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Caveman and No Electricity Blues…

Posted by lawman2 on January 29, 2009

Thanks to the ICE STORM we are in the dark here!

light-bulb-glowing-filament-light-blue-uncropped-lores-3-ahdHere I sit in the dark pretty much, generator out on porch thumping away so I can watch a bit of  T.V. and post a rant about how damn miserable it is here!   We have 3 other couples staying with us, because they had no heat, we have 3 large fireplaces here to keep us all toasty. 

I know there are a lot of people out there worse off than we are, and I feel pretty bad for them.  I don’t really mind having the other families here with us, but it is an adjustment.  I had no idea how loud kids can be when they get bored.  One of the couples staying with us have 3 very bored children.  My hands still haven’t recovered from being frozen from building 3 snowmen, and having 2 major snow ball fights. I have learned that I can’t dodge snow balls like I use to be able to as a kid.   I fell several times trying to out run the snow balls being thrown at me, even my wife was faster at dodging those little devil children and their snow balls!   I feel pretty damn old tonight.   The ice here sucks!  You can’t walk out side without slipping and sliding around a bit. 

We have managed to play every game in the house at least 3 times, and if I see another deck of cards, or get suckered into another Monopoly game, I think I will run through the house naked and screaming “Obama is coming!Obama is coming!”   That should clear everyone out with the exception of my liberal  Obama voting wife! hehehe

caveman-fit2Today I drove 45 min. to appear in court, and what to my surprise all but one person who was to appear in court canceled.  I DROVE 45 min. to get there, and all but one canceled?  The funny thing is all but that one lived in the same town as the courthouse where we were meeting.   My wife told me I was being a dick when I told here “That will cost them.” What the hell?  Why shouldn’t they pay extra for my extra time that I will now have to devote to another day in court?  Maybe it is going to be on a perfect day to be in the sky!  Damn I hate losing my personal time.   All you bleeding heart liberals don’t get all up in arms, I won’t charge anyone (well maybe one) any extra. 

My wife said I should have went into another line of work, if all I wanted to do was play all the time.  I don’t know of another line of work, where I would have this much free time, or I would change professions!

Anyway, trying to watch a bit of  T.V. and relax, after a long day on the road, frustration of being stood up, and recover from trying to entertain 3 bored devil children.  I don’t know how my wife always maintains her quiet, patient demeanor.  Being stuck here with no electricity is driving me and these kids crazy!   Speaking of which it is about time for everyone’s movie to be over, which means time for me to shut the generator off…and decline an offer to play another game before bed!

Stay warm! 

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2 Responses to “Caveman and No Electricity Blues…”

  1. tothewire said

    You poor baby you! LOL


  2. Lawman2 said

    hey e you still have tothewires phone #?
    we have an aiid# for alphainventions but it can’t be used on any other site but this one, or it will be taken away from us.i won’t be able to post as much with electricity out here.we only turn the generator on from time to time.if someone wants to add the aiid# to each post entered in alphinventions give us a call or use the IM to message.her blackberry stays on line.


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