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Caveman and the Ice Storm

Posted by lawman2 on January 27, 2009


Man I hate iced roads!  Seems like anytime the weather gets bad, all the stupid people decide to take a drive!  In front of our little house here, we had about 6 cars in the ditches last night.  Guess where all these drivers came to escape the cold and make their calls?  OUR CAVE! 

Not surprising 5 of those drivers were women, the other a young kid who just wanted to have some fun on the ice.  WHAT THE HELL?  I asked him if his parents bought that truck for him, and he said “Yes, sir.”  Well of course they did, I thought to myself.  After putting some bricks in the back of the stupid kid’s truck his dad got him back on the road.  I think teens are mentally handicapped!  Why wold anyone allow their teen to drive on icy roads?  STUPID PEOPLE!

 Now back to the stranded women…

1) My wife had to get out yesterday evening and she had the good sense to ask me to drive her.

2) I think women shouldn’t drive in shitty weather!  They don’t seem to drive as well on the ice as men.

3) What if we were bad people?  What if I was some killer or rapist, and here comes these women knocking on my door?  The men in these women’s lives need their ass’ kicked for letting them get out and drive by themselves! Stupid people!

4) Stupid people need to keep their cars parked in bad weather conditions.  One of the young ladies that showed up at our door said a man driving a red truck and was sliding all over the road and caused her to run into the ditch. The asshole didn’t even stop to make sure this driver was okay.  What the hell?  They could have pulled into our rather large drive and walked back the few feet to check on her.  What kind of driver would run someone off the road and then just leave them?  Stupid people!

caveman5) This rant of mine could go on and on, but the main point is this  STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDN’T BE DRIVING!  Especially on icy roads!  I am not saying women are stupid people, but hell why don’t you ladies stay home when the roads get nasty?

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9 Responses to “Caveman and the Ice Storm”

  1. tothewire said

    Sometimes I think he really isn’t a male chauvinist, but then you post something like this. STUPID


  2. Lawman2 said

    ouch!baby that hurts!hehehe


  3. I am assuming that the caveperson is all piss and wind (sorry, ‘venting’) and was charming cheerful and helpful to the stupid people?


  4. douglaskev said

    …wow? is this for real?


  5. obama the antichrist said

    so true so true! I am not a good driver myself…never been in an accident but almost caused alot whoops! but yes i stayed put never got near my car 🙂


  6. I think Cavemanawitz is just jealous that women get better rates than men on thier car insurance because they are better drivers. But hey the state you live in seems to have more inbreeding than Alabama, if that many people wiped out on Ice. I agree ice is a huge pain but it is not hard to drive on iced roads. Now this is going to be shocking but driving on ice is like driving in a hurricane you go 10 miles slower than the speed limit and you will do fine. *gasp* Teenagers are retards when it comes to driving but I would blame the parents for not taking the time to teach thier kids how to drive. The fact that most of the drivers that came to your door were women is just coincidental. But of course the state you live in, I suspect has a higher inbreeding rate than Virginia. 😀 j/k about Virginia.


  7. Also Cavemanawitz, people hope especially those from close knitt communities that other people will help them. Plus statistics are on the women’s side, A majority of rape victims are raped by people close to them. As well as burgleries, most cases the victim is buglerized by an acquaintence, friend or family member.


  8. Lawman2 said

    hey everyone.no electricity here just generator.won’t be on as much.

    ota i pretty much stay put too man!

    hey there betty! yeah,i was nice to everyone that came to our door.still am.

    lol e!now that’s the kind of reaction i was hoping for from tothewire,dorian,or kay (maybe even from rj)!glad someone didn’t let it just slide!i respect women drivers…as long as their cars are parked! LOL


  9. tothewire said

    HEY DOUG IS BACK! GOOD TO SEE YOU AROUND DOUG! Lawman just likes messin with the rest of us here. He say’s he likes to keep the post boiling and stirred.

    E_E you are so good to show him up! AND I love it!


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