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Bloggers Helping Bloggers!

Posted by lawman2 on February 16, 2009

Great Top 7 post from other sites…



Here are some great post from blogs that caught our eye this week… These blogs each  have different political, and religious views:



The Potential Costs of Father Presence Blog Name Randi James



thumbs-up No More Mister Nice Guy Blog Name Intersections In Real Time





Nursing a Guilt Complex. blog name Supersence Bruce M. Hood  





King of The Broken. Is He your King too?  blog name Believe (we received an email from this blog asking no comments be left that do not directly have something to do with post. )



Apples and Oranges blog http://titirangistoryteller.wordpress.com/





The Barcelona Variation Blog Name Every picture tells a story



images3 Okay wife say’s one more :  POEM: mountain twilight breath by our good blogging friend artpredator



If you would like your blog to be considered for our Bloggers Helping Bloggers post, you need to post us a link to your blog and/or post!  (Hint) We usually only consider blogs that have left a comment on our own blog…wouldn’t you?

You Can read more caveman’s perspectives from lawman Just A Caveman

37 Responses to “Bloggers Helping Bloggers!”

  1. my goodness, thank you for including me once again in your list!! and with poetry even!


  2. Candy said

    i always visit the sites you have listed, but i won’t go to the one who is all about themselves “only comments about their post” that is like inviting someone to your house and telling them “you can only talk about what i am talking about”


  3. JoePlumber said

    It is a religious blog anyway. I won’t be back to that one. Why did you give it thumbs up when they don’t want to really get to know their readers? They just want to shove a bunch of religious shit down your throat.

    Lawman you have recommended religious blogs before, and I thought they were okay. BUT why one that is so blatantly totalitarian?

    Thanks for being so quick to answer all my emails you guys!


  4. tothewire said

    We usually only post blogs that we know are user friendly by trying them out ourselves. I agree this one should not have been included. Instead, something from Betty would have been nice!



  5. Lawman2 said

    hey gang! well, personally i enjoy a great read…even the ones that i do not agree with. i like it when someone takes the time to write well.

    betty is one of my favorites too!always a great read there!

    our blog loves to hear from our readers!most blogs do enjoy building relationships with their readers.guess some don’t.

    i enjoyed the read,so i posted the link.


  6. Lawman2 said

    you’re welcome art predator!


  7. Lawman2 said

    http://okathleen.wordpress.com/ always a good read at okathleen too!


  8. Candy said

    i bet you never hear a thank you for listing there post and blog on here from that believe blog.

    i really do think it is great what you guys do here. i usually don’t leave comments anyway, but why would i want to visit one that isn’t looking to build relationships with their readers?

    i love reading you guys debate back and forth! the comments on this blog are always entertaining and fun all on their own!

    i have always emailed the lawman2_39 email, i didn’t know to use the tothewire one until lawmn answered my email one time from that one! does it matter which one we use?


  9. lawman2 said

    hey there candy!it doesn’t matter if we hear from them or not.i am happy to list a good read anyway.

    i do remember you from emails! glad you left a commment here as well!and no it doesn’t matter which one you use.the tothewire one all the authors have a chance to read and answer.which is nice, because then you hear from someone other than an ol’ caveman! lol

    i have noticed the blogs that leave commments here get a lot of email coverage from our readers(at least the ones that comment a lot). i am glad our readers enjoy all of our blogging friends!


  10. Rj said

    well thanks… you know i’m omnipresent…LOL…where’s dorian?


  11. lawman2 said

    hey ther rj! that is what i love about you girl! not sure where dorian has taken off to. i think she is busy with work. e and ota are busy with school. tothewire is busy being sick. and that leaves just the ol’ caveman and kay to make the rounds! lol


  12. Rj said

    she’s sick already? like morning sickness? holy crap, gross! LOL


  13. lawman2 said

    yep!i feel so sorry for my baby!she keeps telling me it’s no big deal.but she never got sick before now.always joking around about how she is immuned to illness…well now, i don’t think she can say that anymore.
    i called the doc today (he is a friend of mine, we fly together quite a bit) he told me pregnancy is really a lot harder on an older woman than a younger one. my wife might look like she is in her mid 20’s but today she is feeling every bit of her age!

    she even kinda of yelled at me to get out of the bathroom while she was sick this afternoon. 😦 guess i need to learn to give her more space these next few months…


  14. arkangel3 said

    Thanks for the traffic and putting my blog on your list; ’tis quite appreciated.

    My wife wasn’t sick with my oldest, but with my youngest, she was sick all the time. Btw, she was 34 at the time of my youngest daughter’s birth.


  15. lawman2 said

    you’re quite welcome ark! the comments you left on the average joe and the stimulus and our readers post, have genterated over 300 emails combined from our readers man!i have answered almost all of them and left a link to your site in each.

    they want more!


  16. lawman2 said

    i told my wife i might have to change my email and make it accessible to all the authors here, so they can try their hand at answering so many! i like the emails, don’t misunderstand me.


  17. okathleen said

    Thank you for including me again Lawman, I’ve been a little off the radar, what with a wedding to plan and a 12,000 word dissertation to write – yikes!

    Have you tried ginger biscuits. Fab for keeping nausea at bay.



  18. okathleen said

    Just touching on the ‘no comments unless relevant’ issue, I have twice been warned off sites recently – one in particular, John Sclazi because the comment I left was not valid. Who says?
    I thought the www was about caring sharing and collaboration.
    And, JS was incredibly rude with it!



  19. ahhh yes morning sickness…sending you love and calm easy days

    I remember just not eating much and drinking lots of water! It subsides of course but then for some the acid reflux kicks in. At least I didn’t put on a lot of weight when I was preggo!


  20. ransom33 said

    Thank you for including my blog in your site today. It is really kind of you.

    All the best to you and yours,

    ransom33 @ http://www.ransom33.wordpress.com


  21. lawman2 said

    you’re welcome kat!

    you’re welcome ransom!

    the ol’caveman is addicted to reading! thank you all for posting great reads for me,wife,and our readers here!


  22. ransom33 said

    Dear Lawman,

    I was very saddened to see how quickly your readers were prepared to “slaughter” me, because I specifically asked not to be sent comments which bear little relation to the issues discussed on the blog. I am not a totalitarian and if any of those people who have commented here criticising me, had taken the trouble to read the kind of comments people leave on my blog, they would have been able to see that nothing makes me happier than to engage in open debate with people who do not share my beliefs and opinions.

    I think it would be fair to ask you to set the record straight on my behalf, that I did indeed thank you immediately when you told me you would advertise my blog in yours, and I have also thanked you again this morning. It always amazes me how quickly people are prepared to point the finger and accuse others whom they have not even taken the trouble to get to know.

    Once more, I thank you for reading my blog and invite you to leave a comment whenever you like. Again, I am interested in sharing opinions and impressions, not so much in having a conversation with people through the comments option. My blog is not a forum or a kind of Facebook space but my own personal space where people can discuss matters of faith or lack of it, primarily. When I encounter people through my blog with whom I would like to develop a friendship or get to know better, I tend to go down the emailing option as opposed to use by blog comment’s space as a way to do so. The analogy someone gave of inviting someone to your house to only discuss what you choose to discuss is totally inappropriate and you can’t compare one with the other. I understand it more like signing up to do a course on a particular subject and having people turn up who are not at all interested in the subjects being discussed or taught, but simply want to chat and get to know each other. Somebody’s personal blog is that: personal and it is up to that person how it is managed and how it develops.

    Blessings to you all,

    ransom33 @ http://www.ransom33.wordpress.com


  23. lawman2 said

    hey there ransom! don’t worry, our readers love a great read.and yes you were quick to send a thank you our way. i felt it important to let our readers know not to leave comments that did not directly have something to do with your post, as our readers drop in and comment from time to time just to let us know how they are, or want to start a new debate here.most blogs we list are the same.didn’t want any of our readers to get an email discouraging them from commenting there, and then think it applies here.

    thanks again for the great read ransom! hope we brought you some traffic!


  24. JoePlumber said

    I said this before, but I’ll say it again, Lawman if more Christians or Muslims were as kind at heart like you they would get more of a following. Too bad for them that you are an atheist! lol

    Thanks again for always answering my emails so quickly!

    I see ransom isn’t shy about listing their link each time they comment, but sticks to the whole “my blog is all about me.”


  25. Lawman2 said

    hey there plumber when you coming here to fix my toilet? hehehe

    ransom leaves their link because we ask our visiting blogs to do so.

    i don’t know about the comment about my being kind at heart…my wife must be rubbing off on me!

    i try to be fair minded.

    joe didn’t you send me an email calling me an idiot for posting abortion is murder post? lol i still stand behind my post. abortion is murder.

    at any rate good to read ya here plumber joe!


  26. JoePlumber said

    Guilty as charged! lol


  27. tothewire said

    I stick by my comment on which blogs should have made the list instead. They are user friendly.

    OKathleen, I haven’t visited that blog you listed (John Sclazi) and now I won’t! lol Thank you for the heads up!

    Lawman why do we check them out by our comments, if you are going to list the rude ones anyway?


  28. Lawman2 said

    i didn’t take their email as being rude. i took it like it read. they just don’t want comments left that don’t directly have something to do with their post.

    i think most of our readers know how hard it is for me to keep my temper, and if i would have thought the blog wasn’t user friendly i wouldn’t have posted it.

    can we move past the ransom blog thing? lol I have already answered too many email complaints about me listing the blog to begin with.

    i stick by my listing it. if you go there, you will get a good read. i list the blogs that i enjoyed and hope our readers do as well. if you don’t like the blog then don’t click on the link.

    tothewire, i think you are just cranky lol


  29. Lawman2 said



  30. ransom33 said

    Dear Lawman,

    At the risk of creating you more enemies, I just want to say that you are indeed a very fair and level-headed person, or at least that is how you come across.

    If having put the link to my site is causing you such grief, do delete it please. You know and I know that at no point I have been rude to anyone. My conscience is clear and I have total peace about that.

    You have courage to stick by the decision you made and I respect you for that, however.

    I wish you all the best.

    To JoePlumber,

    You have got me so wrong. If I wanted my blog to be all about me, I would not use a “madeup” name but my first and second name, so that everyone knows who is behind the name. My blog is about God and Jesus Christ. All praise and glory goes to God and He slone knows my motives and what is on my heart. If you had taken the trouble to read any of it, you would have soon realised that, but it is much easier to not make the effort and take the easy option.

    Over and out



  31. Lawman2 said

    no worries ransom! if they don’t want to go visit, they need not click on the link.

    i agree you have always been kind in all comments i have read.

    i just hope our readers didn’t leave rude comments on your blog. i would like to think our readers are a bit more intellectual than to stoop to being rude.

    if you have had any problems from this post, let me know and i will remove the link for you.

    it hasn’t caused me any problems,i’m a big boy.i stick by your link being posted!

    i am thinking i shouldn’t have posted the comment thing.i just didn’t want our readers from being discouraged from commenting here by receiving an email there.

    please feel free to leave a link to your blog.our readers may not realize that we ask blogs to do so, as we like to read from other blogs.



  32. kay~ms said

    A great blog post by Ransom33. The focus was clearly on Jesus and our relationship with Him. Ransom33 was using his prerogative to help ensure that the focus remained on the One who is very important to him. People shouldn’t have a problem with that.


  33. Lawman2 said

    thanks kay!i was hoping you would come here and back me!





  35. Lawman2 said

    you heard it here first!


  36. tothewire said

    You are such a nerd Lawman. Did God get spell check finally?


  37. Lawman2 said

    no god doesn’t need spell check.he knows how the words were meant to be spelled!


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