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Hitler’s Mom Speaks Out, Defies Court Order

Posted by tothewire on January 21, 2009

Heath Campbell, left, with his wife Deborah and son Adolf Hitler, 3, pose in Easton, Pa. 

It’s been almost a week since the state of New Jersey took Deborah Campbell’s three children from her home and she says officials have yet to tell her and her husband why. But Campbell suspects it has something to do with the names they bestowed upon their kids.

Not sure when she will be able to see her kids again, Deborah decided to break a judge’s gag order and make a public plea for the return of her children.

“They belong home with their mother and father. They don’t belong out there in a stranger’s home,” Campbell told NBC10’s Mike Strug Monday night.

Officials from the NJ Division of Youth and Family Services took the children — Adolf Hitler Campbell, 3, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 1, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, who will turn 1 in April – from the Campbell’s home in Milford, N.J. last Tuesday, saying only that they felt the children were in danger.

“They felt the children were in danger for their lives. They didn’t say physically, mentally…nothing like that,” said Campbell.

The Campbell’s three children were dropped into the center of a media firestorm last December when they asked a grocery store in Greenwich, N.J., to write “Adolf Hitler” on their son’s birthday cake. The store refused, saying it was inappropriate.

The store refused to give an apology when the parents demanded one. A local Wal-Mart ended up honoring their request.

DYFS officials were tight-lipped when asked why the children were removed from the parents’ care, citing confidentially laws, and local police would only acknowledge that they escorted DYFS to the Campbell’s home the week before.

A tattoo on the hand of Heath Campbell is shown.

A tattoo on the hand of Heath Campbell is shown.

In an interview with the New York Times, The Campbell’s landlord Larry Lippincot said he would hear the kids playing late into the night and that the family would often argue with a family member who “threatened to firebomb the house:”

“Mr. Lippincott said he had decided — before the cake incident — not to renew the Campbells’ lease when it expired in November because, he said, a relative they frequently argue with threatened to “firebomb the house.” He expects to begin eviction proceedings soon. “They’re not destroying anything, the house is clean and they pay their rent on time,” he said. But, he added, “There comes a point when you say, ‘Enough is enough.’”

It is not clear if these circumstances have any bearing on DYFS’ decision, but Deborah has her own theory. She believes the childrens’ names are to blame.

“The names, I believe are the problems. But they just don’t want to come out and say that,” Campbell said.

The couple has defended the names of their children saying they reserve the right to name the kids whatever they like.

“A name is a name,” Heath Campbell said last December.

Jeanne Coverdale, the kid’s aunt, offered an analogy to people who feel the names are in bad taste.

“What about tomorrow night when the President of the United States stands up and say, is forced to say, my name is Barack Hussein Obama. How’s that going to hit the world?” Coverdale said. “I’m saying the one with the middle name he has, was a terrorist.”

Coverdale says it’s “no different” than having a name like Adolf Hitler.

Deborah insists they are not part of the Aryan Nation or fans of what Hitler is famous for and said the swastika tattoo her husband displays on his arm is simply art.

The Campbells are asking for an attorney to help them fight to bring the children home.

“We would like you to please help us get my three innocent children back.”

By Vince Lattanzio


Just a few of foot notes  and personal opinion from a caveman.

200px-iraq2c_saddam_hussein_2822229Saddam Hussein was the President of Iraq from July 16, 1979 to 2003…long after Obama was given his name.  Although, I am sure the name wasn’t given to Obama with his mother thinking “this son of mine will be president someday.”  I don’t think it was given out of national pride either!  Still yet, Obama wasn’t named “after” Saddam Hussein. Hussein was a middle name given to him by his father. It’s a common name among Arabs and people who have historically Muslim ancestry, and it comes in many forms. (Husayn, Hussein, Hossain, Hussain, Husain, Hosein, etc.)

Did they really think naming their children these names wouldn’t raise an eyebrow or two?



Usually when you name your child after someone you want that child to aspire to be like them, right?



21 Responses to “Hitler’s Mom Speaks Out, Defies Court Order”

  1. Lawman2 said

    it will be interesting to see how this plays out.


  2. dorian9 said

    okay lawman i don’t know if i can post anything serious here because those pictures made me laugh so hard.

    anyway as much as i don’t like what hitler and the nazis did and what they stand for, it’s not right to take away those children from their parents if there is no just cause. your picture of the ghost here, though, is a way those guilty of hidden malice can get away with it. ah, the rights we have. bless this country.


  3. justice4mothers said

    This is supposed to be America, land of the free….this isn’t a case of yelling fire in a crowded theater, this is a parent’s right to name their child. Not even covered under George Carlin’s seven words you can’t say…can’t use that excuse. This would be something more appropriate for an action taken under Hilter actually…these officals need to wake up and get the children back with their parents.


  4. tothewire said

    Keep in mind we don’t have all the facts. By law the Family Services can’t give an “official” reason. AND there better damn well be one, other than the children’s names.


  5. tothewire said

    I like what Lawman said on the other post about the taking of these children. I can’t remember exactly how he worded it, but it was a great comment.


  6. dorian9 said

    are we archiving our posts? how much can we archive i wonder – if we’re administrator we can always go in to individual posts and comments bt not everyone can do that right? i’ve seen other blogs that have the archives link on the side bars.we have just recent posts. am i missing it?


  7. Lawman2 said

    dorian added it for you…your wish is my command,well sometimes anyway!


  8. dorian9 said

    how gallant..see now everybody can go back and check out lawman’s past words of wisdom..


  9. Rj said



  10. Rj said

    lawman, those pics had me dying..


  11. brucehood said

    Whose baby is that? Cracking bit of photoshop!


  12. […] Hitler’s Mom Speaks Out, Defies Court Order « A Different Kind of Blog […]


  13. If I was to name my Son Nathanel Forrest would it be just as wrong since that is a family name? I mean seriously if I was to name my son after a great great great uncle of mine that was made famous for one bad mistake he made as opposed to the many of talents he had. He was a briliant tactician, he is even one of the most famous Tennesee General’s that came out of the civil war. Would I be judged because he also helped start a racist organization. Would you say I wanted my child to be more like the negative part or more of the genius patriot part? So how can you safely say that because they named thier son Adolf Hitler Campbell, even though it is not a family name like mine but still, are you going to say when he grows up he is going to start killing jews and those with genetic defects? Don’t you think his parents would rather hope the child aspires to be a smart capable leader? I am sure he is not going to aspire to go crazy but seriously before WWII Adolf was a common first name.


  14. lawman2 said

    You can name your kid anything you want. Just keep in mind it may get his ass kicked. Not to mention people would have no doubt about how stupid you really are


  15. lawman2 said

    I don’t know if the state had any grounds to take the kids. I find it hard to believe they would based on just the names. BUT I do know there is little doubt in anyones minds that the parents are a couple of dumb asses! Hehehe.


  16. Enkill_Eridos said

    hahah Lawman, I doubt it. Because I forget most people have forgotten the major generals of the Civil War. Not everyone is a history fanatic but still my point is, a name should not have this kind of response. What NJ did IS censorship which is against the Constitution last I checked. Unless they have some kind of proof that the kids were in danger besides them having a guest and them speaking in a loud manner. I know what it sounds like from the outside but thw whole fire bomb thing could be an inside joke. If this is indeed a reason to get children taken away then this should hold true to some hispanics I know. But of course that is not the true reason, right now because of the gag order we can only assume it is the state of New Jersey trying to censor someone’s right to name thier child whatever name they deem fit.


  17. douglaskev said

    an interesting post..i had heard a while back about the cake incident, but hadnt heard about this family since…

    i get the whole free speech argument, and it is defensible, i suppose legally, that the parents have a right to name their child whatever they like.

    that being said, i do believe there are laws prohibiting certain names like epithets, and thats because while it may be subjective, society has deemed certain acts of free speech as unacceptable…a dangerous road i suppose, but for the time being i feel that it is the morally correct thing to do…

    the real irony in this situation is that the mother claims her children are innocent- and they are. if she truly cared about her children she would make a statement by renaming herself, not giving her children controversial names to make a point…

    as repulsive as i find this action, it really raises some ethical questions….should the gov be allowed to take away children of parents who are racist? sexist? homophobic? vegetarian? libertarian?

    where do you draw the line?

    though provoking situation. too bad the kids got caught up in it.


  18. Lawman2 said

    hey there bruce!googled the pics,and picked the two that made me laugh the most.

    doug!good to read you here man!the names are not “n*****,little shit,etc.”i don’t know if this would be enough as they aren’t demeaning and offensive both. i don’t think it will hold up in court.


  19. tothewire said

    “Removal of a child from a family is only done when there’s an imminent danger to a child and that wouldn’t include the child’s name alone.” said Kate Bernyk, a spokeswoman for New Jersey’s Division of Youth and Family Services, told the newspaper. “We wouldn’t remove a child based on their name.”



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  21. Al Brown said



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