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Cavemen Don’t Look Good in Green

Posted by lawman2 on February 18, 2009


My dad called my wife today and asked if we wanted to go on a double date with him and my mom.  My wife thought it was cute the way he worded the invite and readily agreed!  

We met them around 6:00 at a nice restaurant.  We were seated pretty quickly and that made the ol’ caveman pretty happy!  While we enjoyed our appetizers my parents started in telling us about the good old days when they first met. 

My dad first saw my mother at a rally/protest in 1959.  My mother is  a black woman, my father is white.  You can imagine what kind of stories they had to tell!  Some were pretty sad, some just made me a little angry. My parents being together was met at times with some pretty hate filled remarks and even scary confrontations.

 My mother had some funny stories about how jealous dad was when they were young. She said “He almost drove me crazy, thank God he finally our grew feeding the mean green jealous beast inside himself!”  The conversation turned to how his jealousy had reeked havoc at times on their relationship.   “But in the end true love did prevail” were the words  my dad used to tie together and end the many stories from the past.  The waiter brought us our dinners, and our table became a bit quieter.mandingo

We were enjoying our food, and shared small comments complimenting on each of our choice of meals.  Then out of nowhere my mother said in a hushed voice “Look around and notice all the people staring at the mixed, and mixed couples that we are.”   My wife being white and myself half black started glancing around.  I usually like to watch other mens reactions to seeing my wife, as she is one hell of a sexy woman.  But tonight I opened my eyes a bit wider and looked a bit deeper. 

Nope, can’t say I noticed a lot of people looking at our table any more than the rest.  I did notice a table where 3 men sat, sipping beer and tellin’ some funny stories themselves.  Every now and then the one sitting directly in front of us, would stare at my wife, not even noticing the ol’ caveman sitting next to her.  So I put my arm around her…lol

My wife thinking I was reassuring her, that our different skin color or what other people think about it didn’t matter, smiled up nervously.  My mother looked over at me, and smiled.  “Did you noticed it before I said anything?” 

I shook my head “Guess I never noticed before. “  

I decided it was a great time to change the subject.  “You were lucky dad, mom fell for you right out the gate! Patricia always was with some other loser guy, and I had to bide my time for her to finally realize I was the man for her.  Wait until she was tired of kissing frogs!”  I pulled my petite wife closer to my much bigger frame keeping one eye on the guy still trying to catch her eye.  She smiled up at me “Joe, you were such a player, you dated more women than I ever dated men!  I didn’t know to take you serious!”  My parents chuckled with us.  

Dad and I argued politely over who was going to pay the tab.  We stood to leave.  My mother “Goodness, I guess things haven’t changed all that much in our ever so racist world, look at that guy over there, he hasn’t taken his eyes off our table all night.” 

We all turned in unison, to look at the now smiling man holding up his glass and toasting my pretty wife.  Their eyes met, and she blushed looking quickly away.  My dad laughed, I growled, and my mother still was going on about the racist man mocking us with a toast. 

In the parking lot…

 My dad said under his breath “I think he was admiring your wife there son.”  I nodded in agreement. 

My mom said “Joe I was so proud of how you put your arm around Patricia to protect her from that man staring us down. I’ve noticed you do that a lot and it is so precious!”

My wife said “Joe, your such a caveman.”

jealousy_monsterI said “Guess I have never noticed before!”

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26 Responses to “Cavemen Don’t Look Good in Green”

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  2. tothewire said

    @ Lawman

    You might be able to rhyme better than I,
    But your grammar, is lacking here tough guy!
    While at University, did you read any books?
    I’d say instead, you ate the covers by the looks!

    No, really I like the post! It is cute!


  3. tothewire said

    40 sec!


  4. Lawman2 said

    @ tothewire

    you keep trying to rhyme!
    ok, i’ll beat you one more time!
    i am not new at this game…
    years of practice is to blame!

    my mother taught us to play
    to keep us from being bored.
    and now my liltle rhyming words
    can be sharper than any sword!

    you can try and try if you must
    but in the end you’ll just eat my dust!

    42 damn!


  5. Lawman2 said

    still mine is longer, and better!if i hadn’t added the last two lines i would have beat you on time as well!


  6. ransom33 said

    I loved reading your post!

    As I wasn’t there, I don’t know how people looked at you and your family, but my guess is it was not so much racism that made them stare, but the fact that mixed race couples are so much more striking even now than same race couples. My husband and I are both white, but we have different nationalities and speak different languages (not when we are together, mind). I think being married to someone who is culturally different is a fantastic thing and a wonderful asset for the children. It is great to be open-minded and to accept that all men and women are equal and have unique things to offer. I love the fact that in my children’s ancestry there are 4 different nationalities that we know of. We have to celebrate diversity and not ostracise it.

    My husband is good-looking too and he is a charmer, so I know what it is like to get quite jealous when we are in a party environment or going out. But life has a funny way of throwing things at us that make the tables turn and now the one who tends to get jealous is my husband. Because I have been there, I know exactly how to be and what to say to make his jealosy more bearable for him.


    ransom33 @ http://www.ransom33.wordpress.com


  7. Lawman2 said

    hey ransom! welcome back! your children will benefit from the two languages being spoken in your home!

    i think it was harder on my parents, it doesn’t bother me.

    hey wanna have a go at a poem in less than a min.? it is just a game we all play from time to time here!


  8. Wyndee said

    I barely know you guys but love you both just the same… =)

    what a cute story.


  9. Lawman2 said

    wyndee!hey girl always a pleasure to read you!glad you liked the post!my wife went and bought me a little green man key chain!lol


  10. Wyndee said

    thats awesome.
    u better use it


  11. Lawman2 said

    yep, i better!


  12. tothewire said

    Yes, he better! lol Hello Wyndee! Joe AKA Lawman2 does enjoy his blogging! I enjoy hearing him read the comments and stories to me in the morning with a cup of coffee!

    He kind of grows on you doesn’t he? lol


  13. Wyndee said

    I had a blog b4 but never updated it near as much as you guys. =)
    but i enjoy being a part of the lil family you guys got goin on.
    Plus im stoked youre havin a baby!!!! Thats so rad. =) they r such an amazing blessing. My husband and i were playing uno with our 6 year old last night, and he says some of the funniest crap!! oh man. =) funnest hour of my life so far. it just keeps getting better.
    do you have hopes either way for boy vs girl?
    i enjoy having a boy. he is so sweet, and loves me so much. one day soon ill have another.


  14. Lawman2 said

    lol i do like the blogging!

    we both are just happy to be having a child! boy or girl we are stoked!i do hope the child’s temperament is more like my wifes.she is easy going,and full of love for life. her smile alone in the mornings brings me peace and assurance of a good day.

    i like uno!


  15. Wyndee said

    Aweeee. if i knew you better i would call you a butt kisser right now.. lol. but i suppose youre genuine. =)

    i like uno too!!! my friends play a cut-throat uno and that is fun. they added some rules and things that made it more challenging for adults. =)

    we play memory a lot too and i kill at that game!!!


  16. dorian9 said

    are we talking games? love those classic board games!hey i still love playing sorry and chutes and ladders with kids. around 9 or 10 is a good age to introduce them to chess. wyndee, teach me killer uno. played once, sucked at it.

    i’m making like a net troll these days on our own blog just skimmin thru reading most posts & usually going straight to “recent comments” to see who’s there and plopping a comment or two. hey where’s kay, e_e, ota?

    more caveman stories please!


  17. Wyndee said

    Ok Dorian, so killer UNO- the best way to explain it is- if someone throws down say blue 5, and its not your turn, BUT, you have the other blue 5, you can throw it down mid turn and start the rotation over with you. but the part im forgetting is the phrase you have to yell when you throw down. lol. but its cut-throat and fun. def. NOT for kids cause they cant stay caught up. Ill have to email my friends and ask them the phrase. they just moved to Africa so calling real quick is no longer an option. =|

    Actually Dorian, i have been teaching my 6 y.o Bryce Chess. the kids at school his age play b4 school, and when he told me i was like “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!??” already!! lol. so he asked me to teach him. With help he beat me once. =)

    Monopoly is still to this day my fav!!! have you played Hotels?? its simular. very good. =)


  18. Lawman2 said

    i like a woman who keeps wanting more of the ol’ caveman..hehehe

    i like to play cards the best!


  19. Wyndee said

    cards like poker?


  20. Lawman2 said

    you like poker wyndee?when do you get paid next,my buddies and I will plan the next game around you…lol


  21. Wyndee said

    I better pass…..
    only played video poker, and Im a BAD liar. =)


  22. Anonymous said

    thanks for the UNO tips wyndee. that’s awesome your kid’s playing chess now!
    best way to play poker w/ the guys if you’re not a good liar: dark shades, red lipstick, show more skin than usual, and be very quiet. be objectified for a couple of hours so what.. laugh all the way to the bank! wheee!

    next: chick tips on playing killer blackjack. btw timing is everything so best time to play vs the boys is when the fertility gods are smilin at ya. wink wink.


  23. dorian9 said

    hello my name is dorian and i always forget to login because i subconsciously prefer to be anonymous.


  24. Lawman2 said

    dorian good advice,not sure it would help the half naked womans game,but it sure would mine! hehehe


  25. dorian9 said

    hehe caveman, the strategy is distraction. you know the game is 50% skill and chip management & the other 50% is psychology and luck, other times it’s 75% luck. i know a poker pro who’s ranked in the top 5 and another who is some kind of legend in vegas – he’s won and lost 40mm in a span of 5 years-a mathematical genius but luck not in his corner these days..poker is exciting. and here we are talking gambling and it’s a recession. las vegas gaming is suffering huge cutbacks since the recession has gone global. gambling used to be immune to recession. people’s vices are being compromised. yeah maybe that’s one good thing.


  26. Lawman2 said

    come on over dorian the distraction would be most welcome by all my buddies! lol


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