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Caveman’s D.O.G. in Trouble

Posted by lawman2 on February 11, 2009


Today started out as a slow day for the ol’ caveman.  My wife was tied up all day in meetings, and I had most of the day off.   When my wife leaves in the morning she puts up a gate that keeps my dog downstairs.  She never had a house pet before, and my having two(actually 3, I have an outside Labrador as well. Used to be an inside pet, but she chewed on everything) was a bit overwhelming for her at first.  My wife came up with rules for the house pets…


I arrived home early and was greeted by my dog at the door.  I folded up the little kiddy gate and walked up the stairs to find my cat laying comfortably on our bed.  My wife allows the cat on the bed, but the dog isn’t allowed on any furniture.  I can tell my dog is a bit jealous of the cat nowdays.  In the old days, when it was just the ol’ caveman, cat, and dog we all had equal use of my old furniture in my old cave.  The cat is loving having the extra privilages. 


dog-slippersI was feeling kinda sorry for my dog, so I decided to give her a bath.  My dog loves baths, she gets all excited and jumps in the tub for bath time.  My girl isn’t a little doggy, she is a mid size Labrador.  Today when she jumped happily into the full tub of water waiting for her, the water spilled over… all over the tiled bathroom floor.  


No big deal I cleaned it up, and finished the bath.   D.O.G. waited patiently for the water to drain, and me to towell her off.  I have two labs, one is now an outside dog (she liked to chew on things) and my beautiful D.O.G. yes, that is her name.  If you say each letter fast it almost sounds like some fancy name, and not the plain ol’ caveman given letters.

Anyway back to my post.  D.O.G. was such a great girl waiting patiently for me to get her all dried off!  I was so proud of her.  Then she stood still while I brushed out her what I thought was just damp hair.

I patted her and told her what a great girl she was, and opened the bathroom door to release her to roam the house.  She ran straight for my wife’s and my bedroom.  I started in on cleaning up the tub (my wife insist that I bleach it out after bathing my girl) then I proceeded putting away all the grooming tools I had just used on D.O.G. 

Wife's tub looks like this one

Wife's tub looks like this one

After everything was cleaned back up to speck I headed downstairs to take a shower myself.  Our upstairs bathroom doesn’t have a shower, just a four claw tub that my wife loves, but I have no use for, with the exception of bathing my girl.


Had a nice shower, towelled off and was just getting ready to start in grooming myself when I heard a loud scream from upstairs!  Damn that was my wife screaming!  I ran out of the bathroom, towel dropping behind me.  Leaped up the stairs two or three at a time, yelling on the way up “Honey whats wrong?” 

Turned the corner and bolted into our bedroom and what a sight I did see!  My wife with one of our pillows swatting at D.O.G. who had become quite comfortable on our bed.  Our bed which is covered during the day by my wife’s comforter, hand made by her mother!  My wife’s mother passed away last month.  So you can imagine just how precious the comforter is to my wife.

D.O.G. wasn’t budging even though she was being wailed at and hit with a pillow…until I came in the room and told her to get off the bed in a not so quiet tone.  Then she jumped down, wagging her tail and came to me.  The comforter had a very big and verywet spot in the middle where my girl had been laying. 

My wife just cried and cried.   No, she wept.   That would be the best way to describe it.  I have only witnessed my wife actually crying one other time, and that was just before her mother passed away. Keep in mind even though we are newly married, I have known this woman for 20 years.  At her mothers funeral, she teared up, but never cried.  I’ve caught her a few times since tearing up when talking with her dad.  My heart was just breaking for her.  It really tears me up to see her cry.  I feel so helpless. 

D.O.G. lay at my feet, while I sat (still naked) by my wife stroking her soft hair, as she lay across the bed and wept.  My wife fell asleep.  D.O.G. followed me out of the room with her head down (maybe because she didn’t want to look at my bare ass…hehehe).ktyn44l

imagesWhile my wife slept the rest of the day away, I decided to order pizza and hot wings for dinner.  My wife does all the cooking, as I really suck in the kitchen.  I wanted to give her the night off.   I rummaged through the refrigerator and found lettuce, a tomato, cucumber, and baby carrots.  I chopped them all up and made a salad.  It didn’t look as pretty as when my wife makes her salads for dinners, but it looked edible.

After setting the table, I went to wake  my sleeping beauty.  As I tiptoed into the room, I stopped at the door.  My wife was sitting in the arm chair reading.  The bed was made, and the comforter wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  I asked her where she had put the comforter, and she shrugged and said “I put it away in the cedar chest my dad built for me when I was a little girl.”  D.O.G. walked past me and on to her.  My wife reached down and started petting her.   “If you forgive me for hitting at you with the pillow, I forgive you for jumping into my bed.”  D.O.G. wagged her tail almost like she agreed to the bargain.  

My wife seemed truly pleased with dinner.  After dinner she excused herself, and said she had to make a run to the store. 

color-dog_cartoonShe came home with a bed for my girl!  A real bed!  It is a little bed, much smaller than a twin even, but a real bed!  It is only knee high and about four feet long.  It has a mattress and everything!   I have been asking her all night where she bought it, but she is being all tight lipped about it.  

The bed now sits on the other side of our bed next to the wall.  D.O.G. jumped right into it!

If there is a moral to this story I haven’t a clue what it would be.  Except maybe that I, being just a caveman do not know the moral of the story.



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7 Responses to “Caveman’s D.O.G. in Trouble”

  1. okathleen said

    Sounds like a case of the tail wagging the dog to me…!


  2. SewDucky said

    LOL I don’t allow the dogs in my room, but my cat can come and go, because one of the dogs eats clothing, so I understand, but at least your wife is trying to play fair.

    Very nice story, even if she got that upset.


  3. lawman2 said

    hehehe tothewire just shook her head at me this morning when i read my post while she made us a bite to eat.

    she said she can’t even pass gass without me blogging about it!lol


  4. dorian9 said

    i love happy endings and dog and cat stories so i really enjoyed this. i can relate to ttw’s horror because i don’t allow the dogs on my bed. the dog bed was very sensible and i’m sure d.o.g is touched that she got her own bed at last!


  5. lawman2 said

    yep she is lovin’ that!actually slept in the damn thing last night and didn’t jump off of it.that amazed me,i kind of figured she would lay next to my side of the bed on the floor…


  6. Look…Caveman’s D.O.G. in Trouble


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