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Bunnies and Eggs! Where they and Easter really comes from.

Posted by Enkill_Eridos on April 13, 2009

I am all for religious tolerance and I do believe that there is no such thing as the one absolute truth because there is no such thing as a singular absolute truth and my reasoning is simple. Every opinion and truth is different even if the truth agrees with another there is something that is different. This can be seen in opinions, a persons opinion is something that is true to them, religion, and politics. That being said Christianity that was given momentum by the Roman Empire via the Holy Roman Catholic Church which then split up into different denominations because the “truth” was seen differently to other people than the diocese saw it. But a quick history lesson like the Borg, the Roman Empire took parts of the cultures they conqured and made it into thier own. The Romans really did this well, this skill was carried over when they went from republic to theocracy. Even though the Roman Empire fell vestages of it till remain and in some countries hold a kind of ruling power. This is all done through religion.

Now to the meat and potatoes of my article. The Origins of Easter as we know it. Christianity during the dark ages took many of the time honored holidays of the old religion and put a christian spin on it. Easter actually derives from an old holiday commonly known to those that still practices the spiritual beliefs of our pre-monothestic ancestors. To Christians the term is Pagan. I see the term Pagan as a slander but it is used today in a good light. The word’s definition for a long time ment religion other than christian now it is taken to mean Wicca among other “earthy” religions. The original name of the holiday was Eastre or Ostera depending on the geological location. The holidays were named after the gods worshiped in those parts of the world. These holidays had a theme of reserection from winter to spring and fertility. The holiday is celibrated on the vernal equinox, the goddess that was honored during this time was pictured with rabbits at her feet.  *gasp!* This was the main theme of this goddess.  Hence the Easter Bunny was created. The different myths I do not know.

So what does bunnies have to do with Eggs? Nothing the egg was really more symbolism of the reserection of spring. Why do we color them then is something you may be asking. There actually is a ritual called the Egg Ritual.  The Ritual is performed by each participant boiling an egg. (usually in the same pot.)  During this time the participants think about a goal or wish they have during that particular time. After the eggs are boiled and cooled thier goals and/or wishes are either bound to the egg or the participant projects those goals and/or wishes while putting designs and colors on the egg or both. Then the egg is buried where the goal and/or wish comes true or is starting to come true by some areas in three days.   But what about the origins of the Easter Egg hunt? I am not claiming to be an expert and truly cannot give you an answer with historical facts, but I can guess from what I have mentioned already that this practice is purely Dark Ages Christian. Thinking about it the inquision used kids to find “heretics”  so having kids search for painted boiled eggs to find these “heretics” could have started this practice. I cannot say for sure though.

Even though Christianity now lays a huge claim on Easter it did not originate with Christianity.  But it does not make Easter as it is celibrated by Christians wrong. Easter as celibrated by Christians is to celibrate the reserection of thier saviour. And they hold the true deeper reason of why the tradition of Easter from the Bunny to the Egg was created in the first place.  This includes all holidays. Holidays were never created to glorify a deity even though the reasoning to celibrate is religious. The deeper reason of why it exists and why it is a big thing is the fellowship of fellow clansmen and in the fellowship of whatever the group you worship with is called. Holidays exist to bring family and people together. By these traditions it happens. From the painting of the egg with your kids to hiding them. To doing an Easter Egg hunt at your church or local park. To what our ancestors did as I indicated above. All of these practices included, and encouraged this kind of togetherness.

Even though I write this post to show everyone the truth as I see it, I will not be so arrogant to say this is the absolute truth. These are things I have pieced together from old oral and written histories. Someone said to me recently “Concepts are a way to deeper understanding.”  The concept of any holiday I believe is to bring people closer together. No matter the origins it should still be practiced and not shuned just to have that interaction with your fellowman. A lot of good memories I have of my family is during different holidays.  This is the root and reason of any holiday no matter the origins. 

I hope everyone that practiced Easter, Passover, Ostera, or what have you had a good one surrounded by family and friends. May your hearth and home be blessed.

Blessed Be.


One Response to “Bunnies and Eggs! Where they and Easter really comes from.”

  1. dorian9 said

    nice! hello and thanks, e_e. always can count on you to share some ancient history. i’ll always remember your easter egg story every time i boil eggs. i loved those deviled eggs!
    i agree, holidays no matter what the origins were, have another purpose – a way to get people together. and it’s nice when that happens. many blessings to you and yours…


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