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Another Week in Politics

Posted by lawman2 on February 16, 2009


You know, this Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner? He gave testimony on Capitol Hill today, but it drew lukewarm response. So, Timothy, welcome to the club!” —David Letterman


“I hate to be critical this early into the new administration, but I don’t know if this Timothy Geithner is the guy for the job. He may not be up to it. Turns out, he thought the Treasury Secretary was in charge of buried treasure.” —David Letterman

“How about this? It’s a good example of how strange things are and how time flies. On this date in 2006, then-Vice President Dick Cheney shot his buddy in the face. Tell me again why he’s not in jail? How did that work?” —David Letterman


How about this? A celebrity birthday. Today is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s birthday. I’m not saying how old is, but from her house, she can see 50.” —David Letterman

“Sarah Palin is actually 45 years old today, and just to tell you a little something about me — Sarah Palin, I think, is the first vice presidential candidate that I have pictured naked. Well, since Lloyd Bentsen.” —David Letterman


“But Sarah Palin had a big birthday celebration up there in Alaska. She celebrated by shooting wolf cubs from a helicopter. Later, she shot the cake.” —David Letterman

“Prosecutors have asked a Federal judge to send Marion Barry, the former mayor of Washington, D.C., to jail for failing to file tax returns for the eighth time in nine years. Hasn’t paid taxes for eight years straight. So for Barry, it’s either jail or a cabinet position in the Obama administration. Either one.” —Jay Leno

“Happy birthday, Governor Sarah Palin, who turned 45 years old today. Hey, I thought this was nice. She got a lovely card in it with $5 from John McCain. After Palin opened her card, she did some shots – two moose and a caribou.” —Jay Leno

“And as you know, pro baseball player Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod, has admitted to using steroids. He said he feels bad because he was stupid for three years, to which former President George W. Bush said, ‘Hey, try it for eight years.'” —Jay Leno

“Well, today, the heads of the eight largest banks testified before Congress. Bank C.E.O.’s in a room full of politicians — they had to flip a coin to see who’s going to tell the first lie.” —Jay Leno


“The president has been busy with his stimulus plan, selling it. He was in Fort Myers, Florida, he had a big town-hall event where he took questions. And I think it’s safe to say that the people at this event were not so-called, ‘screened’ [on screen: a college student and McDonald’s employee, shouting haltingly and incoherently asks Obama about his jobs proposals]. Security! Somebody had too many McFlurries for breakfast. Little-known fact: Obama carried the spastic fast-food-worker vote by a margin of five-to-one. But you have to hand it to the president. He stayed with it and actually had follow-up questions for the guy [on screen: Obama asks the student about his studies and then compliments his communication skills]. Yeah. Isn’t that cute? His first public lie.” —Jimmy Kimmel

Compiled by Daniel Kurtzman


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