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An Obama inaugural ball for everyone

Posted by tothewire on January 21, 2009

Presidet Barack and 1st Lady Michelle Obama

Presidet Barack and 1st Lady Michelle Obama

Will you be among the vast hordes of Americans celebrating Barack Obama’s inauguration tonight?

Sorry, but it’s too late to get tickets to any of the 10 official balls in Washington, D.C. Most of the many unofficial parties in the nation’s capital would be difficult to get into as well.

But millions of Americans will do what John and Carol Chadwick will do tonight, encouraged by none other than Obama himself. At their Alameda home in Northeast Portland, they’re putting on a neighborhood inauguration house party.

“We’ll have a potluck dinner, watch some of the televised coverage and maybe play a little Obama trivia,” says Carol Chadwick, a retired teacher.

In the TV age, every presidential inauguration has generated its share of local celebrations like the one the Chadwicks are putting on. Obama’s big night, however, is expected to spark partying on an unprecedented level, in no small part because of the historical significance of his election as the nation’s first African American president.

In Washington, D.C., more than $160 million is being spent on inaugural balls tonight. Yet that record-breaking figure doesn’t include a nickel of an entire separate level of partying reflected in the carnival atmosphere out there on the Internet.

“OBAMA VICTORY PARTY BANNERS!” shouts a typical online vendor. “Pay with PAYPAL!”

There’s no end to the Web sites hawking Obama party supplies, Obama victory posters, Obama stickers, Obama t-shirts, Obama buttons, Obama magnets, mugs and mementos.

Thankfully, Obama’s inaugural planners are shunning such commercialism, but they’re encouraging local celebrations like that of the Chadwicks’ of Portland. That’s clear in an e-mail inviting millions of Obama supporters to consider “hosting a house party on Jan. 20 – your own inaugural ball.”

“I want you to be a part of the celebration — whether you’re traveling to Washington, D.C., or staying at home in your community,” says the mailing, signed by “Barack.” It goes on: “This inauguration isn’t about me. It’s about all of us. The Presidential Inaugural Committee is hard at work organizing the most open and accessible inauguration in our nation’s history.”

The invitation has an altruistic thrust as well — encouragement for Americans to observe the inaugural milestone by getting involved in community service.

In fact, calling Americans to action appears to be the central aim of the invitation. It directs recipients to a video in which Obama issues a challenge:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The Inauguration of President-elect B…“, posted with vodpod



“I’m asking you to make a lasting commitment to make better the lives of your fellow Americans — a commitment that must endure beyond one day or even one presidency,” the president-elect says. “I’m asking you to do your part, to roll up your sleeves and join in the work of remaking this nation.”

It’s a stirring call, one we hope a lot of Americans will answer.

First, however, there’s a party calling.
–Bob Caldwell, editorial page editor     The Oregonian editorial board


12 Responses to “An Obama inaugural ball for everyone”

  1. coffee said

    michelle obama seems to have impeccable style


  2. obama the antichrist said

    i dont like this pic of her…well i dont like anypic of her but that is beside the point…but Mr. Pres is all to happy i laugh with him on this one


  3. Lawman2 said

    hey there coffee!when are you bringing me that cup of coffee? good to read ya again!



  4. Lawman2 said

    i couldn’t find one YET with her in the off white one she was wearing.she looked really good in that one…hehehe


  5. […] (vbc) vbc.style.visibility = ‘hidden’; e.style.backgroundColor = ‘#fff’ }); }); today An Obama inaugural ball for… trackback from post […Presidet Barack and 1st Lady Michelle ObamaWill you be among the vast […]


  6. SewDucky said

    I think everyone is trying to hard to make her a fashion statement, including Michelle herself.

    Some of it looks okay, yes, but Eleanor Roosevelt was a fashion icon in spite of herself. Jackie Kennedy made an era. Nancy Reagan did it too. All the first ladies did it in a way Michelle isn’t: effortlessly. Michelle is trying too hard.

    And no, not only did I not celebrate it, I avoided it all together. I have absolutely no interest in the inauguration of Obama. Call me the evil mini OTA. (Or the evil what the hell happened to the democratic duck). I had to get the fashion thing off my chest. Sorry bout that.


  7. Enkill_Eridos said

    You are the evil mini OTA but even mini me became good at the end you just need a hug. I have confidence that our new president will do better than our last one. Not only the fact that Obama’s IQ is a lot higher. (OF course at times I wondered if George W.’s IQ was the same as a rubber ducks’ IQ. I really wondered how Texas is still in one piece.) George W. did do the best he could, with the intellect that his creator given him. (It goes to show the xtian god has a sense of humor, or is an alcholic/drug addict.) But his presidency did not end up with a civil war or us in underground bomb shelters because he invaded Iran or North Korea. So I would say it was successful from that point. Of course there is the closeness of another great depression before he left. But then again we are not using dollar bills as kindling because it is not that worthless yet. Let us see how this all plays out. I am sure in two years time we will be back on track. And after Obama’s second term it will be close to what Bill Clinton did for us before the retard took over.


  8. SewDucky said

    I’m going to hate myself for this, but Bush was not all bad. And no, I didn’t vote for him (I didn’t vote for Obama either). I think insulting the former President’s intellect, or lack there of, is kind of pointless. The man still ran the country for 8 years. Do I agree with everything he did? No. Do I have a lot of hope for Obama’s administration? Not a whole hell of a lot, no. I have less for Obama’s then I did for Bush’s but I got stuck with it, and I’m not going to start calling the man a liar for finding out he can’t do some things he promised until I get a chance to see his administration at work. I also think it’s a little early to call a second term when his first one is what, less then 24 hours old?

    It’s why I don’t claim to be a pagan either. What purpose does it do to insult anyone’s beliefs? Does the threefold rule not apply to being insulting? How can it gain acceptance as a religion when pagans get sanctimonious about the “Xtian God”? (Sorry I know I’m going off track a little there, but isn’t a “God” a God a god? You have a higher power does it become Bob if you’re not a Christian? And yes, I realize there’s a ton of gods to choose from.)

    I think it’s going to be interesting to watch politically.


  9. Lawman2 said

    hey there elaina!i voted for bush and didn’t vote for obama.i get what your saying…but hell girl you just opened the door to be sucked right into one of our famously entertaining debates with all these liberals running around this site!hehehe

    head up ota,kay,and myself got your back…lol


  10. Enkill_Eridos said

    *sighs* I insulted his intellegence when he was in office, why should I change because he is not in office? I have a lot of problems with the Bush Administrations descisions but I am sure a lot of people involved in Vietnam can have a lot of problems with the Nixon Administration, it is just how it is. Like I said he did not put us into a depression and did not incite a civil or nuclear war. I think he was close to all of those at one point or another but still. I have hope for Obama, I am not openly Pagan either since I do not like the term Pagan. I am just not openly a part of the Organized Christian Religion either. But that is for reasons of my own. I am more of a left handed path anyway and do not take much stock in deity worship. I actually do not say worship of any god is correct or wrong. I just like to abbreviate. But I am more optimistic about Obama because I read up on his and McCain’s history. Besides my main reason to support Obama as opposed to McCain is because between Biden and Palin I would rather have Biden run the country if the president had a heart attack or was assassinated. I hope niether happens but meh there are crazy people out there. I apologize for being sanctimonious since I am not really representing any one faith at all. I only represent my own personal beliefs, thoughts and feelings. I really didn’t mean to offend you of course I thought the joke about the god part was actually funny. I didn’t want to be insulting, I will apologize to him when I see him. I can answer to you why I am not that fond of the Church openly. Because it is part of the psychological need to stand apart from the governing religious body. It is part that I do not see the Organization as one that follows it’s own teachings. And for the record, when a so called pagan draws a sacred circle they ASK for guidance and that thier workings work. I COMMAND that I am guided and that my workings work. The threefold law does not include making jokes about other faiths however. It does include harming none. Which I believe my little joke was not to harm anyone. But also to defend why I seem to make fun of one religion more than others is because if I make fun of Islam, Judiaism, or any other religion I know of enough to make funny remarks about I would be called a racist or a bigot. And that would harm some people.


  11. Rj said

    before the retard took over.


    I insulted his intellegence when he was in office, why should I change because he is not in office?



  12. obama the antichrist said

    YEAH I GOTS ME A MINI ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i love it 🙂 and sew ducky we gots your back…i dont know why i am saying “gots” i think i just feel like beeing grammatically incorrect 🙂

    Biden is an idiot…i think its time for another Glenn beck argument against idiots 🙂 And here it is…

    The issue:

    ‘Sarah Palin vs Joe Biden: Part Deux’

    What the liberal whiners say:

    ‘OK please. By now even YOU have to realize that while Sarah Palin’s kinda hot, she CAN’T be allowed to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency?!?!?! I mean, put her poster up on your bedroom wall, but DON’T put her in the White House! She has all the intelligence of a bathroom bowl brush!’

    ‘How about her blatant lie about troop levels in Iraq returning to “pre-surge” levels? What a liar!’

    ‘As long as we’re discussing debate lies, Palin lied about Obama voting in favor of higher taxes on “families” making as little as $42,000 a year.

    ‘OK, if you want to vote for her after she says she has foreign policy experience, just because Russia’s on one side of Alaska and Canada’s on the other, go ahead!’

    ‘All right, Mr. Commie-baiter…why haven’t you talked about this…speaking of Russia…Sarah Palin actually attended college in MOSCOW?!?!?’

    Your winning, logical, reasoned arguments

    1. Sarah Palin is actually very bright. In fact, during the debate, according to the “Global Language Monitor”, Palin spoke at a 10th grade level, Joe Biden…only 8th grade.

    2. Yeah, troop levels have come way down, but they are slightly higher than pre-surge. I guess you didn’t mind Joe Biden’s flat out lie that McCain “voted the exact same way” as Obama on the budget bill that contained an increase on singles making as little as $42,000 a year? He didn’t. He voted the same way as Obama on an amendment to that bill, which didn’t have anything to do with increasing taxes.

    3. There again, you have a point. Obama actually voted for higher taxes on single individuals making as little as $42,000. Also during that debate though, “average” Joe did challenge us to go with him “down to Katie’s Restaurant on Union Street in Wilmington or walk into Home Depot”, where he spent a lot of time, and ask anyone there about George Bush’s administration. Except, that would be really hard to do without a “flux capacitor” and a Delorean to travel back in time with. Katie’s went out of business 25-30 years ago. You might still be able to go to Home Depot with Joe and help him pick up a wrench for the plumbing repairs I’m sure he often handles after that long train ride home he talks about all the time.

    4. Her foreign policy experience is limited…but so is OBAMA’s…and HE, is applying for President. At least she didn’t say she would meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions, and then lie about it, and then have her running mate lie about it. Biden also said that the U.S. spends more in Iraq in one month than it has in Afghanistan in six or seven years. He was only off by 2000 percent. And remember this line? “President Bush insisted on elections in the West Bank, when I said, and others said, and Barack Obama said, ‘Big mistake. Hamas will win. You’ll legitimize them.'” The fact is, Obama had only been in office a few days when the election took place, and there is absolutely no public record of Obama having said that. But maybe he said it to William Ayers, quietly in his ear, as they sat in a pew at Trinity United Church together, listening to Jeremiah Wright attack America?

    5. Well, you got me there, she sure did. Moscow, Idaho. Where the University of Idaho is located.

    and another…

    The issue:

    ‘Joe Biden vs Sarah Palin’

    What the liberal whiners say:

    ‘You conservatives are all tingly over this Sarah Palin, but there is no contest between her and Senator Joe Biden’

    ‘Joe Biden has 35 years experience in the U.S. Senate. Palin was a beauty queen runner up and town pastry chef in EarWax, Alaska!’

    ‘Joe Biden is a statesman. She can’t compare to Biden when it comes to those kinds of qualities’

    ‘The fact that John McCain picked a woman from EarWax, with 2 years experience running a state with about 600,000 people in it, shows his amazing lack of judgment’

    Your winning, logical, reasoned arguments

    1. You got that right! Palin has energized the whole country. Biden generated all the excitement of a bathroom bowl brush. Sarah Palin is a true conservative who has taken on corruption in her own party. Joe Biden wouldn’t even condemn the Moveon.org attack on General Patraeus.

    2. She was Miss Alaska runner runner-up. But she also served as a two-term city councilman and two term mayor in Wasilla, Alaska. And if we’re looking for change in Washington, why pick a guy who’s been there for 35 years?

    3. Right. He was very statesman-like when he said that Barack Obama was the first, sort of bright, mainstream, articulate, CLEAN African American who was a good-looking guy and that, that was a fairy-tale, man! Or, when he told the Indian-American reporter that his state, Delaware, had a fast-growing influx of immigrants from India? And that you couldn’t go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts in his state without a slight Indian accent? Is that the kind of statesman you’re looking for?

    4. Joe Biden thought McCain’s judgment was pretty good just a couple years ago, when he said that he’d be “honored to run with or against John McCain because I think the country would be better off”. Now that this wonderful “statesman” is running against John McCain, all of a sudden his good opinion of McCain has radically changed. Statesmanship or typical partisan politics?

    I hope you enjoy cuz i do everytime i read these 🙂 ahahahhahaaha


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