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Bloggers Helping Bloggers

Posted by lawman2 on February 9, 2009

Great Top 5 +1 post from other sites…



Here are some great post from blogs that caught our eye this week… These blogs each  have different political, and religious views:



  Idea Of God Blog Name NEWS, VIEWS & SERENDIPITY  



thumbs-up Too Late, New York Blog Name Justice Today





10 Reasons Why I’m the Best One For the Best Job in the World on Hamilton Island, AUS  blog name art predator

 My wife had a different post from art prdator that she wanted to post here, but this is my post after all! hehehe



 Does poetry do it for you? blog name Okathleen’s Weblog





postcodes 10: SW7 blog name Mrs Slocombe regrets


+1 :


thumbs-up Ashley Judd is an idiot Blog Name The Intellectual Redneck




We always recomend the following blogs as they are always good for a great read!  They all share the following qualities : Keenness and quickness of perception or discernment; ingenuity.


  • Fading Ad Blog by Frank H. Jump
  • justice 4 mothers
  • Justice Today   and  Bruce M. Hood

    If you would like your blog to be considered for our Bloggers Helping Bloggers post, you need to post us a link to your blog and/or post!  (Hint) We usually only consider blogs that have left a comment on our own blog…wouldn’t you?

    You Can read more caveman’s perspectives from lawman Just A Caveman

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    23 Responses to “Bloggers Helping Bloggers”

    1. douglaskev said

      too kind my friend, too kind ^_^


    2. Lawman2 said

      damn bruce has another great post and i didn’t add it on our list! http://brucemhood.wordpress.com/2009/02/08/nursing-a-guilt-complex/


    3. Lawman2 said

      hey there kev!you’re welcome!you deserve it!hope it brings you some readers man!


    4. thank you! I hope we’ll get all the To The Wire readers to support my application!

      I am curious though which was the post that your wife wanted!


    5. Lawman2 said

      it was something to do with last day of 2008 and saturn or something like that.searching your blog for it now…


    6. tothewire said

      OUR list? You’ve made it quite clear this is your list! BRAT!


    7. tothewire said



    8. Lawman2 said

      i knew it had something to do with astrology…lol


    9. it could have been that post which is actualy relevant until it leaves retrograde in May 2009 but it could also have been my post form last Sunday “January Wrap-up :: February What’s up” which talks about ALL kinds of stuff but also has astronomical and astrological info:


      thanks again for putting me on your list!


    10. tothewire said

      I read your comment you left on Bruce Hood’s blog… Would you really?


    11. Lawman2 said

      Yes mam!


    12. Lawman2 said

      forgot the post from justice that centered2 sent me via email http://justice4mothers.wordpress.com/emotional-and-psychological-abuse-fact-sheet/


    13. glad to know we settled that question and figured out the right post #2!

      thanks again for the link love and sending so many friends over to my place!

      next time, i swear i’ll be more prepared, have the place cleaned up and plenty of whiskey and bubbly too! what would the missus like?


    14. Lawman2 said

      @tothewire you liked my comment so much on bruce hoods blog thought i would post it here!

      February 9, 2009 at 1:20 am
      1st i would ask her if her god is omniscient. if God is omniscient then he knows how to bring it about that there is neither evil nor suffering.

      2nd i would ask her if her god is ominpotent. if God is omnipotent then he is able to bring it about that there is neither evil nor suffering.

      3rd i would ask her is her god is benevolent. if God is benevolent then he wants to bring it about that there is neither evil nor suffering. but if God knows how to, is able to and wants to bring it about that there is neither evil nor suffering, then why does he not do so?
      her god does not do so because he does not exist so she needn’t pray for me…and i needn’t use caps on his name.


    15. Lawman2 said

      Fading Ad Blog by Frank H. Jump glad you posted the video


    16. Hey lawman: thanks for all of yours concern, and I will (almost) overlook your gender and political shenanigans in the light of your righteous atheism…..


    17. tothewire said



    18. Lawman2 said

      lol betty!my righteous atheism…lovin’ it.


    19. Amitabh said

      So you finally chose the Idea of God. Fine with me. And thanks a lot. It sure feels nice to be thumbed up by peers.


    20. Lawman2 said

      you deserve it amitabh you have a way with the written word! enjoy your blog and i hope others do as well!


    21. fadingad said

      Thank you so much for your kind attention.


    22. Lawman2 said

      as always good to read ya here frank!
      you’re welcome!


    23. okathleen said

      Once again, flattery will get you everywhere!



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