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Our Picks for the Kentucky Derby 135

Posted by dorian on May 2, 2009


Pioneer of the Nile # 16 - Kay's Pick



Friesan Fire #6 - Dorian's Pick


Mr. Hot Stuff #3 - Princess' first pick


Chocolate Candy #11 - Princess' new pick to win


8 Responses to “Our Picks for the Kentucky Derby 135”

  1. dorian9 said

    i will be drinking a mint julep and a beer for all of us. let’s see..that’s three of us and four horses and four jockeys…just about right. here’s my trifecta: friesan fire/pioneer/dunkirk exacta: friesan/pioneer and of course some other side bets.
    i’m waiting for my buddy sam and we’ll take off to the sportsbook in the best casino in town. sam’s a bit crusty, drinks more than anyone i know and smokes like a fiend with a gutter mouth but he’s a heck of fun. after the derby, it’s off to a barbecue where we’ll be watching the hatton/pacquiao match. all play and no work for me today!!

    may the best horse win!!


  2. Princess said



  3. Nice picks!


  4. Princess said

    well, you know what they say:
    “la vendetta è un piatto servito in una scatola di cibo per cani.”

    ankle problems? someone should check on the whereabouts of tanya harding that day.

    i watched the KD. did anyone get a load of brooke sheilds?, she had a biological weapon on her head. she said it was for charity. HA!


  5. kay~ms said

    My horse almost won! Mine that Bird came out of nowhere! oh well… Dorian I hope you won something…

    Darn… I didn’t see Brook..


  6. dorian9 said

    i missed brooke shields, i was too busy placing more bets in the casino. i knew princess would enjoy the fashion parade, especially the fancy hats.

    kay’s pick pioneer of the nile almost made it and came second. my horse friesan fire got nicked at the gate in the hoof and the jockey, instead of pushing him on did the right thing and just let him gallop towards the end. chocolate candy finished at a very respectable fifth place.

    next race for charity is the preakness, pimlico race course, baltimore maryland may 16.
    i will give you the details that week.

    what i lost with the horses i won back in roulette and my boxer won so all’s well and no hangover.

    and thanks for reminding me, p., i have to feed my dogs..

    thanks for stopping by, sportsbook review!


  7. Princess said

    well, certainly, it was not haute couture.

    ok, i’ve grown tired of the special needs children, from now on all winnings go to

    Reverend Barry Lynn. defender of the constitution. baal’s “tulle of satan.”

    if you really want to help the economy, D9, buy sam some more cigarettes.
    i chainsmoke like Jackie Onassis. it keeps America alive.

    Kay, should you be betting thru a proxy? anyway, kay, you must pick a benefactor.
    and if i had to choose, i would give the money to jan crouch. i’m sure that cow knows how to buy a hat.

    i’m going to do my research on how odds work.


  8. dorian9 said

    the horse couture aint the finest – i’ll take the jerseys anytime. they’re so cool.
    when you find the the answer to the odds p, let me know. then we’ll move on to the roulette table and apply the math and probability formulas there for some serious bucks…


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