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Pot Over Salmonella for Kelloggs…

Posted by lawman2 on February 11, 2009

Call Kellogg’s: Press 1 for Michael Phelps, Press 2 for Tainted Peanut Butter


Here’s the recording you hear when you call Kellogg’s:

“Thank you for calling the Kellogg Company. If you would like to share your comments regarding our relationship with Michael Phelps, please press one to speak to a representative. If you are calling about the recent peanut butter recall, please press two now. Otherwise, press three or stay on the line. Thank you.”

The Kellogg Company may have thought it was making the smart public-relations play by announcing it was not renewing its contract with Michael Phelps, the Olympic gold-medalist photographed taking a bong hit at a South Carolina party.

There’s just one problem for Kellogg’s: Not everyone likes the war on drugs. And that means Kellogg’s has received a whole lot of phone calls from people expressing their displeasure with the company.

By the way Kelloggs has now changed the message and the peanut butter recall comes up first…hehehe

 # for Kelloggs 1-800-962-1413


What do you think about Kellogg’s decision? Is it fair? Will others follow? Should they? What about the USA Swimming’s slap on the wrist? Was it a good idea?

Did anyone save their Kellogg’s Phelps box? Cause I’m thinking, collectors’ item! And EBay!


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