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Bloggers Helping Bloggers

Posted by lawman2 on February 23, 2009

Great Top 7 post from other sites…



Here are some great post from blogs that caught our eye this week… These blogs each  have different political, and religious views:



Poet of the day : Ron Padgett Blog Name

  • Mrs Slocombe regrets




    “… things that have now been announced to you … from heaven, things into which angels long to look.” (1 Pet. 1:12 ESV)

    Blog Address http://brightmysteries.wordpress.com/





    LGBT Rights Are Civil Rights – Join the Power! Blog Name

  • Fading Ad Blog by Frank H. Jump




     Solve this puzzle Blog Name





    Renewing America’s standing in the world  Blog Name

     The New Republicans







    images3 Blubber Busters Blog Name Okathleen’s Weblog

     Stop the Killing of Tanzanian Albinos Blog Name

  • Bruce M. Hood

    If you would like your blog to be considered for our Bloggers Helping Bloggers post, you need to post us a link to your blog and/or post!  (Hint) We usually only consider blogs that have left a comment on our own blog…wouldn’t you?

    You Can read more caveman’s perspectives from lawman Just A Caveman

    13 Responses to “Bloggers Helping Bloggers”

    1. fadingad said

      Thanks again. I’m just wondering who all those white people are in the picture with their thumbs up?


    2. Lawman2 said

      hell if i know frank! i just googled it! lol you’re welcome!


    3. ransom33 said

      Hi Lawman,

      Just got back from a weekend away, and saw you have included my blog in your site again. You are a really kind man, and I have just been telling my husband how grateful I am for your kindness.

      I am glad you enjoyed my last post. You asked in your comment who Joshua is. Joshua is the name of one of the books in the Old Testament which was written mainly by himself. Joshua was a brilliant military leader and a strong spiritual influence who was chosen to be Moses’successor and lead the people of Israel to finish their march in the wilderness and to conquer the promised land. The attribute which distinguishes him apart from his leadership skills is his unwavering obedience to God.

      I would encourage you to read some of the stuff in the Bible. I won’t lie to you. Some of it is incredibly hard to follow and understand, but a lot of it is so inspiring and encouraging. I have had to read many books and articles to help me through it and I have also prayed a lot asking God for revelation, but once you get into it, it’s like a gift that you start to unwrap and once you take the first layer of gift-wrap off, you find there is another underneath, and then another one and so on. The more you unwrap the gift, the more you want to find out what lies underneath, and the more mysterious and exciting the journey becomes.

      Have a fab week!

      Kind regards,

      ransom33 @ http://www.ransom33.wordpress.com


    4. Lawman2 said

      hey there ransom! you’re welcome! now you’re just making the ol’ caveman blush!

      i am just a caveman, so doubt i would be able to get through a whole chapter…

      being an atheist doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy hearing a well spoken sermon, or read a well written post! i actually do enjoy reading (more than listening)about what people believe and why.


    5. ransom33 said

      I know what you mean. I love writing and engaging in debate in that way, and yet I avoid arguing face to face at all costs. There is less time to think and more chances of saying hurtful things that one can regret later on.



    6. Lawman2 said

      well then ransom if you like to debate you will love our little debates on the debate page!


    7. I know you can’t choose me every week!

      I do hope you and your readers will support me in the quest for the best blogging job ever on the Great Barrier Reef by clicking the link, watching my 1 minute video, and rating me with 5 stars!

      thanks! http://www.islandreefjob.com/#/most-recent/watch/wkq1V44y2fA


    8. Lawman2 said

      oh i bet i could! you have a great blog art predator!

      hey after i click on the link it takes me to a page that is just a pic. a beautiful pic, but where do i (and our readers)go from there?


    9. okathleen said

      Yabadabadoo Caveman!

      Sharing is caring.


    10. Lawman2 said

      hey there kat! always a pleasure to read you!


    11. okathleen said

      Ditto Lawman!


    12. fadingad said

      Every culture has their myth. Western cultures have built their myths around the Judeo myth. Until we all realize that all religion is built upon myth, then we have all mythed the point.


    13. Chad said

      Cool top 7!
      By the way, take a look: http://www.vismomedia.com
      and get paid for hosting cool videos in your blogs.


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