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The Swastika and what it really stands for.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on January 21, 2009

There is a difference between the inverted Swastika (Nazi) and the Swastika. The Swastika was a symbol of Good Luck, peace, prosperity and in some geographical areas fertility. But since World War 2 all Swastika’s are concidered hate or racist symbols. Primarily Anti-Semetic. Just like in the south. When I say south I mean the real south. Georgia, Alabama, Tenesee, Kentucky, and Virginia, but not west. Later in the Confederacy Florida, Louisiana, and Texas were counted. I am sure I am missing a few states but I do not care about the semantics of this example. But in the south displaying the Confederate Flag is also concidered a racist act. I will address this in my next post however. But the Swastika is truely not a hateful symbol.

An Example of a non Nazi Swastika

An Example of a non Nazi Swastika

Of course World War 2 has brought about a non tolerance policy for all paraphenalia that has this symbol on it. Even though this is not the Symbol Nazi Germany used.
A sign used to try to stop the E.U.C. ban on the swastika

A sign used to try to stop the E.U.C. ban on the swastika

Swastika is the oldest religious symbol known to the human race and is widely recognised in various cultures all across the world. Swastika derives from the oldest way of life called Vedic Dharma or original form of Hindu Dharma. Vedic Dharma- is the form of a religion based on the philosophy of life taught by God through the four scriptures called Vedas. Swastika represents all four Vedas. Geometrically, the symbol consists of four parts and points towards four directions. If the Swastika is turned around from the centre clock-wise or anti-clockwise, it does not make any geometrical or physical changes. This represents the unchanging, all directional and endless nature of God. Swastika is the symbol of divinity therefore it is a fundamental part of all religious ceremonies of Hindus and others. Swastikas can be seen adorned in ceremonies of birth, marriage and festivals. The Swastika does not come from anti-Semitic origins; it derives from the ancient language of Vedic Dharma, Sanskrit. In Sanskrit, Swastika means auspiciousness. The Shlok “swasti na indro vruddhastravaha svastinah pusha vishvavedaha! Swasti nastakshya arishtanemihi svastino bruhaspatirdadhatu!! of yajurved defines the swastika saying, “May all mighty god of infinite glory be auspicious to us, May the all knowing Lords of the universe be of auspiciousness to us. May the powerful protection of the universe bring auspiciousness to us May the Lord of Lords. The supreme being brings fortune to us.”

-as quoted from http://www.ivarta.com/columns/OL_050314.htm on the origins of the Hindu Swastika.
As you can see the Swastika as a symbol is part of the heritage of the human race and that symbol as portrayed should not be banned or ostricized from the human race anymore than the sign for the trinity should be.  A quick history of the sign for the trinity as it should be told. The symbol that is used as the Holy Trinity by Christiandom, originated when the Old Spiritual Faith dominated Europe. The trinity was used during fertility rites to portray the three aspects of woman. Maiden, Mother, Crone. The symbol was used to show how the three are connected. It was later taken by the Catholic Church and the theology behind the trinity and the symbol was changed to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. One of the reasons why other Christian Sects do not recognize the “Holy Trinity” because there is no true scriptural reference to the trinity. God appeared in the form of the Holy Spirit. And Jesus is the incarnation of God in the flesh. Aspects of One God. In scripture the Holy Spirit and Jesus after the cruxifiction was both written as such.  And just as Christiandom changed the meaning of the symbol of the trinity, so did Nazi Germany change the meaning of the Swastika.
This is the swastika that symbolizes hate.

This is the swastika that symbolizes hate.

Not only is this symbol a very different symbol literally, but from a metaphysical stand point as well. The normal swastika is flat resembles peace, good will and all of that. Just like the Penticle is the symbol for all of the elements working in harmony.  From a metaphysical practitioner’s point of view the inverted swastika  is the exact opposite of the true swastika. The inverted swastika would be a symbol of death distruction and disharmony. Just as the inverted penticle or pentagram is. It is the opposite, the negative to the positive.  This would hold true if Nazi Germany never committed those acts of genocide and never came to power. 

Vedic Dharma or its sects which include Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism, have never done anything wrong to other religions, they have never waged any atrocities on other faiths. Vedic (Hindu) Dharma teaches the principles of help, charity, tolerance and non-violence with exceptional limitation of self-defence. The living example of its greatness is in the thousands of years old settlements of Jews and Parsi’s (Persian Zoroastrians) in India, who have practised their faith freely and without any persecution and their community flourished in India with respects and dignity and freedom. The deplorable deed perpetrated by Hitler for his own gain, fame and supremacy had nothing to do with Vedic/Hindu Dharma or its sects.

The presence of Swastika is evident in various civilisations such as the Egyptians, Mayans, Aztec, Inca, Native Americans, Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Japanese, ancient Troy and Celts to name but a few and that derived from the Vedic Dharma of Aryans of Bharat or India.
Romans were very much familiar with the symbol of swastika, for them it is was an Etruscan symbol from which the Roman culture derived. Romans considered it as the emblem of their Supreme God Jupiter. Romans freely used the both handed Swastikas in decorating the mosaic floors and walls of Pompeii. They widely used the pattern of Swastika on the temples, altars, household potteries & goods, brooches in their conquered territories in Europe and British isle and North Africa. Roman Altar found near the Great Roman Wall in Northumberland, England, has two Swastikas carved on either side of a crescent moon.
Greeks believed Swastika as sacred symbol and associated it with the Apollo, their Sun God. The statue of Apollo in his chariot at historical museum in Vienna has a large Swastika depicted on his chest. Greeks called Swastika a Gammadion and used it very extensively on terracotta figures, tiles, shields, coins.

Aztec, Mayan and Inca civilisation in central and South America also used Swastika freely along with whirly form of Swastika in their art work and in their temples. Swastika has migrated across many cultures, races and religions and has become the universal symbol. It is amazing fact how this non-violent and kind symbol found its way even into Islamic Mosques! The Friday Mosque in Sfahan, Iran, has lots of beautiful mosaic symbols in various places and many of them have beautiful and colourful images of Swastika designed.

People may think Swastikas would be oddly out of place in a Christian church, but the Swastika has a long history as a symbol for Christ. During the first three centuries A.D, it is said, the Swastika was the only form of cross used by Christians in catacombs and churches. It was a disguised form of the cross and a unifying symbol among those who survived a common persecution. In Rome, it is called Crux Dissimulata because the early Christians concealed themselves, the Church did not adopt the crucifix until the sixth century when Christianity had become the official religion of Rome. Swastikas can be seen decorating the Christian Catacombs of Rome.

In Japan Swastika is called Manji, named after an ancient God. It is found on major temples and street-corner shrines in Japan and far eastern countries. The Chinese called it “Wan”. The ancient Chinese Falun Dafa or Gong practitioners have five Swastikas in their organisation’s logo and they hold very high respects for Swastika and they have been propagating worldwide for re-establishing the use of Swastika again in its original purpose. Swastika was widely used in ancient Persia, now known as Iran, before the Islamic invasion.

Swastika is originated in Aryavarta, present Bharat or India as westerner calls it. It is the first meaningful symbol of human race. In the present day it is evident that Swastika is prominent religious symbol in East. It is worshipped in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Taoism many millenniums and centuries before Jesus Christ and respected by many in the Asian continent. Swastika is part and parcel of daily life and worship for the people of Asian and Eastern countries. Swastika is present everywhere in India! The lesser-publicised aspect of the Swastika symbol is the positive presence of Swastika in the western world prior to World War II. , The Swastika was widely used on good luck greeting cards, as part of company logos and promotions. Even the world famous drinks company “Coca-Cola”, in 1925, made a lucky watch fob in the shape of a Swastika. There is much evidence that Swastika was used as a lucky talisman in Britain, America and much of Europe just prior to the Second World War.””

99 Responses to “The Swastika and what it really stands for.”

  1. Lawman2 said

    swastika mashki inny outy!how ever it got its bad name,the point is what the swastika symblol represents to most people now.why would anyone even want to be associated with anything even close to resembling an alliance with pure evil the nazi symbol?

    good post though,it caught my attention (and i am sure it will everyone’s) well written e!


  2. Enkill_Eridos said

    that’s the common mistake however because the Nazi Symbol is inverted and really does not mean the same fundamentally. You could ask the same question about the different symbols that were sacred in the old religion that people wear now even though they could also represent the pure evil of past christian church actions as well.


  3. dorian9 said

    good post e_e! good history here. the unfortunate thing is that very few know about the true origins and esoteric meaning of the symbol. the logo and brand is now owned by hitler who made it recognizable for the wrong reasons.


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  5. obama the antichrist said

    i know this is a bad comparison but like gay was happy until it was bastardized by ppl changing the meaning to homosexual same thing with fag once cigarette now an offense word to call a homosexual….ppl bastardize things that they shouldnt


  6. Rj said



  7. I agree OTA. People do bastardize things they should not way to much. But meh, things pass people remember how and what things truely are and the meaning.


  8. Kshyamlal said

    Here people are making the point that very few people know etc. But the point is that India and China makes ~40% of the wold population, is that very few people?


  9. nazi said

    any1 know of a nazi website?


  10. Oh no there aren’t any of those. In fact you are the only nazi in the world. Why not try another flavour?


  11. EmerThing said

    The swasitca is not an evil symbol, I completey agree with that But just becuase it was a symbol of peace, and purity, it dose not mean that it is not symbolic of evil not the context in which is is most often used, which is when refering to the Nazis.

    But The Crucifix Once represented the fate of the murders and rapists, but now it represents the sacrifice made by a mtyred jewish prophet, the meaning of Symbols Change depending on the context in which they are used.


  12. EmerThing said

    Sorry please ingor the But at the begining of the second line of my above Comment


  13. Annie E. Bridges said

    You obviously have not read ‘Mein Kampf’ in understanding Hitler’s true goal, by the looks of this poorly written essay. Most of what you wrote is non-fiction but the rest is hogwash opinions. Check up on your history and evidence, please.


  14. Enkill_Eridos said

    This article was written to show the history of a symbol, it does not matter what Hitler’s goals were to me, because his goals have no relavance with this article. Even if Hitler did not intend for the swastika to be a symbol of hate it has become one. I have read Mein Kampf and I am going to have to do the fourth report on that book in my scholastic carrer. I may post my thoughts about Mein Kampf. But Annie you misconstrue the reason why I wrote this essay. I was trying to educate people on what the swastika was before it was construed as a symbol for hate. And emerthing I completely agree with you, that the context it mainly is used in the Western world is for hate. For example if you saw me walk down the street with a swastika necklace on what is the first thing that would come to mind?


  15. raphael said

    What is the ‘apple’ CORE of TRUTH that links ALL of the following?

    2008 NOBEL prize >> Phi >> DNA >> Amino Acids >> Tree of Life >> 4 Gospels >> Tarot CARD X >> Dendera Zodiac >> Vatican and the SWASTIKA (both versions)?

    It is ASYMMETRY.

    And coincidentally the most universal, most ancient, pre-LITERATE symbol that displays ASYMMETRY is the SWASTIKA.



  16. raphael said

    Did I mention TIME is ASYMMETRIC too?




  17. dorian9 said

    as above, so below

    hello again, raphael – thanks for stopping by


  18. Enkill_Eridos said

    Thank you Raphael I do enjoy your comments. Mainly because they usually mirror my own thoughts or add something I miss.


  19. Anonymous said

    i support nazis because hitler got people to wrk the best together but i dont think they should have killed the jews and others


  20. Unfortunately that was the only thing he got people to work best together at…..


  21. Anonymous said

    Hinduism originates from the worship of statues.
    There is a massive list of crackpot religions based on the worship of statues.
    Statue worship has often led to human sacrifice of people or infants in hopes that their statue “god” might hear them.
    Promoting a symbol from any of these crackpot religions is promoting the worship of dead, lifeless, worthless, deaf, blind statues.


  22. Mike said

    How a symbol is used determines it meaning. It’s almost impossible to use a swastika now and not have it associated with anti-Semitism.

    Sure not all people using Swastikas are anti Jew. It’s also true that not all people wearing a crucifix are anti-gay. But I’ll never come out as Gay to a person if they wear a crucifix, I don’t want to be assaulted or killed. How do you expect a Jew to feel if you wear a swastika?

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  23. kittellie said

    this makes sense. also, the nazis used it to get people on their side, so they would have wanted something with a positive message. its an example of the tactics used in propaganda. like how the USA used the statue of liberty, a positive symbol, in accordance with signing up for the war. its the same thing, but the nazis used it and placed a particularly bad aura around it. this is a sad thing.


  24. dorian9 said

    you’ve got a point there, mike. i wouldn’t suggest coming out as a jew around a big, mean and ugly dude wearing a swastika unless you’re looking for a fight where you could get pulverized. original meanings of symbols get bastardized and usually it’s the negative associations that stick.


  25. jay said

    well first of all stop comparing the swatika with the nazi symbol…..both these symbols have different meanings and cannot be taken as one.And just by getting a nazi symbol tattoed or wearing a t-shirt which has a nazi symbol,does not make one evil….Hindu’s take the swastik symbol as a pure sign of happiness/purity/goodluck…….and the nazi’s take it as their—meet interesting people and kill them theory.


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  27. Anonymous said

    To Anonymous (No. 21)

    You sir are more of an idiot than GWB and Sarah Palin put together.

    First of all Hinduism doesn’t practice human sacrifice. Second, your reasoning that inspiration for making sacrifices comes because of worshiping idols epitomizes sheer stupidity. Non-idol-worshiping religions practice with considerable frequency.

    Thirdly, in Hinduism the statutes are considered not god itself but their symbols, their manifestation. Gods are worshiped through these statues.


  28. John Lloyd Scharf said

    The purpose of a symbol is to communicate meaning. Whether it is a swastika or a Confederate Flag, the common meaning to the majority is nothing good.

    As much as I believe in States’ Rights and the the original intention of those who fought as Confederates, the Confederate flag has been drug through the mud for too long.

    Anyone who thought the Civil War was about slavery is not historically based and needs reality orientation. It was about federal control. The majority of those who died in a Confederate uniform were certainly not fighting for some rich minority to retain control of a race other than their own.


  29. Annie E. Bridges said

    Enkill if I saw you wearing a Swastika necklace and didn’t know who you were, I’d say hi. My thoughts? Either this guy is Hindu, a Wotanist, a admirer of Hitler, or completely oblivious of the symbol’s meaning and just likes it for wear.


  30. dorian said

    way to go, annie! you can have some of my world peace ice cream aka ben and jerry’s cherry garcia.


  31. Enkill_Eridos said

    Okay Jay, I thought I differentiated between the Nazi Party symbol and the actual swastika. I even posted pictures to show the difference. But the fact is that Hitler used the symbol said it was the same symbol (which appears everywhere in the world and means the same thing. The German swastika WAS a good luck symbol and is similar to the Hindu swastika. The Nazi Germany swastika looks like the Cyrillic swastika that was used long before Europe discovered India. And I do agree with you John, I have family that served in Tennessee during the Civil War. The reasons for War have always been the same. Women, money, power, or freedom from tyranny, and in many cases a mixture of all of those listed above.


  32. John Lloyd Scharf said

    In Arkansas, 3% owned slaves. I am fairly certain that the Confederates of Arkansas were not fighting for slavery. Nor do I believe the Union was fighting to free the slaves, either.

    In the end, it was the worst war ever fought by the US. In one battle, more died than in the entire Vietnam War. It shows what happens when one President pushes off his duty on another.

    In this case, South Caroline began the war under President Buchanan and nothing was done about it until Lincoln took office. Lincoln was “Luke Warm” at best on the slavey issue. He did not, for instance, think “Negros” were the equal of Whites. That was clear from his campaign speeches.

    The rationale for the Immancipation Proclaimation was military and Constitutional in origin. Slaves, as property, could be taken from anyone by suspending habeus corpus because they were making war on the Federal government.

    I would claim that conscription of the population in general was involuntary servitude or slavery. That was why the Irish in New York were at the center of the Conscription Riots. It was not fair. It was not equal. They enslaved them based on ethnicity, whether they were citizens or not. Native Americans, at this time, were declared not to be Citizens either.

    I guess the government claimed the right to say some are more equal than others. Slaves were freed to stop them from giving aid and comfort to the enemy. It was not because they were considered “equal.”

    Now, involuntary servitude shall not be imposed except wherein a person has been convicted of a crime. So, if you refuse the draft, it is a crime. Catch 22.

    Likely, the most personal freedom ever had was under Theodore Roosevelt after he instituted the Progressive Movement. That movement almost made the US democratic in truth, rather than a republic.

    If we had gotten initiative, recall, popular vote, and referendums on the national level, the political parties would have ceased to be the tools of the oligarchies, elites, and plutocrats, then we wojuld have moved from being a republic to a democracy.

    Politics are so twisted that Republicans do not want a republic and Democrats do not want democracy. Both desires were at work when those parties denied participation in their Conventions by states that defied them.


  33. BLASPHEMUS said

    I’ve always been taught that it is symbolism for the sun, more pacifically from the “occult”. Just like they say, “the occult is in total working control in the US today”, hence the “swastika building” in San Diego CA owned by you guessed it, Uncle Sam himself, research Prescott Bush, and it will lead you in the right direction. The truth is in your face, and you still dont see it!! “It’s” coming thats for sure.


  34. Do you realize that the word occult means hidden path or hidden practice? I see it I see that slowly man is being turned away from false religions that hide behind their pulpit and spew lies to get your money. Maybe its just because I am an “occult” practitioner. I prefer to think of my self as one who follows an esoteric way. I do see what you are talking about, and I am cool with it.


  35. Tinny Ray said

    Great post. The swastika was also used as S-letters for “Socialism” under the National Socialist German Workers Party. Before that it was used as alphabetical symbolism in the United States, and even by supporters of American National Socialism as touted by Edward Bellamy (author of “Looking Backward”) and Francis Bellamy (author of the Pledge of Allegiance, which used a stiff-armed salute, and was the origin of the salute adopted later by the National Socialist German Workers Party). See the work of Dr. Rex Curry (author of “Pledge of Allegiance Secrets”).


  36. monkeyland said

    I wonder why the rising sun flag of Japan has never been considered a “Symbol of Hate” ??? According to any recorded history, the Japanese treated Allied prisoners in the worst possible way. American & allied POW’s who were captured by the Germans had the highest mortality rate & best treatment of anybody in WWII! But then I guess that millions of dead soldiers don’t really count compared the victims of “THE” Holocaust. The percentage of Jews who died in “THE” Holocaust get higher and higher each year. Now I think that the number is around 93% Jewish. Next year it should be up to about 95% or so. Don’t get me started on that one. I don’t want to be labeled an Anti-Semitic, Holocaust Denying, Hate Monger, Racist who is trying to victimization an entire race, religion and country by disputing the number of people who died in “THE” (you know, the important one) Holocaust.

    I wonder why the inverted Pentagram has never been considered a “symbol of hate”… oh yea, anti-religious freedom.

    Maybe the regular 5 pointed star should be outlawed for the 20-43 million people that China starved to death in Tibet during the 1950’s… Most people in the West aren’t really even aware of that footnote in history. How about the hammer & sickle for the tens of millions of people in Russia to die under Stalin? Stalin Who???

    Let’s hope they never outlaw the Star of David. Then the U.S. would have to remove the one on the back of the dollar bill ABOVE THE EAGLE. We would also have to have all of the Sheriff’s badges changed into different designs too. I wonder why they all wear a Star of David on their chest? Funny Hugh? I wonder what all those funny symbols represent? Oh it’s probably nothing at all.

    The Maltese Cross that the fire dept. uses. Wonder what that is about? Or the eagle with 2 heads. They never said anything in school about that one. I wonder why the Pope wears a Ya-mica like the Jews do?

    And the red cross? They are neutral and help both sides during war time. Funny how Switzerland’s symbol is also a red cross and they just happen to be Neutral too Hugh?

    All of these funny symbols are too much for me to understand. I think I’m going to go watch football now.


  37. Hors Service said

    I think, personnally, for multiple reasons.

    1) There’s not only Jews who were sent to death camps: homosexuals, tsiganes, deafs, blind people, political enemies, patriots, and to a lesser extent war prisoners.
    The swastika, very confidential until now in Europe, became a sign of universal hatred.

    2) The rising sun is a sign of a country, representing a country. Not the swastika. The rising sun held strongly as a patriotic symbol against his symbolism of “hate”.
    And the sign of the Kamikaze (A rising sun with rays) has still a kind of mixed reputation… (At least, my japanese friends told me that). Not really used. A bit taboo.

    3) The communists were in the winning side. Which made their symbols somewhat authorised…
    Also, their anger and their hate was (officialy) directed towards “richs”, and not to a religious or ethnic minority.
    Finally, the hammer and the sickle are also symbols of an ideology, that originally don’t promote mass murders: Communism. This symbolism has resisted the evil-doings of the multiple communist governements, that’s why it’s not forbidden, but try to get to a NRA meeting with a T Shirt marked with the Hammer & Sickle… Kind of mixed opinions about this symbol
    And the 5 pointed star is also a symbol of the US.

    See ya


  38. princessxxx said



  39. lex2245 said

    Yes, they got what they deserved. But thanks.


  40. Enkill_Eridos said

    Hors, Hitler was not a Communist. He was a Facist, he hated Communism and Communists with a passion. That’s why he marched on Russia.

    Yes it is seen as a hate symbol when used in the fashion the Nazi party used it. But the normal flat symbol should not be seen that way. People should know the difference and importance of the Hindu swastika and the Nazi swastika. Instead of calling it a swastika, it should be renamed to the Nazi Party Symbol. Hitler took something good and twisted it into something very evil. Swastikas have important significance past being a symbol of hate. It is quite funny how a long time symbol of peace, prosperity, and good fortune. It’s funny because of one man that symbol has been turned into the symbol of war, death, hell, famine, pestilence. In short the swastika became the symbol of the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

    We should never forget, but we should always remember the true meaning of a symbol.


  41. Wyatt said

    no matter what swastika it is it does not symbolize hate & to the ancient people of pompeii it meant the sun


  42. sanjay chapagain said

    ok. what if a good leader or dictator had used this symbol. since nazi used this inverted swastika as their symbol n they might believe in it and hope will bring victory to them. coz of nazi’s brutality swastika is taken as evil but its not and never was. no matter what the people think about it, swastika was pure then and is.


  43. Enkill_Eridos said

    I agree, but if most live in ignorance about the true meaning of the Swastika, which I feel I put it in a very positive light. Then they will always think Swastika = Hitler Nazi Germany. The history of the Nazi party is very interesting. Also socialism does not equal communism. If it is implemented correctly Socialist ideals (Which really is what this country is founded on.) are not damaging in themselves. What really screwed Socialist ideals is Hitler and his Eugenics project. (Which actually warped the theory of Eugenics. But the theory of Eugenics is a complete bust, since all human beings share the same DNA and genetic patterns. Skin color is just an active chromosome. Since we are all ONE race, Eugenics is a false theory.) Hitler’s Aryan race crap bastardized a recognized symbol of peace. (I don’t know if anyone remembers, but in the late 90’s early 00’s Coca-Cola came out with a product in Japan that displayed the Manji (japanese version of the swastika.) People worldwide actually called Coca-Cola an anti-Semitic company.


  44. Enkill_Eridos said


    I can actually answer your inverted pentagram or penticle question quite plainly. It isn’t a symbol for hate. The pentagram or penticle represents the positive energy within man, as well as the world. For the northern hemisphere. The inverted pentagram or penticle represents the positive energy within man for the southern hemisphere. The inverted pentagram, was adopted by the Church of Satan cult, but is not the symbol for Satanism or the School of Luciferian thought. (Both religions actually have nothing to do with secular christian teachings, it is an old joke between the followers. They see spirituality in two forms, either right-sided (depend on God for everything.) or left-sided, basically saying that they have the ability to become God-like (There is a difference.) And because of that theology they called their spiritual path just that. Where the Church of Satan worships Satan in the Christian form, and Christian propaganda. Satanism and The School of Luciferian Thought (again it is quite the funny joke as they are mocking Christianities doctrines on demons etc.) do not actually think that such a being should be worshiped or even exists. Instead they believe that spiritual truth lies inside themselves. With minimal indoctrinated teachings from others. They believe that you can learn from one another and one persons findings may awaken an inner knowledge. They call awakening this inner knowledge accessing the divine spark. Many that follow this practice are Christians, they just have a different view on what God does for mankind. And some do not believe in any man-made concepts of God. It all depends on who you talk to.

    The symbol on top of the Eagle is both the Star of David and the Hexagonal Pentagram. (They are the same symbol it originates from Kabalistic practices.) The pyramid is a freemason symbol. The dollar bill as a whole as a bunch of symbols that actually is supposed to symbolize our religious diversity. There is the symbol of Islam on the dollar bill somewhere as well.

    I may want to start with more symbology posts but I believe since most symbols have religious or spiritual origins I will be posting the rest on Project: Sanctuary. Minus the one on the Confederate Flag. That is a huge can of worms I think would be good to open, in this day and age.


  45. I would like to see a news media, such as Newsday, come out with an editorial concerning the Swastika…..as to what it really is, not what it symbolized during the WWII. The majority of people have absolutely no idea what the symbol actually was, before that moronic bastard Hitler, used it for his own purposes. The only reason he used it…..he wanted good fortune for his movement.
    You can’t blame the Swastika for that.
    I’m a fine artist, & I’m working on a concept, painting & collage, commemorating the millions of people murdered by the Nazis. The focal point of the painting is the Swastika.
    I don’t expect someone to purchase it & hand it in their den, but who the hell knows. It would be more suitable for The Holocaust Museum…..but who know.


  46. Enkill_Eridos said

    I would buy it. I find it very interesting that every culture shares the same symbols that have the same meanings but different names.


  47. I. Fisher said


    Rotating a symbol 45 degrees does NOT constitute an INVERSION.
    An INVERTED swastika would be one where the “legs” are pointing to the left instead of the right.

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  48. Ladies & Gentlemen….With all the discussions concerning the Swastika, my only comment, a few weeks ago was this. I just feel that some news media should come out with editorials to educate the public concerning the Swastika. Once again, you can’t blame the Swastika for what is represented in WWII, because some evil minded moronic bastard decided to use it as a good luck symbol for his movement. That is the reason & the only reason that it was adopted by the Nazis…..they wanted good luck & good fortune for their movement.
    No matter how you feel, you cannot blame the symbol for that.

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  49. Anonymous said

    what i know is that hitler made it the most popular sign forever for the most popular man ever killing the worst people ever and told us that he will leave some of dem to see who really they r and that is really obvious now


  50. j said

    hail hitler


  51. semper mike said

    The swastika shaped building spoke of in san deago is a us navy barracks more such buildings can be found in Norfolk va.


  52. Fidelo said

    I wish I knew this earlier


  53. Enkill_Eridos said

    Those buildings were probably designed before WWII. The Pentagon was designed in the shape of a pentacle (I.e. 5 Pointed-Star.) I mean there is more metaphysical building structures in America than in the Old World.


  54. Jonny said

    people in america…well most, will never know the truth behind the swastika, a sad but undeniable fact. USA is Jew ftw so anything anti semitism will probably not be taught in schools. A most interesting blog but nothing too worth discussing, you can dig so deep till you hit rock and break your shovel. you all have an outstanding knowledge on this subject that i admire hands down….Now abt the swastika being anti semitism i believe it is not but most now a days dont have a clue on the subject so string up opinions that transform from person to person


  55. Conservative Republican said

    You are so liberal. This blog is very liberal and it’s not even funny. Get a life buddy.


  56. Anonymous said



  57. I have a life. I don’t think you understand what a liberal actually is. It’s just like a lot of people say they are Christian, yet they don’t really understand what it means to be Christian. Most Christians know more about the teachings of Peter than Jesus.


  58. Anonymous said

    i belive in hindu culture ,, since 25 years i am seeing in indian temples ,houses ,, people make this sign for good luck , prosperity ,, as they feel this is the sign of god ,,, now as it was said earlier this sign have been derived from aryan civilization,, where the vedas came from ,, and i am talking about 2500-2000 b.c ,, since then my friends this sign of swastik is auspicious for many cultures and civilizations ,,
    so do u really think , hitler can actually change the meaning of swastik ,,the guy was evil ,, not the sign ,, it was merely used by him …
    and the matter of fact ,, still on festivals in india ,, my mother draw this sign as a sign of good luck ,,,
    sign is not guilty guys


  59. gaurav said

    i belive in hindu culture ,, since 25 years i am seeing in indian temples ,houses ,, people make this sign for good luck , prosperity ,, as they feel this is the sign of god ,,, now as it was said earlier this sign have been derived from aryan civilization,, where the vedas came from ,, and i am talking about 2500-2000 b.c ,, since then my friends this sign of swastik is auspicious for many cultures and civilizations ,,
    so do u really think , hitler can actually change the meaning of swastik ,,the guy was evil ,, not the sign ,, it was merely used by him …
    and the matter of fact ,, still on festivals in india ,, my mother draw this sign as a sign of good luck ,,,
    sign is not guilty guys


  60. Michael Santore said

    Gaurav…..You’ve hit the nail on the head. I said the same thing before. However, I really don’t think that any news media wants to get involved to actually take on the project; of enlightening the public as to what the swastika really stands for. There’s a Rabbi Gellman who has a daily article in Newsday. He seems like a very intelligent guy, someone that you could discuss anything with. As I said in one of my prior statements. I’m an artist, both commercial & fine. I’m conceptualizing a painting/montage, commemorating all of the victims of the Holocaust. Within the center, is a rendered
    Swastika; partially covered with a statement made my General Dwight D. Eisenhower, when he first came across the camps. The perimeter of the painting/montage contains prints of the artwork of artist David Olere, who was a survivor of the holocaust. I received permission from the Beate Klarsfeld Foundation to use these prints as a border on my painting. When it’s completed, I’ll place it on my website & see what reactions I get.
    As for Rabbi Gellman, I intend to write him & ask him his thoughts on having a news media delve into the swastika &, perhaps, run an article of two, or three. I’m very curious as to what his reaction would be.


  61. gaurav said

    THANKS ,,, QUITE INFORMATIVE U WERE IN UR BLOG ,, OBVIOUSLY NEWS media will not take up on this subject as it is still very sensitive issue ,, and involve sentimental value for lot of people in this world , it is not that they are not aware that this is just a sign,, and the actual meaning is very different then what we r perceiving but who’s gonna jump to dig an old grave ,, no one ,,
    .. i am not an European ,, neither i nor anyone from my family had gone through of what happened in WW2 ,, but the mere thought of it gives me a shiver ,, makes me think ,, what hatred can do to people ,,, hitler was born as human and died as devil ,
    in actual what u said michael makes lot of sense to ,, of talking the rabbi and putting our point of view ,,
    i was in germany last year and i realize ,, people dont wanna talk about what happened 60 years back ,, i felt a sense of denial ..
    but yes that for true that people like us can make lot of difference in this world ,, so lets atleast try

    Liked by 1 person

  62. Michael Santore said

    Gaurav…..Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate it. You said that you were in Germany last year & you’re right about people not wanting to talk about it. I was stationed in Germany with the U.S.Army, from 1960 – 1962. I enlisted in 1959 & spent one year stateside before going to Germany. Let me tell you something. I’m a pretty macho guy, growing up on the streets of Astoria, Queens….which is just over the 59th Street Bridge from Manhattan.
    I’m also an artist & although I’m macho (LOL)….I’m also very creative & sensitive. I say that because….along with a few of my friends, we had the opportunity to visit some of the death camps in Germany. I tell you this, it was the weirdest feeling that I ever had. There are spirits roaming all over those camps. You can feel their presence, you can hear their cries, etc. I happen to love Germany, the beer, the food, the women, the sights, etc. But I find it so very, very difficult to understand how people could’ve done what they did to other people…..for no reason except they were of Jewish faith. However, with the way the peoples of the world have & continue to think & act. I’m beginning to feel “that way” about some other races in the world.
    I hate to say this, but I can understand how the Nazis felt about a race of people…..everytime I look back on 9/11 & the Twin Towers. Combine that with all the attempted bombings & terrorists that we have to deal with…..and you begin to realize just how easy it can be to try to annihilate a certain class of people. Of course, the Jewish people never did anything to the Nazis…..it was all in Hitlers mind. Not so today, there’s a certain race of people want there way or no way. These are the people that we have to watch out for. This is not a joke, my friend, this is reality. Thanks for letting me rant.
    Strictly for the record, if you’d like my personal e-mail, let me know…..I’ll send it to you, unless it’s against the law on this blog. Take cae & stay well.

    Liked by 1 person

  63. Well, Swastika has acquired a new meaning in occidental civilisation, sorry for the old one.
    The indians can use the sign as much as they want, I doubt they have a lot of neonazis here. But for the population emotionnaly involved in the WWII, it’s not possible anymore to use it as this signification. Too much connotation. At least it’s how I feel it.


  64. arielle said

    um wow yall like to conversate… like alot. i really dont get all this stuff involving all this nazi stuff


  65. Chris said

    the swastika can mean many thing but peace love and prosperity describe the old meaning. the Nazis have made it seam bad but the reason i dont understand


  66. oi!1488 said

    I am a skinhead and have been for all my life. all those who say the swasticka is a bad sign just cause the jews then they just dont know . Its a sign of power and i wear it with pride every day and those who dont like it need well ,,live with it.


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  68. Saket Mishra said

    Can i use an inverted Swastika just for a style stunt? Say, probably a sticker on my motor cycle helmet. Is it risky to do so?
    Please advice, will appreciate your views..


  69. Helpful info. Fortunate me I found your website unintentionally, and I am shocked why this accident didn’t happened earlier! I bookmarked it.


  70. Nice post. What this shows is the prevalent use of psychology to mess with people’s heads. Many symbols throughout history elicited positive thoughts and emotions. Now those same symbols elicit negative thoughts and emotions. This is a tragedy. But Although it is all arbitrary. Nontheless, it worked and many people’s lives may have been made just a little bit better because of these symbols. It would be nice to “take back” these symbols through education. Mainstream media isn’t going to do it. But you can just create/use your own symbols. It’s all psychological. Any kind of memento that make you feel good in any way is good to use. It’s all about how you feel and how you think. I surround myself with motivational pictures and phrases, I wake up in the morning and read them and I feel good. Even if my eyes just glance at them, I’m subconsciously “burning” them it into my brain. It’s great. Our historical symbols have been hijacked. So make your own. Whatever it takes to increase your vibrational frequency!

    Liked by 1 person

  71. mabmodron said

    There’s no such thing as inverted swastika, this symbol may be both left or right faced, the nazis didn’t steal this symbol from buddhists, the sawastika is present in all aryan cultures, (buddhism itself originated from brahmanism, religion of the vedas of north india (aryans)), from the vedas of India, to the persians and other middle eastern aryan peoples like the kalash, hunza nuristani and punjabi, to the european peoples, these people are all aryans and all have swastikas, the germanic peoples have the sun cross, or fylfot, the slavs have the kolovrat, the celts and greeks have a lot of triskelions, which is a type of swastika, sanskrit is an aryan language, the oldest known alphabet of the Indo-European family, Ariosophy was around in europe way before the nazi party took the power in germany, the anthropologists know about the Indo-European ethnic group since the 1700, so yes the swastika isn’t a nazi symbol but it’s an aryan symbol, so white/european people can call themselves aryan and wear swastikas as much as they want


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  73. Dennis said

    My plan is search fashion editorials here in The Swastika and what it really stands for. A Different …. I think my attitude in this certain. I am Dennis and News Magazine Blog is good!


  74. tinnyray said

    The Nazi symbol was not a swastika in that the Nazis did not call their symbol a swastika (and they did not call themselves Nazis). In defense of the swastika symbol, someone wrote elsewhere “If Hitler wore a cross, do you think that the cross symbol would be reviled too?” Hitler DID wear a cross in that Hitler did not call his symbol a swastika. He called it a Hakenkreuz, which means “Hooked Cross,” because it was a type of cross. He altered it, turning it 45 degrees from the horizontal and always orienting it in the S-letter direction, to represent crossed S-letters for “socialism” under his National Socialist German Workers Party (see the work of the historian Dr. Rex Curry). One reason the term “swastika” became so dominant for the symbol is because people did not want to slander the Christian “cross” symbol, so they decided to defame an eastern symbol instead, the “swastika,” by always referring to Hitler’s symbol incorrectly.


  75. CLR said

    i think no one really knows about the nazi symbol because, hey umm you weren’t there!


  76. Roman said

    The Jews deserved what they got.. I am a Ukrainian and they killed my people in Ukraine.. Their holocaust was not holocaust, but ours was.. 7-14 million Ukrainians starved to death by Communist Jews and Stalin, so they got what they deserved. I happily wear a swastika necklace around my neck, and Idea of Nations.. I don’t care what Jews say. they got what they deserved. And now Israel is new Nazi state with its own HATE SYMBOL – STAR OF DAVID and hate israelies..

    Liked by 1 person

  77. raphael said


    it has been a few years

    what have ‘raphael + swastika + maltese cross’ been up to?

    well all I can say is that is about ‘time’

    temples are monuments to ‘time’
    that is why we should NOT be surprised to find them aligned to the equinoxes, solstices, or other significant starry events.
    i.e. Venus transit cycle …
    the swastika was long ago connected to the ‘precessional’ time clock that is a fact being overlooked by folks feeling too uncomfortable in going there to investigate such an OBVIOUS connection between the pole star, Draco, and the dippers big and small.

    The connection between Ursa Major and the swastika has been documented time and again.
    The ‘applications’ define the gift, its neutral unmigated benevolence. A technology that wields the intent of the user, good or bad.

    Anyway time to catch up folks … especially the wankers who can’t get past 1945 and their ignorant POVs that need a software update.
    This I wrote with ‘ewe’ in mind.



  78. […] https://tothewire.wordpress.com/2009/01/21/the-swastika-and-what-it-really-stands-for/ […]


  79. michael mcfarlin.eagles said

    For All Of You That Have Ancestors From Europe That Makes You White And Hitler Wanted To Rate Your Life And Make You The Perfect Race So The Next Time You Want To Say You hate Hitler look in the mirror and know that you would Have lived as for The swastika yes it was taken from something else but what has not been i Have one and im proud to have a symbol of hate on me


  80. Sonya Blade said

    my sister wants drew something that looked similar to a swastika it was no thoughand the school saw it and thought that she was being racist and they suspended her for it and I laughed so hard she told them because they didn’t even know what a swastika really meant and eventhough she didn’t draw one and she was only in the 6th grade she told them what it stands for hope peace love and luck but they insisted that they were right and she was wrongso she got suspended for something she didn’t you can actually do but her school is just so incredibly stupid they didn’t even realize it

    Liked by 1 person

  81. tinnyray said

    “If Hitler wore a cross, do you think that the cross symbol would be reviled too?”

    Answer: “Hitler DID wear a cross in that Hitler did not call his symbol a ‘swastika,’ he called it a ‘Hakenkreuz,’ which means ‘Hooked Cross,’ because it was a type of cross. He altered it, turning it 45 degrees from the horizontal and always orienting it in the S-letter direction, to represent crossed S-letters for his ‘socialism’ under his National Socialist German Workers Party (see the work of the historian Dr. Rex Curry).” http://rexcurry.net/swastika.html

    The Nazi symbol was not a swastika in that the Nazis did not call their symbol a “swastika” (and they did not call themselves “Nazis”).

    Bonus answer: “One reason why the term ‘swastika’ became so dominant for the symbol is because people did not want to slander the Christian ‘cross’ symbol, so they decided to defame an eastern symbol instead, the ‘swastika,’ by always referring to Hitler’s symbol incorrectly.”

    If you want to help save the “swastika,” from the tarnish of Hitler, then you should stop referring to Hitler’s symbol as a “swastika,” and point out that it was a cross, and point out that it was also alphabetical symbolism for “S” letters, for Hitler’s “socialism.”


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  85. it is really good explaination thanks!


  86. Tinnyray When I wrote this years ago this was the exact response I was looking for.


  87. klswarrior said

    Reblogged this on klswarrior's Blog.


  88. Temidayo said

    it nice to meet my great people here… I got the symbol on my chest . I need a member should contact me on my email . Temidayopedro@gmail.com or +2348022088427 .am from Nigeria .

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  89. Clark Kent said

    The truth is that Hitler didn’t start the war , Judea declared war on Germany 1933 ,Hitler tried countless times to avert war , the symbol to him meant to do well ,and that’s exactly what he did ,he did well by the German People and by Germany ,when you all finish parroting lies of History and check the facts there will be justice .

    The truth is stranger than fiction , and Condemnation Without Investigation Is the height of Ignorance , The so called jews Got what they deserved for what they did to Germany Via the Balfour Declaration , things to remember is Not a single jew died in the So called gas chamber ever ! The Truth is Hidden in Plain Sight , Waiting for you .

    I believe the Symbol is Great and that we have purposely been driven away from it to hide the History and its true Meaning, . Great Post in the name of truth Thankyou .


  90. Clark Kent said

    Excuse Me MICHAEL SANTORE ,…….what History books are you reading from ,because they are missing a lot of pages ,The jews Destroyed Germany , They were 2% of the population yet they held every Government job of importance including all banking . You are a Blatant liar , everything you say is total lies ,and sadly Humanity is paying a huge price for people like you .

    Adolf Hitler ” One Day My Spirit Will Rise And The World Will See That I Was Right ” Expose the So Called Lying Jews ,The Synagogue of Satan , Like their father the Devil , Kharzar Mafia = Royal Bloodline………Diana’s Mother a jewess ,Dianna a Jewess Father was Goldsmith , not spencer, William and Harry Especially William Jews Charles A jew too , Kate Jewess and both their kids Jews . Elizabeth married 3rd cousin Prince Phillip , 2 of her sisters were put in homes as mental cases / inbreeding ,and 3 of her cousins .

    Sorry about my rant here but at least I have made every effort to tell the truth unlike others , This Symbol should be brought back to Life in a Big way ! Love Peace Compassion and Empathy is really missing today ,unfortunately so is the truth . Good Luck ,To Do Well !


  91. […]  The swastika excuse industry is particularly popular on social media. The excuse mongers always claim that swastika graffiti is always drawn “incorrectly” and that really it’s an […]


  92. Tienes Youtube?


  93. Polly said

    Your answer shows real inelltigence.


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  95. tgok la cter sabar tak sabar.. Remy mmg nmpk cm bngla.. tp bngla pown ttp mnusia cm kta kn.. remy ngn mya mmg nmpk sweet jew.. Ok la tu, msing2 sngle kn?


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