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Israel puts terms on Gaza truce

Posted by tothewire on February 15, 2009

Israel puts terms on Gaza truce

Gilad Shalit - undated file photo

Gilad Shalit – Egypt has been leading talks that could lead to his release

Israel will not agree to a truce in Gaza unless an Israeli soldier held by Palestinian militants is freed, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said.

Gilad Shalit was captured by Palestinian militants in 2006.

There have been reports that Egypt was close to brokering a long-term truce between Hamas and Israel.

A punishing three-week Israeli assault on Gaza aimed at stopping militant rocket fire on Israel ended with separate ceasefires in January.

The uneasy calm has been punctuated by exchanges of fire between the two sides.

“The position of the prime minister is that Israel won’t reach any arrangement on a truce before the release of Gilad Shalit,” Mr Olmert’s office said in a statement.

Prisoner swap talks

On Thursday, Hamas officials said they expected a truce with Israel to be announced within days.

Any truce is expected to see Israel gradually open the borders to Gaza, ending the blockade it has enforced since Hamas seized control of the territory in mid-2007.

In return, Israel wants to see an end to weapons smuggling and attacks from Gaza.

Moussa Abu Marzouk, a deputy leader of Hamas, said his group had agreed to the terms of a 18-month ceasefire with Israel and that he expected it would be announced within 48 hours.

But Israel reportedly wants any ceasefire to be open-ended.

Separately, Egypt has also been leading negotiations on a prisoner swap that would see Cpl Gilad Shalit released in exchange for several hundred Palestinians held by Israel.

Hamas has refused to link the release of Cpl Shalit with the proposed ceasefire.



3 Responses to “Israel puts terms on Gaza truce”

  1. qazi said

    Rabbi Yisrael Rosen
    Here is Rabbi Yisrael Rosen’s Website

    “All of the Palestinians must be killed; men, women, infants, and even their beasts” cries the religious opinion of Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, the director of the long-established Tsomet Religious Institute. He wrote that Palestinians are like the nation of Amalekites, who attacked the Israelite tribes led by Moses on their way to Jerusalem. He stated that the Lord sent down in the Torah a ruling that allowed the Jews to kill the Amalekites, and that this ruling is known in Jewish jurisprudence (That’s exactly what the Israeli Offensive Forces did in Ghaza.)

    The Torah states: “Annihilate the Amalekites from the beginning to the end. Kill them and wrest them from their possessions. Show them no mercy. Kill continuously, one after the other.. Leave no child, plant, or tree. Kill their beasts, from camels to donkeys..” Rosen stated that Amalekites are not a particular race, but rather all those who hate and oppose the Jews; Christians and Muslims.

    Many leading Israeli Rabbis support Rosen’s views. Israel’s former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu advocated carpet bombing of Gaza stating that “there is absolutely no moral prohibition against the indiscriminate killing of civilians during massive military offensive on Gaza” (The Jerusalem Post, 30 May, 2007). His son Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu amplified his father’s genocidal call stating: “if they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a thousand, then we must kill 10,000 and even a million”

    Many Rabbis had argued that Palestinians in Gaza are not innocent civilians and that during war time it is not individuals but nations the Israelis are fighting. (It seems that Hitler had adopted this Telmudic teaching when he persecuted all European Jews)

    Israeli educators, scholars, and politicians, openly, advocate the annihilation of all Palestinians. Dr. Nachum Rakover, a legal scholar, opined “They voted for killers and sent them to kill us. To call them (civilians) innocent is a tragic comedy… civilians are partners of the killers” Eli Yeshai, Israeli official in the Orthodox Shas party argued that “extermination of the enemy is sanctioned by the Torah” Many other politicians called for the need for “wiping off Gaza from the face of earth”, and “annihilating of every moving thing there.” The right-wing Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman proposed nuking Gaza following the US example when it dropped the atomic bomb on Japan during WWII.

    This “ideology of annihilation” is by no means a minority opinion in Israel, but represents a mainstream in the Jews of Israel as well as Jews in the West (US). The popular attitude is “if it was right by God to order us to commit genocide during Biblical time, why can’t it be right to commit genocide now. Has God changed his mind?” Indeed Judaic god is a racist genocidal god.
    Watch and listen here to an example of how Israeli Jews are brainwashed and indoctrinated into the ideology of annihilation by their rabbis and scholars through Israeli media. Watch Max Blumenthal’s videotape of a group of messianic Orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch exhibit this ideology in NYC in January 11, 2009.

    The Israeli spokesman, Nachman Abramovic demonized Palestinian children stating “They may look young to you, but these people are terrorists at heart. Don’t look at their deceptively innocent faces, try to think of the demons inside each of them … I am absolutely certain these people would grow to be evil terrorists if we allowed them to grow… would you allow them to grow to kill your children or finish them off right now? … honost and moral people ought to differentiate between true humans and human animals. We do kill human animals and we do so unapologetically. Besides who in the West is in a position to lecture us on killing human animals. After all, whose hands are clean?”

    Human animal mentioned by Abramovic refers to the Judaic religious belief that Jews are Gods chosen people; the elite and the pure-blooded, while all others (non-Jews, Goyims, gentiles) are animal souls incarnated into human bodies to serve the Jews. Killing a human animal is just a sport like hunting deer or birds.
    More here: http://www.uruknet.de/?p=m42961&hd=&size=1&l=e


  2. Arnold said

    These nonhuman lifeform in Gaza should not have any respite till Shalit is brought home.
    These creeps deserve only what makes them tick : bombs and rubble.Give them as much of it.


  3. lawman2 said

    qazi my email lawman2_39@yahoo.com or tothewires@yahoo.com i would like to hear more from you


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