothing wrong with them and still get disability. I know mental disabilities can affect you just as bad or worse than physical disabilities but not all mental disabilities are fakers and not all of the people in the welfare system refuse to work. But a minority makes the majority look bad. I mean you can only send your resume out so many times and if you are not willing to try to access the financial aid available so you can learn a skill or trade, or carrer then that person is worthless. But if that person does and does not work because he or she is a full time student and can support her/his family or her/his self by not working and only going to school, would you say they are lazy as well? You know as well as I do that a full time A student does not have a lot of time for work unless you don’t want that A and Academic Scholorships being an A student gives you. But there is my side, based on facts from the SSA. Which is the agency that controls Welfare.


  39. dorian9 said

    i feel left out e_e you forgot me in the dialogue or was i somewhere meditating in the eastern sanctum? i’ll materialize soon..anyway nice to see everybody here, i was out being audrey hepburn on a scooter.


  40. Enkill_Eridos said

    lol I would like to see pictures of that.


  41. dorian9 said

    well i started on a post about the scooter ride today but i went out on the scooter again! played hooky all day.
    i don’t have a being audrey picture. i should take one. kay is quiet i miss her when she’s not around. KAY! where are you!
    i’m gonna take a peek at snl to see if anything good’s on. i’m sure they’ll do the inauguration . lot’s of good material for a skit on that one. everybody was there!


  42. kathyorkay said

    EE said:
    And this is how the OTA and E_E conversation is going to play out. (Forgot to tell you all I can now see the future.)
    E_E Why do we have to pick on Kay?
    OTA Because it is fun.
    E_E Why not pick on TTW?
    OTA She is too smart, for a liberal I may try to help lawman convert her to the dark side of the political thought train.
    E_E Oh Picking on Caveman is fun.
    OTA *Rubbing his arm* Not when TTW hits you when you do it. She is either too protective or lawman cannot defend his self.
    E_E You’re right I guess. Kay is fun to pick on.
    OTA *laughs* yea.
    E_E I hope she knows it is all in fun and we like her point of view.
    OTA *silent*

    What??? Why me? I know you guys hate me… I tend to make people angry… but hey… life can get boring if someone isn’t stiring the pot every now and then and there is no better way to stir the pot than to confront someone with their injustices especially when it’s due to their huge egos… ( I’m talking about people I know personally here ) but boy do people get mad at you when you do that!


  43. douglaskev said

    fyi: the “white will embrace whats right” was not born out of nothing. the Rev. was making a play on a famous saying from back in the day:

    if youre white, your right
    if youre brown, stick around
    if youre black, stay back

    i thought his play on this saying was clever and numerous, and most people didn’t seem to mind.

    that being said, i do think it is a tricky line to walk in recognizing the significance of obama’s election in the face of the nations overtly racist past, while recognizing the advances that have been made, often due to the efforts of well intentioned whites..


  44. fadingad said

    Really man, who are you?


  45. fadingad said

    PS: Thanks Douglaskev for elucidating this for this foolish, narrow, short-sighted author of this blog posting. Now let’s talk about white privilege in America (what it was, what it is, and what it will become).


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