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dorian’s devotional due: john lennon in review

Posted by dorian on March 30, 2009


John Lennon

…didn’t invent rock and roll, nor did he embody it as toweringly as figures like Elvis Presley and Little Richard, but he did more than anyone else to shake it up, move it forward and instill it with a conscience. As the most daring and outspoken of the four Beatles, he helped shape the agenda of the Sixties – socially and politically, no less than musically…

Photo: Imagine sessions, Tittenhurst summer 1971. “I was trying to think of it in terms of children,” said Lennon of the title track.

As a solo artist, he made music that alternately disturbed and soothed, provoked and sought community. As a human being, he served as an exemplar of honesty in his art and life. As Jann Wenner wrote in the foreword to a collection of writings entitled The Ballad of John and Yoko, “Of the many things that will be long remembered about John Lennon – his genius as a musician and singer, his wit and literary swiftness, his social intuition and leadership – among the most haunting was the stark, unembarrassed commitment of his life, his work and his undernourished frame to truth, to peace and to humanity.”

Lennon was born in 1940 during the Nazi bombing of Britain and given the middle name Winston, after prime minister Churchill (he would later change his middle name to Ono). At age five, Lennon was sent to live with his “Aunt Mimi” after his parents separated. In 1956, Aunt Mimi bought Lennon a guitar. His incessant playing prompted her to remark, “The guitar’s all very well as a hobby, John, but you’ll never make a living out of it.” That same year, Lennon formed his first group, the Quarrymen, which evolved into the Beatles.

Having experienced the horror of a world at war as a child and then living through the Vietnam era as a young man, Lennon came to embrace and embody pacifism. His was the voice and vision that powered such Beatles classics as “All You Need Is Love” and “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Yet Lennon also had a dark side that found expression in pained outcries dating as far back as “Help,” and his was the most naturally adventuresome musical spirit in the band, as evidenced by such outre tracks as “I Am the Walrus” and “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite.” The uncensored, self-lacerating aspect of the Lennon persona reached a fevered pitch with the drug-withdrawal blues of “Cold Turkey,” a 1969 single released under the name Plastic Ono Band.

Although Lennon was a complicated man, he chose after the Beatles to simplify his art in order to figure out his life, erasing the boundaries between the two. As he explained it, he started trying “to shave off all imagery, pretensions of poetry, illusions of grandeur…Just say what it is, simple English, make it rhyme and put a backbeat on it, and express yourself as simply [and] straightforwardly as possible.” His most fully realized statement as a solo artist was 1970’s John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. It followed several collaborative sound collages recorded toward the end of the Beatles era with Yoko Ono, his wife and collaborator. The raw, confessional nature of Plastic Ono Band reflected the primal-scream therapy that Lennon and Ono had been undergoing with psychologist Arthur Janov. He dealt with such fundamental issues as “God” and “Mother” and the class system (“Working Class Hero”) on an album as full of naked candor as any in rock has ever been.

Many of Lennon’s post-Beatles compositions – “Imagine,” “Mind Games,” “Instant Karma,” and “Give Peace a Chance” – have rightfully become anthems, flaunting tough-minded realism, cosmic epiphany, hard-won idealism and visionary utopianism in equal measure. For all of the unvarnished genius of Lennon’s recordings, however, much of what lingers in the public memory goes beyond musical legacy. Rather, it has to do with leading by example. The relationship between John and Yoko endured challenges to became one of the most touching and celebrated of 20th-century romances. They were gallantly foolish in undertaking performance art pieces – bed-ins, happenings, full-page ads declaring “War Is Over!” – that spread their message of peace.

During the early Seventies Lennon fought the U.S. government to avoid deportation – a campaign of harassment by Nixon-era conservatives that was overturned by the courts in 1976 – and came to love his adopted city of New York. That same year, Lennon had his first #1 single – somewhat ironically, he was the last Beatle to top the charts as a solo artist – with “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night,” from the album Walls and Bridges. He was joined on vocals by Elton John, who cajoled Lennon into joining him onstage at Madison Square Garden on November 28, 1974. It would turn out to be Lennon’s last public performance.

Beginning with the birth of his second son, Sean Ono Lennon, in 1975, John Lennon dropped out of sight for five years. During this spell, he chose to lay low and raise Sean as a proud househusband. Simply by stepping back and “watching the wheels,” John Lennon made a statement about priorities that said more than words and music. His eventual return to the recording scene in 1980 was one of the more eagerly anticipated musical events of the year. The album Double Fantasy, jointly credited to John Lennon and Yoko Ono and named for a flower he’d seen at a botanical garden, was released on November 17, 1980. On December 8, a brilliant life came to an untimely end when Lennon was shot to death outside his New York City apartment. He was returning from a recording session for an album that was posthumously released as Milk and Honey. Three weeks after his death, with the entire rock world still in disbelief and mourning, “(Just Like) Starting Over” (from Double Fantasy) hit #1.


October 9, 1940: John Lennon is born at Oxford Street Maternity Hospital in Liverpool, England, to Julia Stanley and Alfred Lennon.

1945: Julia, separated from Alfred, entrusts her son, John Lennon, to the care of her sister, Mary Elizabeth Stanley Smith, “Aunt Mimi.”

1956: Julia, John Lennon’s mother, bought him his first guitar through a mail order ad. His incessant playing prompts John’s Aunt Mimi to say, “The guitar’s all very well as a hobby, John, but you’ll never make a living out of it.” John forms his first group, the Quarrymen.

July 6, 1957: John Lennon meets Paul McCartney at the Woolton Parish Church in Liverpool during a performance by John’s group the Quarrymen. Impressed by Paul’s ability to tune a guitar and by his knowledge of song lyrics, John asks him to join the group.

February 1, 1958: Paul McCartney introduces George Harrison to the Quarrymen at a basement teen club called the Morgue. George joins the group.

August 1, 1960: The Beatles make their debut in Hamburg, West Germany, with Stu Sutcliffe on bass and Pete Best on drums.

January 1, 1961: The Beatles make their debut at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

November 1, 1961: Local record store manager Brian Epstein is introduced to the Beatles. He soon signs a contract to manage them.

April 10, 1962: Stu Sutcliffe dies of a brain hemorrhage.

June 1, 1962: The Beatles audition for George Martin at Parlophone/EMI Records. He agrees to sign the group, but insists that Pete Best be replaced. Within months, Richard “Ringo” Starkey joins the group.

August 23, 1962: John Lennon marries Cynthia Powell. The marriage will last six years.

September 4-11, 1962: The Beatles record their first sessions at EMI Studios in London, with George Martin as producer.

April 8, 1963: John Charles Julian Lennon is born to John and Cynthia Lennon at Sefton General Hospital in Liverpool.

February 11, 1964: The Beatles begin their first U.S. tour at the Coliseum in Washington, D.C.

March 23, 1964: John Lennon’s first book, ‘In His Own Write,’ is published and becomes an instant best-seller.

July 6, 1964: The world premiere of The Beatles’ ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ takes place in London.

April 1, 1965: John Lennon composes “Help!” the title song for the Beatles’ second film. He later confides that the lyrics are a cry for help and a clue to the confusion and despondency he feels.

June 24, 1965: John Lennon’s second book, ‘A Spaniard in the Works’, is published.

August 15, 1965: The Beatles play in front of almost 60,000 fans at Shea Stadium in New York City.

October 26, 1965: The Beatles are awarded England’s prestigious MBE (Members of the Order of the British Empire). John comments, “I thought you had to drive tanks and win wars to get the MBE.”

March 1, 1966: London’s ‘Evening Standard’ publishes an interview with John Lennon in which he states that the Beatles are “more popular than Jesus now.” The comment provokes several protests, including the burning of Beatles records.

July 31, 1966: John Lennon’s comments on the state of Christianity – made in March, but only lately picked up in the U.S. – spark protests and record burnings on the eve of the Beatles’ 1966 American tour.

August 29, 1966: After their concert at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park, the Beatles declare this to be their final concert tour.

September/October 1966: John Lennon makes his first appearance away from the Beatles in the role of Private Gripweed in Richard Lester’s film ‘How I Won the War’. He writes “Strawberry Fields Forever” during the filming.

November 9, 1966: Yoko Ono and John Lennon meet at a preview of her art show, Exhibition #2, at Indica Gallery in London.

June 1, 1967
‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ is released in Britain.

September 1, 1967: John Lennon writes “I Am the Walrus” while under the influence of LSD. He also anonymously sponsors Yoko Ono’s Half a Wind Show (subtitled Yoko Plus Me) at London’s Lisson Gallery.

May 1, 1968: Apple Corps, Ltd. begins operating in London. It is the Beatles’ attempt to take control of their own creative and economic destiny. Later that month, John invites Yoko to his house in Weybridge. They make experimental tapes all night.

May 1968 – June 15, 1968: John Lennon and Yoko Ono exhibit their first official joint venture at the Arts Lab in London. Soon after, they plant acorns outside Coventry Cathedral as a conceptual “living arts sculpture.”

Summer 1968: John Lennon moves out of his house in Weybridge. He and Yoko Ono move into Ringo Starr’s apartment in Montague Square.

July 1, 1968: John Lennon holds his first art exhibition, entitled You Are Here—To Yoko from John, with Love.

October 18, 1968: John Lennon and Yoko Ono are arrested and charged with possession of cannabis.

November 1, 1968: John Lennon pleads guilty to marijuana possession charges. He pays a nominal fine but insists that the drugs were planted by police.

November 8, 1968: A divorce is granted to John and Cynthia Lennon.

November 11, 1968: John Lennon and Yoko Ono release their first album together, ‘Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins’. The cover, a full-frontal shot of them naked, is banned.

December 11-12, 1968: The Rolling Stones film the ‘Rock and Roll Circus’, with guests Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Jethro Tull and the Who.

January 30, 1969: The Beatles make their last performance as a group on the roof of the Apple building during the filming of ‘Let It Be’.

March 20, 1969: John Lennon and Yoko Ono marry on the island of Gibraltar.

March 25-31, 1969: John Lennon and Yoko Ono celebrate their marriage by hosting a “bed-in” – their “commercial for peace” – at the Amsterdam Hilton.

April 22, 1969: John officialy changes his name to John Ono Lennon.

May 26 – June 2, 1969: John Lennon and Yoko Ono conduct a bed-in at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. They record “Give Peace a Chance,” with Tommy Smothers, Timothy Leary and others.

June 4, 1969: “The Ballad of John and Yoko” – a musical summary of Lennon and Ono’s relationship, containing the lines, “The way things are going/They’re gonna crucify me” – is released. Credited to the Beatles, it will reach #8.

July 26, 1969: “Give Peace a Chance,” recorded by John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band, enters the charts. It will peak at #14, which barely suggests its lasting significance as a peace anthem.

August 1, 1969: John Lennon and Yoko Ono move to Tittenhurst Park, a 400-acre estate in Ascot.

September 1, 1969: John Lennon returns his MBE. He says it is to protest the British government’s involvement in Biafra, its support of the U.S. in Vietnam and the poor chart performance of his latest single, “Cold Turkey.”

September 12, 1969: John Lennon appears at the Toronto Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival concert, accompanied by Eric Clapton, Klaus Voormann, Alan White and Yoko. ‘The Plastic Ono Band – Live Peace in Toronto’ is released in December.

September 13, 1969: John Lennon appears at the Toronto Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival concert, accompanied by Eric Clapton, Klaus Voormann, Alan White and Yoko Ono. ‘The Plastic Ono Band – Live Peace in Toronto’ is released in December.

December 16, 1969: “War Is Over! If You Want It!” billboards go up in 11 cities around the world, as a Christmas message from John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

April 5, 1970: “Instant Karma (We All Shine On),” credited to John Ono Lennon and produced by Phil Spector, hits #3 on the singles chart. The #1 album that week is “Let It Be,” by the Beatles.

December 26, 1970: ‘John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band,’ Lennon’s debut album as a solo artist, enters the album charts. This stark, confessional recording is regarded by many as his greatest achievement.

June 6, 1971: John Lennon & Yoko Ono jam with Frank Zappa at the Fillmore East in New York City, recorded for subsequent release on the Plastic Ono Band album ‘Sometime in New York City’.

July 1, 1971: John Lennon cuts ‘Imagine’ at his home studio. The anthemic title track is inspired by a message in Yoko Ono’s book ‘Grapefruit.’

November 1, 1971: John Lennon appears at a benefit concert at the Apollo Theater for the families of inmates at Attica Prison.

January 1, 1972: The staff of the U.S. Senate Internal Security Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee prepares a memo about John Lennon’s involvement with such radicals as Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman and Rennie Davis.

February 4, 1972: In a secret memo, Senator Strom Thurmond suggests to Attorney General John Mitchell that John Lennon, whom the government suspects of consorting with “known radicals,” be deported.

February/March 1972: With the expiration of John Lennon’s U.S. non-immigrant visa, deportation proceedings begin. Lennon will wage a four-year battle with the federal government to remain in the U.S.

June 12, 1972: ‘Some Time in New York City,’ a double album by John Lennon backed by the New York rock group Elephant’s Memory is released.

August 30, 1972: John Lennon performs at Madison Square Garden. It will be his last concert as a headliner. The show will posthumously be released in 1986 as Live in New York City.

April 1, 1973: John Lennon and Yoko Ono purchase an apartment at the Dakota on Central Park West and West 72nd Street in New York.

Fall 1973: John Lennon and Yoko Ono begin an 18-month separation, during which Lennon embarks on his infamous “lost weekend” in Los Angeles.

November 1, 1973: John Lennon’s ‘Mind Games’ is released. It peaks at #9, and the title track reaches #18.

August 1, 1974: John Lennon records his ‘Walls and Bridges’ album. He claims to have written ten of the songs in a single week. The album goes to #1, as does its leadoff single, “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night.”

November 28, 1974: John Lennon performs three songs with Elton John at Madison Square Garden. It will turn out to be his last public performance.

January 2, 1975: John and Yoko are reunited. The Beatles’ final dissolution takes place in London.

January 11, 1975: “#9 Dream,” from John Lennon’s Walls and Bridges, enters the Top Forty, where it will peak, appropriately, at #9.

September 20, 1975: “Fame,” a song from David Bowie’s ‘Young Americans’ album, tops the US singles charts. It is cowritten by Bowie, John Lennon and guitarist Carlos Alomar.

October 9, 1975: Sean Taro Ono Lennon is born at New York Hospital on father John Lennon’s 35th birthday.

July 26, 1976: John Lennon’s application to remain in the U.S. as a permanent resident is approved at a special hearing.

1977 – 1979: The majority of John Lennon’s time is spent as a “househusband” – taking care of Sean – while Yoko handles the family’s business affairs.

June 1, 1980: John Lennon takes a cruise to Bermuda, where his songwriting muse is rekindled.

October 23, 1980: John Lennon’s first new single in more than five years,, “(Just Like) Starting Over,” is released.

November 17, 1980: ‘Double Fantasy,’ by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, is released.

December 8, 1980: John Lennon is shot by a deranged assailant as he and Yoko return to the Dakota after a recording session. He is pronounced dead at Roosevelt Hospital.

December 27, 1980: “(Just Like) Starting Over,” by John Lennon, reaches #1 for the first of five weeks.

February 24, 1982: John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s ‘Double Fantasy’ wins Album of the Year for 1981 at the 24th Annual Grammy Awards.

January 21, 1984: “Nobody Told Me,” by John Lennon, from the posthumously released ‘Milk and Honey’ album, cracks the Top Forty. It will peak at #5 and be the last of 13 charting singles by Lennon spanning 15 years.

March 21, 1984: An opening ceremony is held for Strawberry Fields, an area in New York City’s Central Park dedicated to John Lennon.

October 9, 1990: On what would have been John Lennon’s 50th birthday, “Imagine” is broadcast simultaneously in 130 countries.

February 25, 1992: John Lennon is given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 34th Annual Grammy Awards.

January 19, 1994: John Lennon is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the ninth annual induction dinner. Paul McCartney is his presenter, and Yoko Ono accepts the award on behalf of her late husband.

November 19, 1995: “Free as a Bird,” the first new Beatles single in 25 years, is premiered on the televised Beatles Anthology. The song, a 1977 demo by John Lennon completed in 1995 by the three surviving Beatles, reaches #6 on the singles chart in early 1996.

March 23, 1996: “Real Love,” a 1979 John Lennon demo finished in 1995 by the other Beatles, becomes the second new Beatles single to chart in less than three months. Released as part of ‘The Beatles Anthology’ recordings and TV special, it reaches #11 – not bad for a band that broke up in 1970.

November 3, 1998: ‘John Lennon Anthology,’ a four-CD box set of unreleased songs and performances, is released.


Essential Songs

Instant Karma (We All Shine On)
Give Peace a Chance
Jealous Guy
Watching the Wheels
Working Class Hero
Mind Games
(Just Like) Starting Over
Whatever Gets You Thru the Night

Recommended Reading

Lennon: The Definitive Biography
Ray Coleman. New York: Harper Collins, 1992.

The John Lennon Encyclopedia
Bill Harry. London: BPR Publishers, 2001.

In His Own Write
John Lennon. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2000 (reprint edition).

Rolling Stone (January 22, 1981)
(Note: The entire issue is a tribute to John Lennon.)

Lennon Remembers: The Famous John Lennon Interviews
Jann Wenner and John Lennon. New York: Verso, 2000.


29 Responses to “dorian’s devotional due: john lennon in review”

  1. Ah gots me a email from the reveren’ Keller sez this John Lennon was a hippy hanarrkist ‘n’ a freemason to boot: I preefer thet nahce Paul McCartney; course he wuz murdered bah a mormon roadie and replaced wit’ a Chinese robot,’n’ if yew play ‘Yellow Submarine’ backwards it sounds just like the Kowran.
    Don’t say ah dint tell ya


  2. dorian9 said

    well ya sure know how to make da dorian lol hehehe
    i jez thought i’d post sumpfin quick cuz i wanted to see some udder picture thar y’know! da revren is nice lookin bt his papa and him burnt da beetles records way back when winston said sumpfin bout them being more poplar than Jesus..yeah paul wuz ded awright cuz he coudnt have writen dat song cold ‘silly love songs’. i herd lennon wuz a rosecrucian cuz da freemsons didnt want him. he wuz mad abot that so he wrote the song ‘ maxwells’s silver hammer and compass ‘ bet ya didn’t know dat, betty!




  4. kay~ms said

    I never understood what was so great about John Lennon… he doesn’t seem any more talented or peace driven than any of the other top musicians / writers of that time. Could someone please explain all the hype?

    And the song Imagine… not THAT great… “Imagine there’s no Heaven”? Why would that be good? The song always gives me an empty feeling when I hear that line.

    from wikipedia… Despite its popularity, “Imagine” has received critiques over the years. Some believe Lennon’s wealth conflicts with the message of his lyrics.

    Journalist and broadcaster Robert Elms said “Imagine” was written by a “multi-millionaire with one temperature-controlled room in his Manhattan mansion just to store his fur coats”.[7] Elvis Costello also commented satirically on the song in “The Other Side of Summer” wherein he asks the question “was it a millionaire who said ‘imagine no possessions’?”


  5. kay~ms said

    John Lennon’s message? That peace and God are not compatable. Lennon was anti Christian because he couldn’t understand that the actions of men didn’t define the religion… he just needed to read the Bible and find some personal humility… “more popular than Jesus” ?? Wow…

    Great balance Dorian…

    Lennon was definitely promoting the one world anti Christ prophecy. He was using peace to do it.

    Imagine it and then give all the power to one man… good idea…

    I like the picture you chose also… his profile facing the opposite direction… very accurate symbolism..


  6. dorian9 said

    kay, i don’t like that “no heaven” line either. i do like the “no hell below us..” i also like the part that says “imagine there’s no county, nothing to kill or die for and no religion too..” but it’s the music i love, messages are incidental. yeah all the songwriters dibble dabble with politics and such – i just want to hear beautiful melody and good rhythm. but you know how some of these musicians can move the masses with their songs. that’s why the feds like to keep tabs on them. “imagine” not my favorite lennon, i like ‘strawberry fields forever’ also older beatle songs like the ones in ‘rubber soul’.

    for betty, as inspired by “…no one i think is in my tree” line from ‘strawberry fields forever’ . and trees.

    betty climbed up a tree
    to fetch the pussycat, you see
    she tore her stocking
    and was late for tea
    so she decided
    to take a nap, you see
    when she woke up high on a limb
    it was a quarter to three
    she touched the moon
    and all the stars that she could see
    and never came down from that tree
    no regrets, she said in a dream
    she beheld the beauty of heaven, you see…


  7. dorian9 said

    lennon was anti-religion, and i can relate to that but he wasn’t anti-God. i believe he equated God with peace. i was actually trying to find a picture to match your keller picture but couldn’t find anything so i scanned one from a magazine. no symbolism there, but hey, i like the call! gives me an idea for another post, one about conspiracy theories and symbolisms. i find those reads intriguing and interesting. must find time.


  8. Why Dorian you old charmer. Perfect period piece: more Traffic than Beatles, but I can hear the sitars playing……


  9. kay~ms said

    I really don’t know enough about John Lennon to comment more on his beliefs other than the song that does promote the idea of atheism… and it’s kind of eerie how the song would fit perfectly as the ‘world’ anthem when socialism completetly takes over and the anti christ comes as Bill Keller described. I just don’t believe he was being completely honest when he said that he was ” trying to think of it in terms of children”. It’s too coincidental. I know, I sound just like a conspiracy theorist but like the saying goes… “just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean you’re not being followed” or something like that. I guess, from a non believer’s point of view, I’m “completely paranoid” but I do believe that there are people in this world who are being used to fight against God… the more powerful the person, the more of a target they are for God’s enemy to use against Him… Lennon was spreading anti Christian propaganda back then and Oprah is one of the main people doing it today.

    But, on a lighter note.. it’s the music that draws me to a song also and the words come second. There are a lot of songs that I really like but the words I could do without…

    and another great poem… that is the best one yet…

    WHERE is Lawman and TTW??


  10. Oprah? OPRAH?
    Socialism is completely and utterly non-existent, dead and vanquished: China isn’t socialist, just a one-party state; there’s a difference. You might as well worry that the Martians are coming……


  11. free karma said

    Lennons legend should be carried on through every portal possible! His art and ideas will be a part of society for years to come


  12. dorian9 said

    i agree, free karma! thanks for stopping by! http://freekarma.net/

    i feel that john lennon was honest with his words. always got him in trouble. during the last years of his life he was “getting it together” with marriage and life, etc..songs on his last album reflect peace within this once troubled man.

    poem on line 6 has a touch of sad in it – strange, how the mind’s eye sees things and the images that stay in the brain. reading your bit ‘she who laughs’, betty, stayed and stawberry fields and mrs. slocombe’s regret all responsible for that ditty.

    kay it’s not like lawman and tothewire to just drop out – i’ll try emailing. i’m trying not to be paranoid but sometimes can’t help but worry. i hope everything’s okay with them. sure miss those two..

    “socialism” is just the current flavor of the month on the american conservative vocabulary handbook. so our understanding of the word is not that deep, at least not in the classic meaning or sense of the word. american casual, yes. now we’re talking fashion. but yes, talking american english. the oprah thing i don’t know about. i don’t watch oprah. why is she so influential? she has a magazine with herself on the cover on each issue! maybe i should check that out.
    my mind all scattered today. maybe i should listen to some sitar music. back later.


  13. sleerfame said

    Great site this tothewire.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂


  14. […] dorians devotional due: john lennon in review […]


  15. PRINCESS said

    Hi ya’ll. I swear to Jehova Betty, I will do my best to keep the cap lock off. It’s hard for me because i am selfish.

    My birthdate is Oct 8th. Lennon was a perfect Libra, just like me.

    Anyway, what I heard was, that if you play Yoko Ono’s song “Kiss Kiss Kiss” backwards at 78 rpm, what she is really singing is “I shot John Lennon, I shot John Lennon” over and over again. Is that true?

    I came here for a more poetry and less heresy, and what do I find. Miss B.L.T. yakking about her lord and master Bill Keller.

    I also enjoyed your poem for Betty. I was hoping to get a little R&R, but i bet Miss Ham Sandwich is going to accuse me of shirking my duty. She will probably say i am running scared.

    Am I intruding on youse guys threads? You all seem like such close friends, I’m kinda interested where you all live. and no one has still explained the “bat”.

    anyway, wanna see someone doing a really good pope drag? It kinda reminds me of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. In other words, and this is just my opinion, kinda faggy.


  16. PRINCESS said

    Hey Dorian, what do dyslexic zombies eat?



  17. Oh Princess if you are a real person come on over to ‘mrs slocombe regrets’ which is on the blogroll, and mind your manners. It is all poetry there, with enormous penises, my pussy of course, and no religion at all. In my younger years I would have gone for Kay boots and all just like you, but guess what? I grew up a bit….my birthday is Oct 15, so the libran thing is a given.I still yhink you could easily be a caveman though.


  18. PRINCESS said

    hi, thanks betty, believe it or not, i am a totally real person. and when you asked me if i was being willfully batty, well that is sort of right because i am very willfull and i truly am that batty. but it’s not like i do this on purpose. Everyone finds me very annoying. Too bad for them.

    enormous penises and your pussy, now that is my kind of website. AND NO RELIGION..TOO? (caplock,, my bad, just referencing lennon) I am so happy to hear that you are a Libra. That means you know exactly the point i am trying to get across here and there is no need for me to explain.

    You know, 20yrs in that coma, i didn’t really get the chance to grow up, much. Not really sure that i care to, sometimes. Caveman, is that like lawman? I checked out his blog because i figured if he was an athiest, surely he must be of the devil. But his blog was very charming and sensitive and i thought even touching about how much he cared for his wife. So, i don’t mind being a caveman. your pretty right on, i could easily be one. i didn’t read it all, it’s a lot of work perusing thru all of Miss Jimmy Dean breakfast patty sausages posts.

    Since there are is no religion, enormous penises and your pussy, does that mean that KayKayKay doesn’t post there. God would that be a relief. I came across this blog kind of by accident. And the only real reason i’m sticking around is for the bard. you see, if you get the bard to sing your praises, not only do you get achievement points, you get reknown. (my xbox gamertag is “killerdiarreah”.)

    So I will go to your site and leave the shrimp wrapped in bacon eater to her Baal Keller worship. But she asked for it, and what i have in store for her is gonna make what i’ve dealt so far look like the freaking “Mary Tyler Morman show.” but for now, i’m giving it a rest. you can’t deal with reverse ignorance, it’s an oxymoron, like, intelligent design or Kellers logic. and i’ve been down this road with other members of the “liveprayer family”

    See you on the other side.


  19. dorian9 said

    so we have three airheads on this page – two libras and one aquarian (me). betty, i’ve always suspected caveman could come anytime with another blogger alias and engage in a thread so i end up thinking that anyone with half a brian could be the brat himself too.

    i often go and visit mrs. slocombe and her pussy for poetry and photography and a taste of australia and england AND NO RELIGION TOO. since my business isn’t being stimulated by a bail-out, my world travels have been restricted to the web. my astral projection skills haven’t been fully developed so i dare not try project myself anywhere else after my failed first attempt. last week i had an urge to see some impressionist paintings at the musee d’orsay in paris and found myself in front row of a christian fellowship conference in des moines iowa.

    hmm. i’d better check out that yoko ono record. but maybe not. she makes my ears bleed with her singing. i don’t know what it’ll do to me if i listen to that in reverse.

    the “bat”? not exactly sure when that started but either caveman (another crazy february born) or myself envisioned kay with that bat and she’s been stuck with it since. we (caveman’s wife tothewire and myself) “met” kay on an snl tina fey/sarah palin video thread. there she was bashing all the “liberals” and spreading the gospel according to keller. kay was our inspiration to create this blog. we then invited her as author, to represent the conservative/fundamentalist/christian – am i not redundant here – perspective, ltd. enkill_eridos was also one of the original administrator/authors.

    don’t you two stop coming here. where else can you find God cohabiting with vampyres, mormons, rosicrucians and lennon? and there’s the inconstant bard to boot..


  20. PRINCESS said

    Astral projection. One time, Horus, he told me he was going to send me on a 2 week all expenses paid vacation to the holy land, and i got so excited until i arrived and it was branson, missouri. I don’t know if that is (sp) or not. What an asshole.

    i’m not caveman.

    i should have known betty was a libra, she called me on my bs on her very first post to me.


  21. PRINCESS said

    Hey Dorian, i think you may be off the hook as far as that allah thing and having to dismiss me and all.

    I tried to post twice the evidence i have that keller is a fraud. you know, what kkk has been asking for all along. and it wouldn’t take my post. it was a goodie, too.

    Can she ban me? good, now i don’t have to bother. but i still will hang here with you guys some, it’s refreshing and i am developing quite the crush. i’m not going to talk about those of whom we do not speak anymore.

    what a relief. now i can reveal my true identity. maybe betty will warm up to me a little bit more now that i can chill.


  22. Gal Qaeda said

    “If you have a problem with that, why don’t you go on the internet and complain.”
    – Stewart Gilligan Griffin.

    “She can dish it out, but she can’t take it.” – That’s what she said.

    “What a relief i don’t have to be a jew anymore.” – Princess.

    It was fun though. Yesterday i ate a Rueben.

    So, who am i trying to kid? i can’t pull the wool over bettys eyes for 1 second.
    That comment about developing a crush, i am totally smitten.
    When i read your poem, i got starry eyed.
    When you said you were a musician, i got the flesh of a goose.
    When you mentioned the cute lds boys, i swooned.
    and when you teleported to the Musee’ to look at impressionist paintings. (well almost), i was a complete puddle on the floor.

    Betty, i don’t have the manners that i would like to think i have.

    In my opinion, everything is “kinda faggy”, especially me.

    “So what?, Who cares?” – SNL’s Fred Armistead in Joy Behar drag.

    thanks for the flow of endorphins. i needed that.

    i haven’t slept in about 28 hours. xxoo

    My issue with he who wears Romneys unmentionables? …….he ate my bacon flavored ice cream.

    And according to my latest MRI, i do have one whole brian.


  23. Gal Qaeda said

    “It’s all good.” – Dennis Rodman, Celebrity Apprentice.

    “I love gay people, they add the spice to life.” -Rodney King, Celebrity Rehab

    “When a christian tells a lie, an angel gets a Red Bull.” -Jimmy Stewart, It’s A Wonderful Life.


  24. dorian9 said

    gal qaeda princess – prolific today, eh? can’t wait to read your other comments – working and starting a post in between so i’ll join later. didja get the email?

    i got pork envy last night so i took my spring break niece and buddies to a ribs place – i had a short rack and the fixins, kay would’ve enjoyed the meal with me i’m sure.
    i’m mostly fish and vegetables after my ten years of indulging in the deli fare in nyc.
    today i’m playing practicing catholic and fasting after the pork fever night.
    i do have some matzos and manischevitz concord grape juice i bought last week in honor of passover. you see before we did the family tree i had this strong affinity for the chosen people and went to their city and university (not yeshiva) and even lived with the shrink and studied the kabbalah before the madonna did.

    i saw a video once with my gay friend who had a thing for mormon boys – i wonder if that’s he same vid you’re telling me about… yes i’m, impressed at how those boys can keep their white shirts so clean and crisp and i haven’t seen anyone of them with bad skin. all this talk about magic underwear bet. you and kay makes me curious. i once had “lucky” underwear but i doubt very much it’s the same idea..


    later, gaters..


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