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WAIT! Mother of Octuples’ On Welfare

Posted by lawman2 on February 10, 2009


Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to octuplets last month, is receiving $490 a month in food stamps, and three of her first six children are disabled and receiving federal assistance, her publicist Michael Furtney confirmed!  What the hell?


Didn’t we just watch the interview where she told NBC News correspondent Ann Curry that she was not receiving welfare?!

From LA Times

“In Nadya’s view, the money that she gets from the food stamp program … and the resources disabilities payments she gets for her three children are not welfare,” he said. “They are part of programs designed to help people with need, and she does not see that as welfare.” 

Hills fertility clinic run by a well-known — and controversial — specialist who pioneered a method of implantation.

Dr. Michael Kamrava’s name emerged Monday as a result of the interview aired Monday with Suleman, who gave birth to eight babies Jan. 26.

Over the past two weeks, the identity of Suleman’s fertility doctor has been a source of great mystery because of questions over the ethics of implanting numerous embryos in a woman who already had six children.


It was not immediately known if the technique was used on Suleman.

Suleman said she had six embryos implanted for each of her pregnancies. The octuplets were a surprise result of her last set of six embryos, she said, explaining she had expected twins at most. Two of the embryos evidently divided in the womb.

Medical ethicists have criticized the implanting of so many embryos. National guidelines put the norm at two to three embryos for a woman of Suleman’s age, except in extraordinary circumstances.

Kamrava’s clinic performed 20 in vitro procedures on women under 35 in 2006, according to the most recent national report compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of those 20 procedures, four resulted in pregnancies and two in births. One woman delivered twins.  The average number of embryos he transferred per procedure for women under 35 was 3.5, the report said. Fertility doctors often implant more than one embryo to increase the chances that one will take hold.

An in-vitro procedure typically costs between $8,000 and $15,000. Asked on NBC how she was able to afford the treatments, Suleman said she had saved money and used some of the more than $165,000 in disability payments she received after being injured in a 1999 riot at a state mental hospital where she worked.

Octuplet Names

Noah Angel Solomon (boy)
Jonah Angel Solomon (boy)
Jeremiah Angel Solomon (boy)
Josiah Angel Soloman (boy)
Isaiah Angel Solomon (boy)
Maliyah Angel Solomon (girl)
Makai Angel Solomon (boy)
Nariyah Angel Solomon (girl)

Keep in mind the cost of the procedure she use to get pregnant with these children…In addition to octuplets, Suleman has six children aged 2 to 7.

7 year old Elijah Makai Solomon (boy)
6 year old Amerah Yasmeen Solomon (girl)
5 year old Joshua Jacob Solomon (boy)
3 year old Aidan Solomon (boy)
2 year old Calyssa Arielle Solomon (girl, twin)
2 year old Caleb Kai Solomon (boy, twin)

woman-shoe-5-1How can a person who claims not to be able to feed her children without public assistance afford to have this procedure SO MANY DAMN TIMES?

Need a reality check on how much it cost to raise these children?

How about $1,550,000 and that is not taking in account that 3 of the 6 children are disabled, and we don’t know how many of the octuplets will be disabled.  

Welfare will pay her about $3,000 per month now.  BUT that is not near enough to support this large family!  These children will be raised on a below poverty level income.  EVEN when/IF the mother achieves her goal and graduates with a master’s degree in counseling at California State University, she will only be earning around $60,000 per year.

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12 Responses to “WAIT! Mother of Octuples’ On Welfare”

  1. lawman2 said

    my wife and i were talking to a fertility doctor and were planning on using in vitro fertilisation.because of my wifes age the plan was to implant 5-6.the number of implantation isn’t my problem with this woman or doctor…it is HOW many times this procedure was used on a woman who CAN’T afford to support her children without public assistance! A doctors oath “To do no harm…”


  2. lawman2 said

    by the way the procedure was going to cost us $12,000


  3. lawman2 said

    that is not counting OB care $4,000 total or hospital cost between $10,000 – $15,000


  4. dorian9 said

    ‘scuse me but hearing these things brings out my inner fascist. there’s “go forth and procreate” but i think breeding should be limited to those who are responsible and able. which doctor was accomplice to this….


  5. lawman2 said

    just pisses the ol’caveman off!what kind of selfish bitch would knowingly do this?


  6. SewDucky said

    Apparently this one.

    I have had times as a single mom where I fed my cat and my kid, because he needed money for pictures, or what have you. I didn’t eat: I had to have the money to go to work on the bus/buy gas. I also didn’t go on welfare/food stamps either, but I manage to keep it to the one kid I could afford.

    Personally, if one of my children was disabled, and it was a genetic thing, I think I would adopt or just not have any more. (My kid is fine and I’m not having anymore, but hey). Why would she want to keep putting these kids through it?


  7. lawman2 said

    hey sewducky!good to read ya here!
    i’d buy you lunch elaina!
    and you made great points…man heaven forbid something would be wrong with our child.but if there was,we wouldn’t be running to the fertility clinic to have another one!


  8. SewDucky said

    It wasn’t a hint for lunch, and I do okay, but there are times things are tight.

    And I hope nothing’s wrong with the cavebaby, nor was even thinking of it.


  9. RJ said

    i secretly don’t have a problem with it unless the kids are neglected or poorly taken care of…


  10. lawman2 said

    no i didn’t think you meant anything by anything you typed girl!i was just sayin’ lol


    you’re secret is out now…


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  12. Peanut said

    I think the doctor should support the children. He was more irresponsible than she was. He had all the facts and must have known that there is something not right about this woman.


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