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Mt. Redoubt volcano in Alaska…

Posted by tothewire on January 31, 2009

Mt. Redoubt volcano in Alaska still rumbling, but no eruption yet

9:23 AM, January 30, 2009

Drift River-area structure was inundated during the last eruption of Alaska's Mt. Redoubt beginning in 1989.

The latest report on volatile Mt. Redoubt’s status, from the Alaska Volcano Observatory website: “Unrest at Redoubt Volcano continues, though no eruption has yet occurred. Seismicity levels have risen within the last eight hours. Redoubt remains at Aviation Color Code ORANGE and Volcano Alert Level WATCH.”

Also posted on the site, which is limited because of heavy traffic, was this 8 a.m. report: “Seismicity at Redoubt is varying in intensity but is still well above background. We have seen higher amplitude seismicity for the past several hours but appears to be subsiding a bit at this time.”

Meanwhile, to the south, in Washington state’s Puget Sound area, a magnitude 4.6 earthquake rattled residents early this morning. That probably is coincidental.

Outposts has a call into one of the scientists at Mt. Redoubt and will share any information he may provide.

— Pete Thomas


Photo: Drift River-area structure was inundated during the last eruption of Alaska’s Mt. Redoubt beginning in 1989. Credit: Alaska Volcano Observatory


2 Responses to “Mt. Redoubt volcano in Alaska…”

  1. Morgan Libby said

    This information is NOT helpful. its short too. u need to make it longer! ur dumb


  2. Well Morgan I do have to differ with you. This information is helpful, it is not too short as it is an update to a story written by Pete Thomas who also wrote the parent article to this. But how much more data do you need? They think Mt. Redoubt in Alaska is going to erupt. Also before you call someone dumb you need to actually use WHOLE words. That just makes you look like you are either lazy or were dropped on your head repeatedly as a child. I always assume the ladder. Cheers!


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