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Octuplets Dad? Caveman says REALLY?

Posted by lawman2 on February 23, 2009



Denis Beaudoin, the man who says he could be the biological father of Nadya Suleman’s octuplets, said he donated his sperm to her three times without asking questions because he was young and in love.   Young, dumb, and blinded by  love is how he should have worded that!  Beaudoin said he thought it was “out of the ordinary” when she asked him to donate. Caveman says “No shit Sherlock!”

 In an interview that aired Monday Feb 23, 2009 on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Denis Beaudoin says Suleman brought him to donate sperm at the clinic where she received in vitro fertilization.  What the hell?   Is he the father of all 14? Or just the octuplets?   He claims to have dated Nadya in from 1997 to 1999. Didn’t she say the same donor was the father of all her children?  Beaudoin said Nadya claimed to have cervical cancer, and that is why she needed a donor. “I can’t take everything she says for granted. I mean when she initially told me the whole reason why, for donating sperm in the first place, you know was to get pregnant because she was not going to be able to have kids. And it, you know, has turned into this.”  What kind of brilliant mind he must possess…

Possible Octuplet Dad Gave Sperm Because He Was in Love With SulemanSuleman has denied that the man is the father of her children.  But she also denied being on welfare…  and just how many men jumped at the chance to donate to the cause? lol Man you just couldn’t make this shit up!

“You know my wife, she’s not real happy about, you know, the whole situation. I mean, you can’t really blame her. I mean I kind of threw this in her lap after, you know, it kind of hit the news,” he said. Now that surprises me!  What woman wouldn’t be thrilled to learn her husband had been bamboozled years before into donating sperm to a crazy bitch who has now used the sperm to exploit the state of California’s tax payers?

It is good to know that he is going to join in and help the rest of the tax payers, and Nadya’s mom pay to raise her (or their) children!  That makes me feel better, how about you?

I think this deserves another go around…


Caveman’s Naughty,  Nadya Rhyme

public says:

There once was a woman without a brain,

She was a bit touched, some called her insane.

The girl had 6 children already on California’s dime, 

And said “Hey I think I will do this one more time!”

Poor Nadya’s mom working so hard, to help support,

Wishing now, she herself would have chosen to abort!

lawman says:

Naughty Nadya! You selfish bitch!

Neglecting your  6, just to get rich!

Nadya says:

“Don’t just implant 1 or 2 eggs, plant all 6!

I can afford them all, with my bag of tricks!

Don’t look so worried, it’s not all doom and gloom!

I live in mom’s small house, she’ll make more room!

No need for a big fuss, I have no worries here,

Taxpayers have been payin’ my way for years!

My new State check will be big, this is for sures!

And I’ve saved my money, while living on yours!”

By Lawman2


4 Responses to “Octuplets Dad? Caveman says REALLY?”

  1. tothewire said

    That is not nice Lawman!

    Maybe this guy is just trying to do the right thing.


  2. Lawman2 said

    the guy isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed!

    maybe he isn’t even the dad. maybe he is just looking for his 10 min of fame!

    either way, if he were trying to do the right thing he would have told her what a freakin loon she was to even think about having more children on the tax payers dime!


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  4. BUMP! Suleman is only doing this for attention I strongly believe that this man is the father because he is also trying to grab attention. Going through the sperm banks only show that no one wants to make an immediate and physical donation at her place.


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