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Cavemen Don’t Tell Tales

Posted by lawman2 on January 31, 2009


Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?  Not me, not I…

lget4001Now baby…Would I lie to you?




images18We have electricity again!  The nasty ice storm left us without electricity for 4 very cold day and nights.  Last night our electricity was restored!  Being the caveman that I am I saw this as an opportunity…so I went and told a fib!    Just a little white lie…


When my wife returned home last night I had all the lights off, and told her the couples that were staying with us decided to wait it out at their own homes. She said as she raised her brow  “Oh, I do hope they are able to stay warm!”  I smiled “I am sure they will be fine.”  I then went on to suggest several ways to kill the time without electricity…hehehe  Hell we have had 3 other couples staying with us for the past 4 days!  No privacy for the newlyweds working on procreating here!

She whispered softly in my ear  “I am happy tonight we have no electricity, let’s pass the time naked and in each others arms.”

images19When we finished “passing the time”, and lay in bed snuggling up close.  I asked her to flip on the side lamp so I could see her face more clearly.  She smiled and said “Honey, we have no electricity, remember?”  I laughed and said “Well, now babe you can call me the magic man.” as I reached over her and flipped on the light. 

She giggled and seemed so shocked and delighted  to have electricity again.

Today I found out she already knew we had electricity!  She had called her brother via cell phone and informed him our electric was back up, BEFORE she came home late last night.   She drove by our house earlier during the day, while I was still in the cage (office).  She had even helped the couples who had been staying with us, pack their things up and load their cars for home.  Then she had them leave a note for me saying thank you and for me to tell my wife thank you as well…what a set up!  

sneaky-jinjaWhat a sneaky little liberal woman I have here! LOL


You Can read more caveman’s perspectives from lawman Just A Caveman


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