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Male Bonding Movies – “Bromance”

Posted by dorian on April 22, 2009

I love you man: The history of Bromance

Daniel Bettridge for TimesOnline



With male bonding comedy I Love You Man opening in cinemas this Friday the notion of bromance has been getting a lot of attention lately. Bromance, or to use its correct term homosocialism, isn’t the sort of attraction that’s likely to confuse cowboys. No, instead it’s the sort of camaraderie that we’ve seen in countless sidekicks, buddies and wingmen down the years, only now it has a catchy pop culture name.

As any well adjusted post-feminist bromantic will tell you, movie man-lovers have done away with the kind of testosterone fuelled competition and “mine’s bigger than yours” attitude personified by the average Vin Diesel film, to embrace heart-felt affection for our fellow men. But contrary to popular belief the idea wasn’t created by the Judd Apatow comedy sweat shops, and whilst the terminology might have changed, men have been expressing their hetero-love for each other since cinema began.


Of course here at Blockbuster Buzz we’re all about the loud, silly films and whilst we’ll happily watch anything our cinema screens radiate in our direction we’re more likely to remember those with the loudest explosions, or the best space battles. So here’s our own take on cinema’s best cult bromances, from silent and stoned strong types, to space pirates:

Bodhi and Johnny Utah –  Point Break

Waves, bank robbery and skydiving; Point Break is a cult classic. And the “Dude, I like, totally love you man…” surfer bromance between a slightly more wooden than normal Keanu Reeves and a slightly too old for the role Patrick Swayze, is one of the reasons why.

Riggs and Murtaugh – Lethal Weapon

Opposites attract and the chemistry between the stuck in the mud Murtaugh and maniacal Riggs is obvious even without the sultry saxophone score that accompanies their every move.

Maverick and Goose – Top Gun

Okay so the volleyball scene is a little odd, even today, but Maverick and Goose shook our nerves and rattled our brains in this classic jet-fuelled bromance. But sly glances and supersonic joyriding aside, theirs was a wholesome brotherly love expressed by constant howling over a piano and intermittent high fives. Iceman and Slider on the other hand, well there’s a different kettle of flyboy love.

Jay and Silent Bob – Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck; the pot smoking potty mouths from New Jersey are up their with Hollywood’s most iconic couples.

Butch and Sundance – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

One of cinema’s earliest bromances, Redford and Newman seduce the audience with their affectionate banter and blazed a trail for man love for years to come.

Seth and Evan – Superbad

Nerds need to stick together and whilst our other man couples have been forged out of adversity, firearms or a bid to save the galaxy, Seth and Evan’s love comes from the usual high school anxieties of scoring alcohol, going to parties and the constant quest to get laid before they go to college.

Sam and Frodo – Lord of the Rings

“Don’t you leave him Samwise Gamgee, and I don’t mean too.” You’d have had to have a heart of cold Mordor fired steel to have not welled up at Sam’s promise in the first of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbits’ bromance is one of epic proportions.

Kirk and Spock – Star Trek

Spock and Kirk weren’t just fellow officers, but an intergalactic, interspecies relationship with all the trappings of the classic bromance. Always there for each other in a bind, from a battle of life and death to three-dimensional chess in the mess hall; the pair will be setting their phasers for stun again when J. J. Abrams’ re-boot hits cinemas next month. 

Han and Chewie – Star Wars

Despite George Lucas’ endless tampering, CGI inserts and digital re-mastering, Han and Chewie’s love remains true. But remember fanboys and girls, Solo isn’t the loveable rogue that careful re-mastering will have you believe, and the fact that Han shot first makes the cantina as contentious a cover up as the grassy knoll.

Batman and Robin – Batman and Robin

Holy homosocialism. Whilst we love The Dark Knight’s solitary pursuits many a fan knows that the caped crusader isn’t complete until he’s got a sidekick to torment, train and inevitably lead to his tragic death. Sadly however, the Batman and Robin films left whole audiences plugging their eye sockets with popcorn rather than witness the celluloid horrors acted out before them, but let us not forget that a 1966 outing with the altogether more awesome Adam West gave the dynamic duo a little bit more *cough* respectability.


52 Responses to “Male Bonding Movies – “Bromance””

  1. dorian9 said

    i liked woody harrelson and wesley snipes in “white men can’t jump”. any others?


  2. Oh come on. Casablanca: first and best


  3. dorian9 said

    Yes!!. must think. lots in the 40s..and oh yeah – lawrence of arabia. but orenz was mostly into himself. there’s something i’m looking for i’ll probably remember in the morning


  4. My favorite of the above mentioned is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It really is fun and extremely well acted.


  5. Princess said

    I hated brokeback mountain. That witch Anne Hathaway thinks she is so relevant. Possible tranny? Right wing trannies are all the rage these days.


  6. Princess said

    When Bambis mother died
    i thought that was vintage woody allen
    but i don’t see what that has to do with anything.


  7. Princess said

    I enjoyed the bromance between max von sydow and god in “The Exorcist”


  8. Princess said

    They weren’t going to allow some bratty little 12yr old girl get in the way of their love.


  9. Richard Burton and Richard Burton in Exorcist 2 made a far beter couple…..


  10. Princess said

    “Midnite Cowboy”
    Now that is a love story
    with the added bonus of Warhol Superstars.
    that is what love is really all about:


  11. Princess said

    Hitchcocks “Rope”
    that movie was about cinematography, editing,
    and how to throw a party.


  12. Princess said

    Ned Beatty and those floridian types.
    lite-hearted outdoorsy romp; love at first site.


  13. Princess said

    i agree betty, richard burton and richard burton is one of the greatest love stories of all time.


  14. Princess said

    Off topic.
    I prefer to look at visuals
    so i checked out betty slocombes photostream.
    my fave is “winsome, isn’t he”
    that guy is gorgeous like daniel radcliffe.
    an ideal of beauty.


  15. Anonymous said

    and the winners are 1) casablanca and 2) midnight cowboy


  16. dorian9 said

    says me.


  17. Princess said

    “Pee Wees Big Adventure” – tim burton

    Remember that scene where Pee Wee, in drag, is asked by the officer to step out of the car so he can “take a look at that cute little outfit”

    It was a “Thelma & Louis” moment for me.
    Pee Wee and that escaped convict, clearly in love, in that convertible,
    going over that cliff.

    true love never ends well.


  18. Princess said

    Hey, that’s not fair i came in second place. It was my stance on gay marriage that lost me this crown.


  19. Princess said

    Guccionnes “Caligula”
    What was meant to be a bitch-slap to that ungrateful queen Gore Vidal,
    this movie proved to be a sensitive and thoughtful study of the importance of family.
    Bromance. McDowall loves McDowall.
    Due to the stellar performance of Helen Mirren, this cinematic gem made my “feel good movie of the year.” 1979.


  20. Princess said

    “The Elephant Man”
    Directed by David Lynch, produced my Mel Brooks.

    These two had the purest of love. I could never understand why they didn’t just go ahead and make out.

    I cry everytime i watch this black & white masterpiece.


  21. Princess said

    “Blazing Saddles” – Mel Brooks
    hot interracial action.

    This is the movie that brokeback mountain should have been.

    this movie proved that even a black man can tolerate an alcoholic.

    Madeline Kahn should have won an oscar for her performance as a beard.


  22. Princess said

    Fassbinders “Qerelle” and the library of “Abbott & Costello” films.
    A must see if you are having a sleepover.


  23. dorian9 said

    good taste in movies, princess..lynch, brooks..young frankenstein on of my fave brooks. love italian b&w- fellini, visconti, rosellini et al..so many good films! babysitting an 8 and 2 yr. old niece/nephew. real precious. will read goodnight moon to the little one..


  24. Princess said

    I would have named “Silence of the Lambs”, but i was just informed that Jodie foster is not a man. “?”

    “Lust for Life” – Vincent minnelli
    Kirk douglas, how hot, well he went out of his way to fix his place up for some guy, i think his name was Paul. Well, this Paul shows up and he is real character and can’t seem to really appreciate anything, he was so wrapped up in himself. Anyway, i think they had a fight and Paul left. (he probably stole the paintbrushes.) i love how those artists bickered among themselves. jolly good time.


  25. Princess said

    The original “The Producers” – Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel. The best. They bonded over their greed.

    John Carpenters “The Thing”
    This movie was about maintaining friendships and developing attachments on a snowy Christmas Day.. Kurt Russel and Wilfred Brimley. They were very close.

    “In Cold Blood” , “SouthPark, Bigger, Longer, Uncut.”


  26. Princess said

    I’m sure some dude was feeling some other dude in that movie. But I didn’t get to see it.
    That stupid bleached blonde bitch kept getting in the way. What was her problem? everyone knows when a nun enters a room, the first thing you do is dive out of the nearest window.

    That’s 3 hours of my life i will never get back.


  27. Princess said


    need i say more. seth green. Macaulay Culkin. those two bonded. and they were much higher than jay & silent bob. much higher.

    james st james wrote the book.


  28. Give up Princess: I won. But you have won me over in the best way: flattery, even though Daniel Radcliffe is a bit of a tool so I am not that flattered…..


  29. Princess said

    He is pretty though. You have more brians.


  30. Princess said

    Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood both have such beautiful complexions. Possible Mormans.

    I guess i am one of those that sees a bromance pretty much everywhere i look.


  31. Princess said

    And the winsome lad did mature into quite the looker.


  32. Princess said

    Robert De Niro.
    Philip Seymour Hoffman.
    the only reason De Niro signed on for this movie was because he heard the words,
    drag and Hoffman.
    He thought he was making “Tootsie2”.


  33. Princess said

    “Gods & Monsters”
    This movie works on so many levels.
    That queen McKellan sure can bat her eyelashes. I love her in everything she does. And it looks like she is doing just about everything.

    I hope she got the chance to do that dreamy Brendan Fraser.

    frankenstein was such an inspirational movie for me. when the monster tossed the little girl into the water. i just knew he had to be a christian.

    it was good to see elsa, boris, james and all the rest.

    that pool party in the end.

    i feel sad for lynn redgrave. her daughter was a tireless warrior for aids.


  34. Princess said

    I meant vanessa.


  35. Princess said

    i feel sad for lynn, she’s the one that had to clean the pool.


  36. I don’t know anyone called Brian. What are you implying?


  37. Princess said

    Brians, the term i use for my convoluted brain. I’m implying that you do know how to capture male beauty on film. whoever that particular subject he is. he’s attractive.

    i enjoyed your photos. my brian reacts more to images than words.

    i’m still not quit sure what this ADKOB is really all about. i’m still doing my research. it appears that this blog site was born in Oct. making it a libra.

    it seems that some of the regulars have already jumped ship. i think i can understand why, some conservative christians are just too holy. (wholly full of shit).

    I came here to read (diss) Kay & Baal. and for anyone that cares, Kay works for Keller. The man is so desperate, he is having his staff stinkbomb every site on the internet. a hobby of mine is exposing religious scams.

    whatever the case, it seems that Dorian9 puts forth a lot of effort to keep this boat afloat. i have really enjoyed making his acquaintance. (i find it hard to believe he is the sloth he claims).

    Dorian just happened to win me over. he seems to be an ideal of a man.

    PS. i think he tossed me this bromance thread as a bone. a shiny object to divert the simple but well meaning princess.

    and believe it or not. i am like this all of the time. keeps people away from me and attracts only those that matter.

    i’m disappointed to hear daniel radcliffe is a tool. not only do i think he is a beauty, he seems to be quirky and have a convoluted brian.


  38. Princess said

    Maybe, betty, you could explain the point of this blog. i would have a better understanding if the pages had hit counters. it helps me with the equations. everything is math.


  39. You are the point Princess: the raison d’etre of the site is to stimulate your Brian.


  40. dorian9 said

    my brian stimulation included in the raison d’etre. also e_e’s. because the other two (lawman and tothewire) jumped and went to some distant shore -i do hope they’re in a nice place with high speed internet reading all of this – this sloth is working pretty hard to get princess and betty to visit. i almost jumped off the ship myself; it was morphing into the mayflower…


  41. dorian9 said

    princess you must have been the one with the ribbons two rows behind me in phytagorean class. i liked that class too. wordpress doesn’t provide counters, i looked. gotta ask e_e. 268K visitors so far, not bad. i’ll give you weekly stats for particular posts if you like. you can dada and dali in the adkob allyou want i like the word visuals…and i do love mrs. slocombe’s regrets, there you have both words and pictures. so merci grazie gracias danke to all because ars longa vita brevis..


  42. Princess said

    too shay, betty, too shay!

    not only does ADKOB stimulate my brian.

    the beauties on your photostream stimulate my corpora cavernosa.


  43. Princess said

    I wore those hair ribbons in case i needed to strangle the professor.


  44. Princess said

    The reason i could use that hit counter is, everytime there is a hit, i take a hit.

    a poll would work, if there is a poll, just ask “did you read this post” yes or no.

    and don’t ask them to do it, tell them to do it. works everytime.


  45. Princess said

    anyway, if a lifeboat comes by with tallulah bankhead on it, i think we should all jump ship.

    if i remember correctly, she had a flask of gin or something. and her makeup kit. all aboard!

    if we get hungry we can eat that guys leg.


  46. Princess said

    i tried to repost this link on kays page where she is playing guess the movie. i think this is worth looking at just for its use of color alone.

    john bisceglia – originally posted it

    kkk is attacking this guy now.

    my comment was put into waiting for “moderation.” oh, there is that godammed word again. moderation. jiminy crickets.

    the site is good, and maybe someone, other than me, should invite the dude to stick around. he makes a very good point.

    homosexual agenda and all that.


  47. Princess said

    I also said bkellers hair looked like an abortion. but i said it in a nice way.


  48. Princess said

    “2001 a space odyssey” Stanley Kubrick
    Keir Dullea & HAL.
    what a couple.
    HAL must have been quite the alcoholic because his eye was so red.
    anyway, HAL did what any jilted lover would do,
    he stripped keir of his gravity and depleted all of his oxygen.

    you can do the same thing with a hair ribbon.



  49. Princess said

    betty, i used to live in a somewhat international destination for tourists visiting america.
    the english hated me the most. they found me crude and obscene, they wished i would take a bath. (the germans loved me) anyway, a few of the english liked me a lot better in the steam room later that nite.

    i will try to be polite, but, if you happen to run across a post that says:
    Princess says. and it starts with a disclaimer, please just ignore it. because i’m pretty sure it is going to contain some “hatin'”.

    it’s too much work to debate
    so do you and i have a clean
    which hepburn do you like better? Audrey or


  50. Princess said

    “Total Eclipse” – Agnieszka Holland

    verlaine and rimbaud.

    that’s my idea of a good time.


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